Post Conference Courses

At this year’s Austin Advanced Hypnotherapy Conference we’ll be giving you the opportunity to work in depth with some of our speakers with the following post conference courses.  Book now to secure your place…

Austin Cancer Diet & Hypnotherapy Specialist Certification

with Valerie Austin (Sat 28th – Sun 29th September 2013)

Valerie AustinWith over 200 types of cancer, each with different causes, symptoms and treatments, cancer is a grave illness that is on the rise so much so that it is being likened to an epidemic. This Certified Course gives you a specialist technique for cancer sufferers and their friends, family and carers that has been tested and is backed up with fact based evidence in the form of statistics and video interviews with prominent leaders that gives you the edge as a ‘cancer therapist’ Sugarman 2. Click here for more information….

Special conference delegate price £497 Python 3.5.  Click here to register now

Advanced Past Life Specialist Training

with David Quigley, from the Alchemy Institute, California (Mon 16th – Tues 17th September 2013)
David QuigleyPast Life Regression has enormous power to transform and is becoming increasingly interesting to people every year.  This is an unprecedented opportunity to learn Past Life Regression from one of the foremost experts in the field, David Quigley, in a small experiential certificated training Download bcdedit.

David rarely makes the trip from the USA to Europe (this is his first trip to the UK in 10 years) – don’t miss out!  Click here for more information….

Special conference delegate price £497 이미지 검색 다운로드.  Click here to register now

Somatic Healing

with David Quigley, from the Alchemy Institute, California (Wed 18th – Thurs 19th September 2013)
Alchemy InstituteHave you ever wanted to make a more significant difference to the health and vitality of your clients? Have you ever dreamed of healing yourself and your family of chronic pain, injury, and disease? Have you always wanted to make more money by making miracles working with doctors and hospital? If so…. this special training will give you hundreds of techniques that can help you accomplish these goals.

Somatic Healing™ Hypnotherapy for Injury, Pain & Disease is a new dimension in hypnosis therapies for the treatment of injury, pain and disease 생명최전선 다운로드. Click here for more information….

Special conference delegate price £497 80년대 가요.  Click here to register now

Learn to Mesmerise – Mesmerism,  the Original Bio-Energy Therapy

with James Pool (Sat 21st – Sun 22nd September 2013)mesmerism
Learn the Basics of How to MESMERISE. Get the Chance to Practice Under Supervision. Learn What You Need to Develop a Career as a MESMERIST. If you are serious about your career as a hypnotherapist, this unique training is a must National Gymnastics.

Mesmerism is both a bio-energy therapy and trance therapy, giving you another dimension to your practice and reason to stand out above the competition. Many hypnotherapists dismiss Mesmerism as simply an older style of hypnosis. However, in truth it is much, much more…. Click here for more information electric ity regulation!

Special conference delegate price £497.  Click here to register now

Virtual Gastric Band Practitioner Training

with Sheila Granger, the Virtual Surgeon (Sat 28th – Sun 29th September 2013)* date TBC
shelia-grangerThe Virtual Gastric Band phenomenon now has a high-profile global audience and so this is a fantastic opportunity to discover how to integrate this weight-loss technique into your existing professional practice Oily Mello.

There are many virtual gastric band training courses on the market, but few that are taken seriously by the medical profession and/or subject to clinical trials. Even in a recession you will find that people will always find the money for weight loss, they may think twice about paying out for anxiety, fears etc. But they will always find the money for weight loss.  This certified 2 day intensive ‘Virtual Gastric Band’ practitioner training covers all aspects of weight management Gta5 crack download.  Click here to find out more…

Special conference delegate price £397.  Click here to register now