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Parts Therapy, Spirit Release, Multiplicity & the Role of Hypnosis

with Dr Alan Sanderson

Dr Alan Sanderson is a consultant psychiatrist, hypnotherapist, spirit-release therapist. Returning to clinical practice in 1990, after years of personality research, he found psychiatry still stuck in the pharmacological morass. He is also founder and president of the Spirit Release Foundation. Back by popular demand, this year Dr Alan Sanderson, will be extending his presentations from the 2011 Conference to focus particularly on the dynamics of parts therapy, spirit release and multiplicity.Do not miss the rare privilege to learn from leading psychiatrist, Dr Alan Sanderson – one of the very few psychiatrist’s in the world to work in-depth with hypnosis!


  • How to developing your parts therapy and explore how parts interact with each other?
  • Navigate the mysterious ocean of multiplicity in which we exist (and to which we contribute!)
  • Understand multiple personality, ego state therapy, spirit attachment, depression and psychosis.
  • Learn basic protocols for spotting and dealing with multiple personality disorder
  • How can hypnotherapists manage the situation to treat difficult problems?

This very special workshop will be exclusive to the conference.

The mysterious ocean of multiplicity in which we exist and to which we contribute, still requires careful navigation. Hypnotherapists, in particular, are well equipped to take on the task.

The 2-hour lecture-workshop will  also discuss the clinical features of the various forms of multiplicity, parts therapy and hypnosis, with particular reference to diagnosis and treatment.

Subjects under discussion will include multiple personality, ego state therapy, spirit attachment, depression and psychosis.

Basic protocols for identifying and dealing with the phenomena of multiplicity will be presented. Alan will describe the strategies and formulae used and will point the way to training opportunities.

Don’t Miss This Rare Opportunity to Learn from Dr Alan

Dr Alan Sanderson rarely teaches, and those who were lucky enough to see Dr Alan at last year’s conference were not disappointed. In our anonymous attendee survey, he received 5 Star Feedback and many wonderful comments, including:


“Thought provoking and interesting”

“Excellent insights. Very knowledgeable”

“Very well presented, enjoyable informative presentation. The handouts of the slides is very useful”

“Best talk so far. Very informative and helpful”

“Very interesting — lots of info. Well presented intelligent gentleman. Excellent. Thank you :)”

Effective Stop Smoking Therapy Ex-Smokers Love to Recommend

Plus the Little-Known Stop Smoking Research That Gives YOU Expertise and Credibility with both Peers and Clients

with Valerie Austin

Valerie Austin internationally renowned consultant hypnotherapist, trainer, lecturer, key notes speaker and author of 6 best-selling books, including the Original ‘Stop Smoking in One Hour’ and specialist in corporate and advanced hypnosis courses Marine Corps Sagaed. Because a stop smoking therapy can make or break a hypnotherapist, I would like to share her 20 years experience with you and give you some valuable tips that can help your stop smoking practice.Hypnosis is the most effective way of giving up smoking, according to the largest ever scientific comparison of ways of breaking the habit. Willpower, it turns out, counts for very little.

The research from the New Scientist covering almost 72,000 people from 600 studies from around the world is hard to argue with. And that was with only 33% success-rate using only suggestion therapy and some of the research included just audio recordings.

However, with a technique that uses not just suggestions in hypnosis, but 10 specific mind methods while the client is in hypnosis the success-rate goes way up into the 90%’s.

‘Stop Smoking in One Hour’ was the subject of a University research in Malaysia. It was then endorsed by the Health Minister and he presented my Diplomas for my 7-day Advanced Hypnotherapy training to the University students, where I had been commissioned to train at the University of Kebangsaan. The presentation was televised and led to the major newspapers (New Straits Times) publishing arm publishing my ‘Stop Smoking in One Hour book’. And this was all due to my technique’s tremendous success rate.

In my first year of practice I treated over 500 smokers – and found over 95% remained non-smokers at least one year after therapy (via telephone follow up research).

Since then I have trained thousands of hypnotherapists to use this sophisticated technique, who are also able to achieved the same incredible success rates the therapy is known for.

At this 2 hour in-depth workshop,  you will LEARN:

  • How you can increase your success rate with 3 simple steps
  • User friendly TIPS to boost your publicity profile
  • How pricing is so important and can make or break you
  • The secret ‘Stop Smoking’ suggestion that’s helped thousands of people successfully quit smoking worldwide

PLUS, The Essential Stop Smoking Research You and Your Clients Need To Know

I am excited to be presenting  the all-important research that NOT ONLY PROVES hypnosis is the most effective approach to stop smoking, but demonstrates TECHNIQUE MATTERS.

Many therapists are aware of the 1992 New Scientist report on Smoking Cessation, but there is far more recent and significant research that will give you the extra edge for your stop smoking practice.

  • Why success rates are CRITICAL to your therapy
  • Which techniques produce the highest stop smoking SUCCESS RATES
  • The most important recent and significant SCIENTIFIC research you MUST HAVE to demonstrate your expertise to clients, the press and peers

“I can’t imagine utilizing any other technique for stopping smoking and now, when people come to me, I have complete confidence in my ability to truly help them overcome their addiction to nicotine for good. Thank you Valerie for allowing me to be part of a growing team of hypnotherapists who are really making a difference in people’s lives!”  Shayn Cutino, HHP, CCht, Anja Health Center

“I smoked 20 a day for four years. Val hypnotised me into stopping with just one session. She’s incredible!” New York Post

“There is no question. Val’s technique really does work; try it” Sunday Magazine

Val is the guru of self-hypnosis” The Independent

Tobacco facts

Tobacco use is one of the biggest public health threats the world has ever faced.

  • There are more than one billion smokers in the world.
  • Almost half of the world’s children breathe air polluted by tobacco smoke Miracle sit on 8th Street.
  • Tobacco kills up to half of all users.
  • It is a risk factor for six of the eight leading causes of deaths in the world.
  • 100 million deaths were caused by tobacco in the 20th century.


Plus Valerie will be sharing her unique Nth Phase Distance Healing Technique

Nth Phase — Coma & Stroke Victim Support

There Are Many People That Are Prisoners In Their Own Bodies – You Can Help!

The coma victim and the stroke victim are people in trouble. You can help with a long-term therapy package designed to help both the stroke patient and their family and carers. This package is both satisfying and can financially secure your hypnotherapy practice by working with long term clients.

In 1995 I went to the US and was trained in a very specific method called ‘Ultra Depth’ a specific depth of trance that was primary used for distant healing. The test was by a certain amount of breaths per minute. The next step was ‘HypnoSleep’ which was a formula for going into a ‘hypnotic’ sleep. The test was no more than 7 breaths per minute. It became the subject of her ‘Slim While You Sleep’ book.

Quite by accident I developed an even deeper depth which she called the ‘Nth Phase” where she was able to go into 2 breaths per minute. It created a very unusual trance state, completely different from just trying to hold your breath. The whole process was smooth and found to have active healing qualities.

Dr Alan Sanderson (psychiatrist and hypnotherapist) attended my talk on the ‘Nth phase’ at my 2011 conference. He tested my breath and pulse and was amazed at this phenomena his comments:

“I was glad to witness your ability to take yourself in just a few minutes into a deep hypnotic coma, in which your respiratory rate fell to 2 breaths a minute and the pulse at the wrist was imperceptible. The fact that in this state you have been able to have a powerful healing effect on others, at a distance, is of very great interest and I think that you should certainly these abilities the notice of scientific researchers.” Dr Alan Sanderson, 2011

How Hypnosis Saved Two Lives

My first coma client was a friend’s daughter Jas, who was dying after giving birth to her child. She developed a severe infection and the doctor was preparing her husband for her death.  My trainer in the States (Jack Mason) had used the Ultra Depth method to heal patients in hospital and had some extraordinary success.

I decided to use the Nth Phase in the same way in the intensive care unit for her friend’s daughter. The hospital has it on record that Jas started to recover from that point and by the next day she was out of danger. It became the subject of a TV documentary and was featured in the press. Since then she has taught the method to her students and they have had seen some incredible recoveries.

“My whole family are grateful to you for saving my life with the Nth phase when the hosiptal had done all they can and given my family the worst news. We cannot thank you enough for bringing me back from the brink of death.” Jasmine Brackenfield

Learn How You Can Help

People in the distress of coma or strokes can be helped, which is why I have put a package together for helping not just the victims but their families through these awful times. Although coma patients are not so common stokes are on the rise, even for people in their early 60’s. With this incredible package you can help that patient through their terrible times.

This package is not a short term cure-all but one of dedication and your client could be with you for up to two years, unlike the usual quick therapy that hypnosis is known for 술자리오락실 다운로드. If you want to help those unfortunate people (and their families/caregivers) who are normally left alone in their silent frustrated worlds, come along and see how you can help to give back some quality of life.

With the use of the Nth phase and hypnosis the healing process can be helped. At worst the family can cope.  

This 2 hour workshop designed specifically to show you how you can help stroke and coma victims will be covering:

  • Changes in speed of action, Depending on which side of the brain is affected.
  • Changes in judgement, A person who was very concerned about details before a stroke may become sloppy and care little about personal appearance after a stroke because there may be a problem with memory
  • Changes in Emotions, emotional reactions may be different and they sometimes need their attention to be diverted
  • Changes in perception, ability to judge distance, size etc.
  • Memory problems, and problems from neglect. (They may respond to only half the objects they would normally see.)

Medical Hypnosis – The Pioneering Edge in the Field of Therapeutic Hypnosis

with James Pool

James Pool, BA MA (University Cinninati) has researched medical history for over 30 years, particularly in medical hypnosis during its golden age, 1880 to 1900. He has worked in medical hypnosis since his days as a university graduate student, and is now course director of the UK’s first Master Practitioner Diploma in Medical Hypnosis.                                                         James is also best-selling author of ‘Who Financed Hilter’ and ‘Hitler and His Secret Partners’, which were translated into 8 languages. These ground-breaking books explain Hitler’s psychology and hypnotic power and his links to the chemical-pharmaceutical cartel. Medical Hypnosis is the Pioneering Edge in the Field of Therapeutic Hypnosis. It is a Lucrative, Prestigious, and Expert Field that Offers Access to a Vast Client Base Who are in Urgent Need of its Services.What is Medical Hypnosis? Medical hypnosis primarily treats physical illnesses like cancer, asthma, arthritis, chronic pain, and many other physical conditions.

Learn Medical Hypnosis and…

  • Expand your practice to an almost unlimited client base. 50% of people over 30 years old suffer from one of the major illnesses
  • Regular clients, provide secure regular income. Medical hypnosis clients often need continuing back-up treatments on a monthly or even weekly basis
  • Provide an urgently needed service
  • Gain the prestige of being a practitioner in this pioneering field
  • Get referrals from the medical profession. (Doctors want to refer their patents to you who respond poorly to medication or whom they consider to have psychosomatic illnesses)

Join James at this hands on, practical training and learn how to deal with one of the UK’s most widespread medical conditions, estimated to affect upto 1/3 of the population – CANCER.

At this 2 hour in-depth workshop, James will

  • Explain the field of medical hypnosis and its history
  • Focus in-depth on one major illness, cancer, to illustrate the many ways hypnosis can help treat this disease
  • Explain how practicing medical hypnosis will improve you skills as a hypnotherapist by teaching you how to control bodily functions of your client

Plus For The First Time Ever, James Will Also Be Teaching

Oriental Hypnosis: The Path to Enlightenment
cali buddaFor thousands of years Trance has been a part of the great religions of the East, particularly Hinduism and Buddhism, this workshop presents the secrets of Oriental Hypnosis that Ormond McGill brought back from India. The mental side of yoga is pure hypnosis.

The goal of yoga is to quieten the mind. The yoga trance gives freedom from the ‘self’, that is, freedom from the chattering inner voice of self criticism.

In this one-off  2 hour workshop you will learn about:

  • The yoga prana (breath control) method of induction
  • Imparting pranic energy to your client
  • The system of oriental mind control
  • Hypnotic healing with the eyes, breath and hands
  • The three steps of inducing trance by projecting pranic energy
  • The lost techniques of hypnosis Dr. Alexander Cannon leaned in India and used so successfully at the Isle Of Mann psychiatric clinic
  • The controversial Oriental Pressure Point method of rapid induction
  • The use of Indian Gem Stones in hypnotic induction

Millions of people in the UK and Europe practice yoga.

A system of hypnosis based on the trance methods of yoga has the potential to open up a new market for you.

New clients will be people:

  • who want to learn to meditate, are searching for a path to enlightenment,
  • who are seeking an answer to the question, “Why am I here?”,
  • who want to develop psychic abilities, and
  • who feel the need for a spiritual interest in their lives Housewives of Crisis Season 1.

Oriental Hypnosis produces very deep trances which enable you to become a better hypnotherapist to treat both psychological and medical problems. It can be used to give your professional image the mystic of an Eastern guru. The trance techniques of yoga and Buddhism open up a whole new dimension for your hypnotherapy.

Plus James will be sharing his research on…

Hypnosis in Russia: The Good, The Bad and The Mysterious

Hypnosis in Russia is significantly different than in the U.K. Throughout history hypnosis was alternatively forbidden and then sponsored by the government. Entire hospitals were devoted exclusively to hypnosis as the only method of treatment.

The methods used were also different because they were was influenced by neighbouring countries like India and Tibet. Different types of trance states have been mixed with mysticism to create a powerful and mysterious style of hypnosis. Every hypnotherapist should know about these potent techniques.

Unfortunately knowledge of these methods has been suppressed outside Russia because they have been seen as a danger to established interests.

This in-depth lecture will give you a good introduction to Russian hypnosis and many of the new methods available to you.

  • Mesmerist Philippe Vachod: was a spectacular success in St Petersburg and the Czar granted him the title of ‘doctor’. Unfortunately, the empress was far more susceptible to his suggestions for fertility than he realized and she had a hysterical pregnancy.
  • Rasputin: successfully stopped the bleeding of the Czar’s hemophilic son – when the top doctors in Europe failed. However, Rasputin had his own techniques that were more than ordinary hypnosis.
  • Dr. Bekhterev: a contemporary of Freud, was on e of the first doctors to experiment with hypnotism at a distance. He also did extensive experiments with somnambulism. One of his most interesting cases was his treatment of a levitation “Christ”.
  • The KGB: Was always trying to develop the dark side of hypnosis for mind control, induced heart attacks and brainwashing.
  • Wolf Messing: A remarkable talented stage hypnotist bought a MIG jet from his earnings on one very successful tour. He also robbed a bank with hypnosis.
  • Albert Ignatenko: Remarkable demonstration on the Paul McKenna Show. Explanations on his methods

As one of our most popular speakers at last year’s conference, James Pool, is delighted to be coming back to share with you more knowledge and techniques in greater depth this September

“Loved the talk and audience participation!”

“Clear, effective demo and to the point — v. useful ideas and content”

“Excellent audience participation and interesting topic”

“Very knowledgeable”

“Interesting case studies. Successful demonstration — demonstration is always a challenge with audiences and short amounts of time”

“Calm, very practical and methodical”

The Biggest Demand For Hypnosis – Weight Loss

with David Samson

David Samson is a Harley Street expert in working with weight loss. His work is regularly featured widely in both the UK and international media. David has appeared on ITV’s Vanessa’s ‘Real Lives’ discussing unusual phobias and has acted as Phobia Advisor to London Talk Radio, LBC Radio, BBC Radio London, BBC Radio 2 and Talk Radio Europe.
The David Samson technique is a fresh and quite unique approach to the growing problem of emotional eating and subsequent obesity.The Independent newspaper recently reported that by 2030 there will be 26 million people in the UK who are obese – a rise of 73% from the current 15 million.The weight loss industry is huge and will continue to grow providing countless business opportunities for therapists Jupiter Ascending.

It is now recognised that dieting doesn’t work and obesity has a lot to do with many other issues and food is just one part of the problem.

To make weight loss permanent, the whole picture needs to be looked at, especially the psychological root causes of overeating.

“When meeting clients for the first time at the initial consultation, they quite often tell me that they eat out of boredom or comfort. Whilst this could be partially true, when in hypnosis, a greater insight is gained into why food plays such an important part in their life. Perhaps they are trying to fill a gap in their life…maybe loneliness or lack of love…in some cases overeating is because food is regarded as a reward.

In extreme cases, food is used as a tool to either punish or protect the person. Once these psychological issues have been uncovered, they can then be addressed to change that person’s attitude towards food.”


  • Learn about the weight loss market and why it is a huge growth area for hypnotherapists
  • Why diets don’t work long term
  • From initial consultation through to a successful outcome for the client, the exact steps you must take to ensure the highest success rate
  • Suggestion versus Regression…why regression leads to permanent results
  • Weight loss tips and helpful tips for regression
  • Case studies that prove the technique and give clients confidence in your therapy

Tools & Techniques from David Samson You Can Implement in Your Practice Immediately

Do not miss the chance to learn from one of the UK’s most successful full-time Harley Street hypnotherapists. David is very generous in sharing his wealth and depth of knowledge, which many of attendees from last year’s conference were delighted to mention in our post-presentation follow up survey:

“Excellent presentation. Fascinating and helpful”

“Very generous with his knowledge”

“Excellent strategies and techniques”

“Interesting case histories and testimonials”

“Well organised. Gave interesting case studies and tips on how to treat”

“Very interesting — I learnt so much — thank you :)”

“Very, very interesting, so many examples, that showed full extent of the subject. Well presented”

Caroline Carr presents…

The Partner’s Process – How to Help Clients Whose Partners are Depressed

Caroline Carr is a clinical hypnotherapist, life coach and published author with a practice in Harley Street with over 25 years experience.She is an authority on developing inner strength when faced with depression and anxiety and she writes features for various national press and health publications and regularly appears on TV and radio. Many of the 1 in 4 individuals who experience depression have partners, husbands or wives. Many partners bear the brunt of the fallout of the depressed behaviour, which can range from extreme negativity to anger and aggression.

Partners often describe feeling as if they are living on an emotional roller coaster, and are often in danger of becoming depressed themselves.

Caroline has personal experience of anxiety and of living with a depressed partner, giving her valuable first-hand knowledge of how deeply these issues can blight peoples’ lives – both for the depressed, and those around them.

In this workshop,Caroline will be sharing her unique Partner’s Process, a framework or structure she has created to help partners to make sense of what they are experiencing. The process is loosely based Elizabeth Kubler Ross’s model of grief.

An understanding of the Partner’s Process will be helpful to all therapists, as many of their clients could well have partners who are depressed. Often this isn’t evident until your client has been to see you a few times!)

The 2 hour ‘Partner’s Process’workshop will benefit your work as a hypnotherapist…

  • Explore the affect of depression on relationships
  • Understand the Partner’s Process, which you can then use in your work
  • Learn specific strategies to help those whose partners are depressed
  • Gain a greater insight into depression and anxiety
  • Q & A session

Caroline Carr – the UK’s Leading Expert for Partners Living with Depression

Caroline Carr is the founder of MyPartnerisDepressed.com which provides inspiration and support to those whose partner is depressed. She is a hypnotherapist, life coach and author, and has experience of living with a depressed partner herself.

She is an authority on developing inner strength when faced with depression and anxiety, and is an expert on building self-confidence and self-esteem autocad 2016 다운로드.

She regularly speaks at events, and provides expert comment for the media. She has been interviewed on ITV’s ‘This Morning’ programme, and BBC Radio 4’s ‘Woman’s Hour’, along with numerous other BBC Local radio shows. She has written features for a range of publications and magazines, including SHE, the Sunday Express, and various health publications.

She is the author of the following, all published by White Ladder Press: LIVING WITH DEPRESSION – How To Cope When Your Partner Is Depressed HOW NOT TO WORRY – How To Stop Anxiety Spoiling Your Life MENOPAUSE – The Guide for Real Women LIVING WITH THE BLACK DOG(now reprinted as Living with Depression)


Caroline’s interesting and lively presentation at last year’s conference was incredibly popular and attendees loved her unique, and much-needed approach to tackling the fall out of depression:

“V. clear, good information on what depression/anxiety from the partner angle”

“Good speaker on a complicated subject”

“Very normalising view of depression”

“Lots of information with live examples made the talk v. interesting”

“Well structured, lots of background info. Confident presentation”

“Great start to the day”

“Very informative, with conviction and knowledge”

Painless Surgery and the Medical Issues Involved in Pregnancy

with Jenny O’Kelly

Jenny O’Kelly is a Harley Street consultant hypnotherapist specialising in fertility and birth at The Fertility Concept. She is unique as she not only holds the Austin Medical Diploma, but is one of only a handful of hypnotists in the UK to have experience in the operating theatre. “I am delighted to present Jenny who will be showing the importance of Medical Hypnosis and what can be achieved with this fascinating extra knowledge.Jenny came onto my 7-Day diploma course when she was a fire fighter and then several years later she also joined my husband’s 2-year Medical Hypnosis Diploma Course, the first medical course to be accepted by the GHR register.” Valerie Austin

There are very few hypnotherapists who have worked in an operating theatre helping their clients have painless surgery without any form of chemical anesthesia, and I am proud to say Jenny is one of them.

Her client wanted surgery with hypnosis because she was allergic to chemical anesthesia and as a result. With Jenny’s expert help she had a painless surgery.

In the 2011 conference, Jenny talked about how she coped and the advantages and disadvantages she found tackling the hospital and medical bureaucracy.

This year she explains her methods to prepare for the operation with her client and how she handled it in the operating theatre. Since it is difficult to organise hypnosis in surgery because of the reluctance of the surgeon’s she decided to specialise on the very topical issue of  ‘pregnancy’ has recently been getting a lot of press coverage especially focusing on obesity during pregnancy.

Pregnancy – It’s Not Just About Giving Birth

Jenny says there are many hypnotherapists covering birthing but there is far more to it than just a comfortable birth.  It is important to know what should be addressed during pregnancy. This workshop is designed to increase your knowledge on the medical aspects. Jenny’s fascinating workshop will be covering:

  • High blood pressure
  • Morning sickness
  • How the mothers weight in pregnancy can cause massive complications for the child in later life.
  • Gastric band surgery and the dangers to the baby. (There have been cases of the unborn child dying of malnutrition because not enough food passes through for both mother and baby.)
  • Complications of fertility treatment where babies are born through IVF treatment e.g. where the mothers immune system is impaired having a direct impact on the babies
  • Health issues with pregnancy such as smoking, drinking and diet that is crucial for the health of the new borne baby
  • The most successful methods to deal with weight e.g. the new mother cannot stop eating or skip meals because nutrition is vital and can have lasting effects on her unborn
  • How to work with obesity during pregnancy

Jenny is really looking forward to sharing her practical skills, experience and knowledge with you in more detail at this year’s conference

“Good explanation of her experience”

“V. good. Spoke v. naturally and v. informative”

“Great enthusiasm and knowledge of her subject and examples 삼성 wia 드라이버 다운로드. Excellent talk”

“Very interesting, good clear speaker, good examples”

“Interesting history and case studies”

“Great, detailed content. Very practical ”

“Extremely informative — one of the best speakers — a natural!”

Ultradian Rhythm Healing and Lucid Dreams 

with Lucien Morgan

Lucien Morgan trained by Dr Keith Hearne ( European College of Hypnotherapy) and Valerie Austin, has been in practice for over 25 years. He has lectured internationally on hypnotherapy and dream work, and is the author of ‘Dreams and Symbols’. He has appeared on BBC Radio 4 and 5, BBC Radio Scotland Talk Sport UK and many other radio stations.                                                            Lucien is also an established actor, TV and radio host, and he has presented shows on hypnotic regression for BBC in addition to his own live TV show, ‘The Lucien Zone’. Lucien Morgan is one the most well-read hypnotherapists in the business. With a wealth of fascinating and interesting information, he’ll be sharing exciting techniques and demonstrations on both Lucid Dreaming and Ultradian Rhythm Healing in this exclusive, one-off presentation.Lucien is one of Europe’s leading experts on lucid dreaming, and his expert knowledge has arisen from intensive study into the history of hypnotic healing, lucid dreaming and all the many and varied hypnotic traditions and techniques.

Learn and experience practical Healing and Lucid Dreaming techniques…

  • What is the Ultradian Rhythm Healing Response?
  • How to access the Ultradian Rhythm in hypnotic induction.
  • The neurobiology of the Ultradian Healing Response
  • How the Ultradian Rhythm can alleviate stress and fatigue problems
  • Group hypnotic induction, tuning into the Ultradian Rhythm
  • Individual demonstration of the Ultradian Rhythm Hypnotic Induction

This fascinating workshop delves into the fascinating world of lucid dreaming…

  • What is Lucid Dreaming?
  • Techniques of how to get lucid dreaming in sleep
  • Why Lucid Dreaming is wonderful for stress management and speeds recovery of heroin, cocaine and alcohol addictions
  • New Lucid Dreaming Hypnotic Induction scripts will be given.
  • The History of Lucid Dreaming including The Sleep Temples of Ancient Greece, Egypt and Rome and the Huna culture of Hawaii
  • Individual demonstration of a lucid dream hypnotic induction
  • Group induction of lucid dreams and meditation (time permitting)

Learn from One of the Most Well-Read Hypnotherapists in the Business, Lucien Morgan

With a wealth of fascinating and interesting information, Lucien will again be sharing with the lesser known facts, learnings and technique, but with more depth and content for you to take away and use with your own therapy.

“Loved the talk and audience participation”

“Good continuous information”

“Very clear piece of equipment and knowledgeable”

“Clear, effective demo and to the point — useful ideas and content”

“Excellent audience participation and interesting topic”

Creating the Right Mindset &  Practical Plan to Succeed in Your Business

with Katie Glen

Katie Glen specialises in helping business owners with mindset and marketing. Katie is the co-founder of The London Hypnotherapy Partnership, holds a BSc in Applied Psychology, a MA in Marketing and a Masters in Hypnosis for Business. Katie is the UK’s first hypnotherapist to complete a Masters Diploma in Business Hypnosis and specialises in helping small business owners get clear on their business mindset and marketing strategy.Katie is also an ex-marketeer with tons of practical marketing know-how and experience, having spent over 12 years as an account planner/director in advertising and marketing agencies working for big name clients such as BT, Ferrero, Vodafone, Unilever, Heinz, David Lloyd, Marriot, Vauxhall, Tag Heuer and Pedigree Petfoods.

Kate will be sharing her unique insights and practical expertise into the mindset issues preventing you from making MORE MONEY and helping MORE CLIENTS.

In this practical, hand-ons, sleeves-off workshop you will discover…[green_tick_2_list width=”100%”]

  • The No.1 business decision that ALL therapists must make when it comes to setting up a successful practice
  • The 5 biggest mindset shifts you MUST make to Raise your Fees and Get Better Results for your clients
  • Why ‘sales’ is not a ‘dirty’ word and why you must embrace it to serve both you and your clients at the highest level
  • Why ‘free consultations’ can severely damage your business and how to transform them into paying clients with ease
  • Why your local market is irrelevant to your fee level and how to set your fees correctly for you
  • How to guarantee at least 95% of clients to turn up, on time to each and every appointment
  • The only 3 Strategies that can increase your earnings and which one you need to focus on right now[/green_tick_2_list]

PLUS, you’ll also receive…

  • A takeaway action list for you to implement in your business immediately
  • Business mindset scripts to help you makes those all-important internal shifts
  • Practical non-nonsense Q&A session


Katie’s very practical, no-B.S 웹스피어 다운로드. approach to helping you find ways to create new business was very well received last year, and many people walked away with practical hints and tips that could be implemented immediately in their business:

“Great and helpful nuggets of practical information.”

“Good common sense advice, stated clearly”

“So much varied information”

“Great, concrete tips”

“Plain speaking. Full of practical ideas”

“Hearing Kate’s session at Shepperton did make me realise that one of my goals – ’working with businesses’ – could become a reality with the right help.”


“Opening Closed Doors”

with Bill Shepherd, Hollywood Film Director & Producer

Bill Shepherd is a producer and director of many major films and TV series, including Full Metal Jacket, Mrs Dalloway, and many top TV series. Bill is also a full qualified CBT therapist. He is married to actress Dame Eileen Atkins and is based in Pinewood & Shepperton Studios. “Opening the doors that, up until now, have always been firmly closed”If you are looking to work with celebrities (which could be important if you are serious about getting great PR for your hypnotherapy business) – this talk is for you.I am very excited that my good friend, Bill Shepherd will be joining us on Saturday for the conference and to present an award at my special VIP awards dinner party.

Bill is a well known Hollywood film producer and director, who is also a CBT therapist. Bill will be giving a stimulating talk linking the glamour of his role and his work as therapist helping some of the most unfortunate people in our society.

Since 2007, Bill has been working with and mentoring Drug and Alcohol addicts in his spare time, having taken an Open University course in Cognitive Behavior Therapy. On graduation the University notified Ealing Council who contacted Bill, and he has since been presented an award from the Mayor of Ealing for his therapy work.

Based in Pinewood and Shepperton Studios, Bill knows only too well the problems that lay behind the people in the film world. He will be giving you some pointers on the problems the people in the movie industry have – from the make-up artists, grips, camera people to the film stars.

You’ll get some great tips on how this specialist industry works, the problems its people face and how therapy can help them.

Remote Psychic Spirit Release

with Jas Bassi

Jas Bassi is a spirit release and energy healing expert based in the UK, who runs a very successful practice (without advertising!!) helping people throughout the world with her remote healing work. Jas originally trained with Valerie Austin in regression hypnotherapy and holds a BSC in Clinical Hypnosis (St Mary’s University).
Jas Bassi, a natural psychic, will be sharing her experiences with hypnosis, spirit release and remote healing work.Jas has developed her own style of psychic healing work with Valerie Austin’s powerful Nth phase to help client release unwanted spirit attachment.

Psychic and spirit release is an area of therapy that creates debate, doubt, fear and confusion. Many hypnotherapists do experience “psychic” with clients and it is a fascinating subject.

From the age of six, Jas had been aware of her psychic and spiritual gifts; she felt different from others as she was extremely sensitive to other people’s energy and certain places. Her clairsentience and clairempathy developed at a very young age and she could sense and feel spirits around her, and as she developed her gifts over the years, her senses got stronger..

Being born with such abilities means it never goes away, and at the age of 29 she finally accepted her psychic gifts, with the help of hypnosis, and she’s never looked back.

Jas has an incredibly successful business helping people across with the world with spirit release attachment and she is excited to be sharing her experiences with you fernbus simulator 다운로드.

At this extraordinary workshop, Jas will be sharing:

  • What spirit attachment is and the history behind spirit attachment
  • Learn classic cases and others’ work in this fascinating therapy field
  • Understand why and how spirits attach to us
  • How to spot the signs of spirit attachment
  • Know when to refer to a specialist
  • Identifying mental health issues vs. attachment
  • “Remote” clearing incl. demonstration
  • How to clear spirit attachment with 1-2-1 hypnotherapy and self-hypnosis
  • Q&A

What You Don’t Know About Nutrition That’s Making Your Clients Fat and Sick

with Caroline Knight and Dawn Wilson

Caroline Knight is a natural health expert and owns a specialist healthcare business in supplements and skin care, Knight Life Organic. Caroline also runs the National Health Federation’s UK branch and is a presenter on Edge Media TV (Sky).

Dawn Wilson is a hypnotherapist and ‘raw energy’ nutritional chef with over 20 years experience working with people recuperating from serious illness using food as medicine, and has worked with celebrities such as Pierce Brosnan on his last ‘Bond movie’ providing the necessary high-energy diet needed for his punishing stunt work and schedule.

Let food by thy Medicine” Hippocrates

Most modern dis-eases, including cancer and diabetes, are a direct result of poor diet. And the growing problem of obesity is not just about ‘bad habits’ – it is a fundamental nutritional issue.

Many people ‘think’ they eat a ‘good diet’ but the reality is quite different.

Most of us in the hypnotherapy profession know that diet is critical to the health of our clients, however, there is much debate and confusion around what a ‘good, healthy diet’ consists of.

With the plethora of diets, detoxes and so-called ‘healthy eating’ options available, it is no wonder the public aren’t getting any better.

Even NHS advice fares little better when you consider GPs are lucky to get 3 days training on nutrition during their 6 year+ doctorate training!!

The ability to give clients good, sound information on diet and nutrition will set you apart from others in the profession (especially important for weight loss, diabetes and cancer clients!)…..

Raw and Superfood Nutritional Experts, Caroline Knight and Dawn Wilson, will be sharing their extensive knowledge and experience to help you serve your clients better…

This high energy workshop will reveal… [green_tick_2_list width=”100%”]

  • HOW and WHY the foods your clients are eating are making them sick and fat
    • Why your clients need PROPER EDUCATION on nutrition if they’re serious about losing weight/getting better
    • Discover how you can help your clients restore health and vitality by adjusting their eating habits
    • Organic vs. farmed… is it really worth paying extra?
    • Why the water you’re drinking is making you sick (even if you’re sticking to mineral water from glass bottles!)
    • The SUPERFOODS and SUPER-SUPPLEMENTS that help you LOSE weight and allow your body to experience INCREDIBLE ENERGY

Plus an incredible RAW-FOOD Experience – Caroline and Dawn will also be doing a ‘live’
demonstration tasting of some of their amazing superfood treats… including HEALTHY CHOCOLATES  & CRISPS!!



Anglo American Book Shop  – The Independent book specialists in Hypnosis, Accelerated Learning and Personal Growth  is back, supporting us again for a second year.

Plus many more hand-picked key suppliers and experts to help expand and compliment your knowledge as hypnotherapist.

*** Special Session for Non-Hypnotherapists ***

*** Hypnosis for Beginners ***

Last year we ran a very popular session for those new to the subject/profession, giving participants a fascinating, yet practical introduction to the wonderful world of hypnosis. 

During this newbie-friendly session, we”ll be giving a good background to hypnosis, a simple, yet effective introduction to how the mind works and group hypnosis/deep relaxation session.

Designed to give you a much great understanding of  hypnosis, the amazing possibilities you  can offer clients, plus a chance to experience hypnosis. If you are new to hypnotherapy, and want to find out more about hypnosis, then this session is especially for you!

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