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From the desk of Valerie Austin, London, UK

Hello Fellow Therapist,

Re: The future of the hypnotherapy, NLP and holistic therapy industry

I’m not sure about you, but 2013 has been fascinating for hypnosis so far…. more and more of the press and public are curious about the possibilities hypnotherapy has to offer.  From very controversial and questionable use of hypnosis in Danny Boyle’s new film ‘Trance’ and the latest tongue-in-cheek Kelloggs ‘Crunchy Nut Cornflakes’ advertising campaign, to hypnosis being recommended to patients in a bid to save NHS cash… exciting times lie ahead.

coma-strokeThere has never a more important time to get your hypnotherapy, business and marketing skills right.  A potential triple dip recession is sending employees stress levels soaring. The NHS is in crisis. And there is never a shortage of serious diseases… cancers, heart disease, diabetes and obesity are at epidemic levels. The NHS simply cannot cope and experts are predicting the introduction of mandatory USA style private health insurance…. it is only a matter of time.

As a hypnotherapist, it is not all doom and gloom… in fact, quite the opposite.  The NHS crisis represents an incredible opportunity to work with patients.  Quite simply, it will become increasingly normal for patients to be expected to pay for their health.

This is good news for you for three reasons….

  • Preventative care:  The public will be looking for ways to save on their private health insurance premiums and the best way is by looking after both their physical and psychology health.
  • Treatment:   even now, doctors have been given instructions to recommend private alternative treatments to reduce workload and budgets
  • The public will be better for it… with a more holistic and balanced approach to treatment

Be ready for the predicted explosion in the private healthcare market 

And this is the reason why I’m writing to you today.

Will You Be Prepared?

show-funAt the 3rd annual ‘Austin Advanced Hypnotherapy Conference’ in London this September (13th-15th), you will have the opportunity to get equipped with all the skills, tools and business know-how to get ready for these BIG SHIFTS in society. As a fellow therapist, we both know you can make a difference, but sadly I see so many excellent therapists FAILING to make the BIG IMPACT they can (and should) be making to many more people’s lives.

Firstly, let me introduce myself. If you don’t know me already, my name is Valerie Austin (and if you do, you may not know this little secret I’m about to share with you).

Many hypnotherapists train after experiencing the incredible power of hypnosis for their own problems. And I am no exception… I got into hypnosis after a serious car accident in 1979, which left me with amnesia so serious that I was unable to retain a memory for longer than 24 hours. Much of the time I was functioning in a dissociated state that was almost pure subconscious…. it was from this internal dialogue I first experienced the childlike language of the subconscious. This subconscious language is so important because it is the hallmark of genuine hypnosis.

After studying hypnosis as a possible solution to my amnesia, I realised the value of this unique personal experience and developed a unique protocol for therapy that uses a special language to communicate directly with the subconscious. This subconscious language was so innovative that I wrote 5 ground breaking books on hypnosis including ‘Self Hypnosis” that were published by major international publishers (Thorsons and Harper Collins).

hypnotherapy-booksBack in the early 1990s when I first started my hypnotherapy career, I was (probably) the highest paid hypnotherapist in the UK. I made over £100k and saw over 500 clients in my first year in practice. Since then, I’ve worked with over 7,000 clients, trained thousands of hypnotherapists, written 5 best-selling books, appeared in countless press articles, TV programmes and radio shows. My training courses are renowned and my private therapy client prices start at £6,000. I was also invited to  major Universities in South East Asia which included Kuala Lumpur and  Sabaa to teach my 7 Day Course. And the success of my business has allowed me to enjoy a rich, varied and well travelled lifestyle that many years ago I could only dream of!

I have personally witnessed what it is like to run a successful hypnotherapy practice and training school, and I am not telling you this to show-off or impress you, but to impress upon you how it is also possible for you too. The public need hypnosis more than ever, and they need people like you to STEP UP and reach out to more people. During my 20 years experience as a therapist and trainer, I also presented for over 11 years in large US hypnotherapy conferences,where I saw first hand the benefits of learning more about hypnosis, and about being in business, in a supportive and welcoming community. It is for this reason that I created my conference – to help you, help more people – and promote the benefits of hypnosis to everyone.

I am really excited about this year, as both the 2011 and 2012 conferences were an outstanding success with more people attending each year and 2013 looks set to be even bigger and better. Keeping up with advances in the field of hypnosis is very important. This year again I have listened to all the feedback, presenter evaluations and have compiled surveys to see what is wanted to streamline the workshops and the presenters have been specially chosen with your needs in mind.

If you know me already, you’ll know I have always promoted my work heavily in the press and encouraged my students to do the same; simply because it educates the public about hypnosis and brings in clients. I have made efforts each year to promote hypnotherapy in the film industry, the media and amongst celebrities. In 2011 the conference was held at Shepperton film studios and a major film producer Bill Shepherd opened the conference with many celebrities joining the VIP parties. Even large hypnosis organisations in America aren’t doing this out-reach to the entertainment world, and it is not from lack of trying!

Some people don’t see the value of an actor at a hypnotherapy conference, however, if there is a newspaper story about a prominent actor using hypnotherapy to overcome a problem the next day thousands of people suddenly become interested in hypnosis and many of those contact hypnotherapists to treat their problems. In 2012 Nancy Dell’Olio spoke about her experience of being in a ‘coma’ after a car accident and talked about her phobias from this dreadful and frightening experience. Nancy also graciously took her time off from her BBC schedule to attend the awards party to present one of our main awards, which was covered in the Daily Mail.

I personally believe that since the previous two conferences were so successful the best way to promote this conference is by credibility, integrity and value rather than the hard sell approach.   I am particularly excited about David Quigley a very experienced and well known trainer, who is supporting us by coming to speak and leading post conference workshops. He will be flying in from California especially for the event for the first time in 10 years. ”
Valerie Austin, Consultant Hypnotherapist, Trainer, Keynotes Speaker & Best-Selling Author

So what can you expect to get out of this year’ conference…

#1:  Pure Hypnosis Training & Education

learn-hypnosisWhen I started out in the business, I was very fortunate to be mentored by Gil Boyne. As a pioneer and well respected trainer he certainly knew his stuff and I will always be grateful that he shared with me his years of experience and routes to success. By advising me on which of the plethora of courses, training and books to study and which ones were, quite simply a waste of time, I didn’t waste time or money and was able to invest in the best.

And I want to do the same for you. Sadly many therapists spend time, money and effort on courses teaching unproven techniques and / or trainers that have little real client experience. At this year’s conference, I’ve hand-picked some of the most EXPERIENCED INTERNATIONALLY RECOGNISED TRAINERS in the industry to share their experience and expertise throughout the main conference weekend and at selected post-course training.

#2:  Our Hypnosis Community & Support

discussionI believe there is something seriously lacking in our industry within the UK. And that is a SUPPORTIVE, COLLABORATIVE, SOCIAL HYPNOSIS COMMUNITY committed to learning and practising the most effective techniques….

Far too much time is wasted by therapists fiddling about collecting qualifications, studying multiple therapies, pretending to do business or even some badmouthing colleagues…

Time that could be far better spent serving the people we were put on this planet to help (our clients!!) and in turn, representing our industry as I believe it should.  As a serious, respected industry with hypnotherapy being the obvious choice for clients with specific issues (I call hypnotherapy the ‘royal’ therapy – a reputation it most certainly deserves!!)

There are thousands of hypnotherapists in the UK, but they are NOT your competition. The real competition is much, much wider from pharmaceutical companies, unproven alternative therapies, gyms, weight loss clinics, the NHS etc.

larry-cherylBeing a hypnotherapist can be very lonely; without the right approach, the medical profession, public, press and even other therapists can make being in practice seem like an uphill struggle. And the worst is that people expect it to be at low cost or even free. But, it doesn’t need to be like this.

I strongly, strongly believe that as a community we need to WORK TOGETHER TO PROMOTE HYPNOTHERAPY. And that we can do even better as a team, rather than individuals.

We all need a community that we belong to and feel safe within. And, one of my main objectives for creating this conference was not only to bring together the best of the hypnosis world and share knowledge, but to improve collaboration among colleagues and get hypnosis the recognition it deserves in our wider communities.

#3:  Building Your Hypnotherapy Practice

The services of a good hypnotherapist have never been more in need, but the hypnotherapists that really make it are few and far between Download David's Canon. Having trained thousands of therapists over the years, including some of the best Harley Street has to offer, I’ve noticed the difference between those who make it and those who don’t. Not just among those I’ve trained, but across the industry as a whole.

Sadly, most therapists get ‘stuck’ in at least one of these 6 [AVOIDABLE] scenarios

  • FAQsThey don’t have the confidence in themselves… (HIDING rather than getting out there and working with the people they’ve been trained to help)
  • They are initially very successful, but BURN-OUT quickly and give up
  • They’ve trained in many different therapies/disciplines, but still don’t have the correct skills to achieve high success rates – poor success rates lead to poor reputation and can KILL a practice
  • They treat their business as a hobby… which means less committed clients, less money and MORE HASSLE
  • They don’t charge enough for their invaluable skills…. and end up BROKE (or in DEBT)
  • They don’t have the business and marketing skills to make their practice work… (and when they FAIL to make money… they end up supplementing their income with other jobs or part-time work)

It’s an incredible shame, as just a few simple changes can make the world of difference. It is for this reason, also my passion for hypnosis and the incredible transformations that it can make in people’s lives, that I’ve spent the last 7 months trawling my little black book to pull together and persuade the crème de la crème of the hypnosis industry to share their best-kept secrets, take-away techniques and skills to help YOU improve success rates, get more clients and make more money

I’ve carefully handpicked hypnosis, marketing and business experts who will help you create a more successful hypnotherapy practice including… Working with cancer patients, weight loss, mesmerism (the original bio-energy therapy) past life therapy, depression, working with charities, lucid dreaming for healing, phobia treatment, and much, much more… Plus, the all-important business and marketing education, tools and strategies, including how to get corporate clients and writing your own book….all to help your business grow and thrive even in a predicted triple-dip recession!

#4:  Widening the Opportunities for Hypnotherapy

inger-chemotherapyThe medical profession, including the NHS, is now calling more and more on the services of hypnotherapy to assist with everyday problems, ranging from cancer, diabetes, obesity, smoking, childbirth, fertility, IBS, alcohol related dependency to name but a few. Every week the media reports on some aspect of hypnosis. The public have become increasingly aware of and open to the benefits hypnotherapy. And, of course, today’s society is more stressful than ever before….

Since much more is needed to build the reputation of hypnotherapy as a powerful, stand-alone life-changer I have used my journalistic hat to interest leaders in the medical, alternative and complimentary fields in hypnotherapy as a major part of healing. By interviewing and filming the leaders in the medical fields personally, I have found a very positive change in the medical profession when I talk about hypnosis and believe it is an excellent time to work together.

Having already opened up the world of hypnosis to other countries, I am proud to have trained many excellent hypnotherapists, still with successfully businesses after twenty years, working around the world which including Malaysia, India, US, Australia and Europe…. and I would love to help you do the same.

One of this year’s hot topics will be how to help cancer patients. With the rising number of people suffering from cancer there will be a focus on hypnotherapy as a complimentary treatment. I am personally bringing fact based evidence from a major cancer conference for alternative medicine held in the USA, and I have also interviewed some of the leading research scientists and doctors to bring you a balance of both medical and alternative treatments and the views on each sides.

I am proud to bring you the fascinating interviews with leaders in the medical field including a Nobel Prize winner for cancer. Coupled with this year’s interviews with specialists and researchers in both US and UK you will have the most up-to –date enthralling new evidence based facts. What I have discovered will amaze you and the information is full of hope.

Keeping up with advances in the field of hypnosis is very important.  This year again I have listened to all the feedback, presenter evaluations and have compiled surveys to see what is wanted to streamline the workshops and the presenters have been specially chosen with your needs in mind.

#5:  Helping More People

hypnosis-training-coursePersonally I think the world needs more people like you… people who are prepared to invest in themselves to help others. If you want to help more people and make a good living (or more) doing so… I strongly recommend you come to what promises to be the most exciting UK hypnosis event of the year.

I strongly believe there is still work to be done in spreading the word about the amazing benefits of hypnotherapy. We need more and more successful therapists out there, which is why I want to help YOU improve and grow YOUR practice…. so that you can….

  • Help more people
  • Make more money
  • Make a real difference

At this year’s ‘Austin Advanced Hypnotherapy Conference’ you’ll experience the very best hand-picked trainers and speakers, adding to your hypnotherapy expertise and practicing building knowledge, helping you get a steady stream of paying clients and helping more people.

Now before I introduce you to our team of Hypnosis Experts, Speakers and Academics and their workshops, let me give you the lowdown on what you can expect during this incredible weekend…


Over 16 hours of full hypnosis training included in the VIP weekend  package which includes over 13 hours training during the main weekend – that’s all your hypnotherapy continual professional development in one weekend – certified!



Following from feedback from previous years, we’ve picked the best of the best AND ensured workshops are packed with more in-depth content and take-away techniques

  • james-pool-demonstratioExpert presenters / trainers (see below for detail)
  • Fascinating subject matters…
  • Interesting, Specialist and Profitable niches… (when you specialise, you can help more people and make money doing what you love)
  • Pioneering cutting-edge hypnosis research, techniques and findings with actual clients
  • Powerful and compelling client convincing research that proves even further the power of hypnosis in areas such as stop smoking, weight and medical issues
  • Get certified in your specialist areas of choice!

You get to get to choose which areas to specialise in with proof of attendance certification, in the form of the Austin CPD Passport. Each workshop will require you to complete an evaluation as proof of attendance when you leave each workshop, so that only full attendees will get the full benefits of certification.



Experience an information-packed weekend with some of the UK’s leading hypnotists, hypnotherapists, hypnosis academics and hypnosis research experts (see below for details on individual speakers/topics).

  • valerie-andrew-demonstrationLEARN… the very best techniques and processes that get results for your client
  • UNDERSTAND… fascinating content rich topics with depth and expertise
  • DISCOVER… little-known, latest research (essential for demonstrating your expertise with your clients)
  • GET… practical techniques that work with real-life clients

Pick and choose the perfect topics for you; from demonstrations, new techniques, in-depth knowledge on specialities that interest you, including how to attract more clients, get more referrals and the business back-up that will all help to vastly improve your practice.



Throughout the weekend, you will also have the chance to learn about the actual ‘business and marketing’ side of having a successful hypnosis business, so that you can help more people without having to continually chase your tail!



star-stageFor the last two years, attendees have approached me to speak on stage, but unfortunately the approach strategy has not been appropriate, especially as by the time they’ve asked I’ve already made commitments to other speakers. This year I want to make things different, and give you the opportunity to shine in front of your peers and make your mark in the industry.

I know so many of you are doing great work with clients and into the research of hypnosis, and we all want to hear about it. That’s why I’m giving you the one-off opportunity to win a 15-min speaking slot in a special bonus session during the weekend. We will ask for your peers to vote on their favourite talks and prizes are to be won at the VIP gala dinner.

All ticket holders will be given the opportunity you apply for one of 4 special speaking slots by sending in your proposal. (Details on how to apply will be supplied to ticket holders at least 2 weeks before the event).



Including a great selection of books, DVDs and CDs, that will be available throughout the weekend to help support and expand all the learning you will get from the weekend. Plus, carefully selected suppliers of products to compliment your business and supplement your income!



val-partyGet snapped with my expert speakers at the Friday and Saturday night VIP events (see below for more info) and throughout the weekend. Photos like this are an invaluable promotional tool for you! Plus, enjoy a weekend of networking with like-minded people. You never know what might come from the inspiring atmosphere and many ideas that will arise during the weekend.

*** There will also be an opportunity to update your professional photo for a small fee at the conference with a professional photographer ***

(Easily Accessible Central London location by Train, Tube, Bus and Air)



**A Ticket to My Exclusive**

Friday 13th September 2013
Only 75 67 Tickets Available


On the afternoon/evening before the conference, I’ll be hosting a special champagne welcome party for my special VIP guests and introducing Keithanthony for a joint “SKYPNOSIS” Masterclass. 

Valerie-Austinkeith-anthonyI have been very skeptical of one-to-one hypnosis and training using Skype until I met Keithanthony. A hypnotherapist and brain damage survivor with two radio shows already under his belt, he really sparked my interest. Later, by chance, I saw some of his video testimonials he put on Facebook. I was curious to watch his video doing healing and I was amazed to discover one of his clients singing his praises was speaking from Alaska. That got me curious, as she was unlikely to have been over to the UK to have treatment with hypnosis.

 Her condition was phantom tingling and pain in a finger that she had previously lost some years before and now the pain and tingling was nonexistent. This was really interesting and I started to talk to him about his unique style of healing.

What I found out was intriguing, so much so that I decided that this type of healing was an excellent extra tool for the hypnotherapist who wants to increase their business around the globe. Have you ever thought of working with people overseas or on other continents such as Asia, China or a secluded island? Now therapy around the world is within your grasp.

  • During this certified workshopKeithanthony and Valerie Austin will be showing you some very clever ways to find new clients that you would never be able to work with personally because of their location
  • Learn some of the valuable tips on how, and how not to work, with clients over the Skype
  • How to bill your clients when you are not working with them face-to-face and a look at the difference methods of payment
  • Learn some of the valuable tips on how, and how not to work,  with clients over the Skype
  • How to set up and use a Skype account for therapy

vip-party2Plus, I’ll also be welcoming you to the Conference with a champagne reception!

This extra VIP bonus evening is a great chance for networking with colleagues and speakers.  Those of you who have attended my previous two conferences have found the limited seating VIP evening especially beneficial in meeting and making lasting friends.  The conference itself is a great networking opportunity but due to the intimate nature of the VIP evening, you’ll have more time to spend getting to know people.

 This exclusive pre-conference event is included for FREE when you book your Assess-All-Areas-VIP ticket.


As an early booker you will have the first opportunity to attend this very social and educational evening, so be quick to secure your place!!)



** Special Reserved Front of Stage VIP Seating **

Make the most out of your learning experience at the front of the lecture room




Save your valuable time and energy at our fast track VIP registration desk



**A Very Special Invitation to My….**

Saturday 14th September 2012, Central London
Only 75 67 Tickets Available


Dr Alan Sanderson, Psychiatrist Winning the ‘Austin Lifetime Achievement Award for Services to Hypnotherapy’ in 2012

We have exclusive use of a wonderful friendly, lively and fun local venue to put on this exciting awards evening, and with the entertainment lined up, it promises to be a night not to be missed!

Don’t miss out on…

  • Champagne Reception… welcome drinks to get the celebrations underway
  • Sumptuous Seated Dinner… enjoy a wonderful dinner with friends, peers and the speakers at a delightful restaurant in Central London
  • brainstrustCharity Raffle… some very exciting prizes are being donated by myself, speakers and friends. All proceeds raised with go to the Brainstrust
  • My second Austin Awards Celebration… dedicated to recognising the best-of-the-best in our industry
  • A Special Prize for Every Guest… kindly donated by myself, my speakers and friends, because we’d personally like to appreciate your dedication to helping others
  • party-pic-nancyMeet my celebrity and journalist friends… meet and get photographed with some of my celebrity and journalist friends that I’ll be inviting to this very intimate, but fun and lively Saturday night event Wanda and Colossus. Last year we received press coverage in The Daily Mail thanks to my friend Nancy Dell’Olio and one of my hypnotherapy students, Susie Silvey
  • Live Music, Fun and Dancing ‘til Late… with new and old friends and colleagues at our relaxed, fun and lively restaurant venue

Yours FREE when you book your Access-All-Areas-VIP ticket!!

BE WARNED!! I’ve carefully selected the venue for its fun and lively, but intimate qualities, but it does mean space is tight and I have only 75 VIP tickets to the social event of the year for the Hypnosis Community available – don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to meet and socialise with new and old friends, colleagues and some of the best in the industry! We simply can’t fit any more than 75 people in the venue!

Only 75 67 places available for the VIP Dinner


Hurry!! Secure Your VIP Ticket NOW!!

And if you want help building your practice and growing your skillset… get to this event. Personally, I am really excited about the breadth and calibre of this year’s speakers who’ll be sharing their skills and secrets for success with you. Allow me to introduce you to my international team of speakers and trainers….

The Truth Behind the Cancer Epidemic and How to Combat it with The Cancer Diet & Hypnosis
with Valerie Austin

There are more than 200 types of cancer, each with different causes, symptoms and treatments.

The principle theme for this year’s conference is treating Cancer – a grave illness that is so much on the rise that it seems like an epidemic. The subject is close to my heart, having treated clients, including personal friends with the illness, and given the current epidemic it is likely to have touched your life either personally or through friends and/or family. The good news is that we, as hypnotherapists, are in a position to help.

Around 325,000 people were diagnosed with cancer in 2010 in the UK alone, that’s around 890 people every day and one person every 2 minutes and the figures are rising considerably every year. In fact, it was reported at a 3-day Cancer Conference I attended this year in Florida, that there were over 1.5 million deaths in 2012. And that the proportion of avoidable cancer deaths caused by diet and not eating ‘real’ food is very close to that of those related to tobacco. Despite extensive research, very little is generally known by the patients about the different kinds of treatment available. Even doctor’s opinions differ considerably. Invariably patients are offered debilitating chemotherapy or radiotherapy without being offered any complimentary regimens.


  • inger-chemotherapyHow you can prepare for helping the 1 in 2 people estimated to suffer from cancer in their lifetime
  • How doctors are now taking hypnotherapy seriously for cancer patients
  • Why Hypnosis for cancer is a specialist subject — and the specialist information you should know before working with cancer patients
  • Medical vs. complementary treatment — be able to confidently advise your clients knowledgeably
  • Learn differences in techniques for cancer sufferers and carers
  • Dealing with the side effects of chemotherapy
  • PROVEN! How to use hypnosis to reduce the size of tumours
  • Cancer prevention and remission strategies

Working with Patients using Fact & Evidence-based treatments

One of the reasons I am focusing on cancer is because of first hand experience with my close friend, documentary-maker and attorney Inger Garcia. In helping her cancer with hypnosis, I have been on the front line seeing the type of problems she was facing whilst being treated.

This important and potentially life-saving workshop will be focusing on working with cancer patients and cancer survivors, bringing the best possible up-to-date information about traditional, alternative and combination treatments. You will be amazed, as I was, regarding the range of possibilities available for cancer sufferers, some of which are not commonly shared in the medical community. I will be discussing what the experts think and what they have discovered and the various success rates.

Expert Interviews & Survival Rates

Looking for answers I put on my journalist hat and attended (and filmed) a fact and evidence-based Alternative Cancer Conference in Florida to find out from the experts how to combine medicines resulting in less dangerous and less aggressive chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments. The idea was to have the information to hand about the range of alternative options available for patients. It didn’t stop there. My interest peaked and I started to interview leading medical and complimentary experts to find out what a cancer sufferer, or survivor should be aware of. I will be discussing what the experts think and what they have discovered and the various success rates.

I’ll also be sharing some of my findings on how to combine these treatments with specialised hypnotherapy techniques. My friend Inger is living proof that with the right combination of hypnotherapy techniques you can considerably increase the recovery survival rate. Since doctors are now being urged to recommend alternative and complimentary treatments with the cuts in the NHS this could not only save lives but keep your practice healthy.

This area of expertise promises to be a vital part of our future.  Knowing what can be done for either our clients or even our relations and friends can make a big difference to each one of our lives.

David-Samson“Whatever your reason for considering hypnotherapy, I recommend the Valerie Austin course most highly. Over many years, Valerie has developed techniques that I can only describe as ‘back to basics’. Her methods are without frills or ‘psychobabble’, but incredibly effective in treating a wide variety of client issues.” David Samson, Harley Street Hypnotherapist

“”I feel so blessed that Valerie decided to work with me and allowed me to learn and apply her technique. It is truly brilliant. I started seeing people and using the Austin Technique and I was astounded at the results that I was getting. Thank you Valerie for allowing me to be part of a growing team of hypnotherapists who are really making a difference in people’s lives!” Shayn Cutino, HHP, CCht, Anja Health Center

karen-jones“There are many hypnotherapists in the world but not many rival Valerie Austin who takes hypnotherapy beyond most peoples knowledge. Her regression techniques delve deep into her clients heads and wrestle with the subconcious to provide transformation, intervention and powerful changes with no effort on the part of the client. Everyone is looking for a magic silver bullet to cure their issues whether giving up smoking, losing weight, being a better public speaker or more productive in business. Valerie is the only person I have found who has one. She runs course for trainers or those who want to become hypnotherapists to help bring her very rarefied knowledge into their worlds to ultimatley make us all live in a better world.”  Karen Jones, Publisher, CityWealth Magazine

“I smoked 20 a day for four years. Val hypnotised me into stopping with just one session. She’s incredible!” New York Post

“There is no question. Val’s technique really does work; try it” Sunday Magazine

Val is the guru of self-hypnosis” The Independent

From The Alchemy Institute of Hypnosis in Santa Rosa, California

Advanced Past Life Regression 
A New Approach From The USA On Using The Power Of Past Life Therapy To Heal
with David Quigley
Literally a ‘walk the talk’ presenter who overcame incurable crippling rheumatoid arthritis

David QuigleyPast Life Regression has enormous power to change your life and is becoming increasingly interesting to people every year.  Many people attribute their present behaviors or problems to a “past life” and want to investigate it further or resolve issues related to a previous existence.  Whilst many hypnotherapy courses deal with this subject as part of their training, therapists generally receive very little specialist training in this field.

Alchemy Institute

You will have the unprecedented opportunity to learn about Past Life Regression from one of the foremost experts in the field, David Quigley, in this unique workshop.  David is the creator of Alchemical Hypnotherapy and Director of the Alchemy Institute of Hypnosis in Santa Rosa, CA and author of two popular books “Alchemical Hypnotherapy – A Manual of Practical Technique” and “The Alchemy of Healing.”  He regularly speaks at hypnotherapy conferences so we are especially pleased to welcome him to this year’s event.

Learn How To Use Past Life Regression To Explore Your Past And Transform Your Future

Having known David for many years as a well respected hypnotherapist, I am delighted to welcome him to the UK for this year’s conference. We used to lecture at the same conferences in the 90’s in the USA, and he is one of the key presenters at the National Guild of Hypnotherapy – the world’s largest and most prestigious hypnotherapy conferences in America. His approach is totally different and based on serious healing, a must for the hypnotherapist. This is his first visit to the UK in 10 years he will be teaching a post conference course before he returns to California.

An Exciting New Approach to Healing Relationships

David specifically targets how to use Past Life as a specialist tool in therapy.  This special workshop will give you an insight into how to incorporate Past Life Regression as a speciality into your practice and offers some practical techniques for working with clients.

David will be sharing how you can use advanced techniques of past life work, including accessing creative abilities from past lives, clearing trauma by changing past life memories, and eliminating the karma accumulated by our karmic deeds in past lives.


  • Find out how Past Life Regression fits in with traditional therapy
  • Learn how to clear past life trauma and replace traumatic memories with inner resources of strength and success
  • Discover how bringing forward past life creative abilities can enrich your present life
  • Explore how to heal troubling or obsessive relationships whose roots are in past lives
  • Learn about targeting historically provable past lives, so you can experience the truth of past lives for yourself.

About David Quigley
David-Quigley-filmDavid Quigley has trained thousands of professional hypnotherapists since 1983 through his school, the Alchemy Institute of Hypnosis in Santa Rosa, CA and has mentored the establishment of schools and classes based on his work, all over the world. David is a graduate of Duke University in comparative religion and transpersonal psychology, and of the Hypnotherapy Training Institute in Corte Madeira, California Download by Hwang Jin. David teaches throughout the United States, Europe, Japan and India, including speaking at the United Nations Enlightenment Society and numerous hypnotherapy conferences.

David has been teaching Hypnotherapy for 30 years and has gained a wealth of knowledge and experience from client work at his successful private practice.  He incorporates a wide range of techniques including Gestalt, primal therapy, group process and Jungian psychology, as well as Ericksonian and clinical hypnosis and NLP into his work.

In 1978, he was on crutches, diagnosed with crippling rheumatoid arthritis, a disease that had already crippled other members of his family.  The doctors said that he may never walk normally again.  He discovered the underlying causes of his disease with hypnosis and healed himself.  At 62 years old, he has been symptom-free for 27 years, and is a runner, mountain climber and adventurer in his free time.  As someone who is literally “walking the talk” when it comes to using hypnosis for healing, he regularly teaches his “Somatic Healing” workshops around the world.

Roy-hunterIt is just quite possible that hypnosis professionals will be reading about David Quigley’s pioneering work in the 22nd Century and beyond. I appreciate his ethics and his client centered approach. Roy Hunter, Ph.D., FAPHP, Internationally acclaimed Hypnotherapist, Author & Trainer 

Bruce-burger“David, I have used Alchemical Techniques with virtually every client I have seen in my Energy Medicine practice since I studied your Alchemical work over 25 years ago! Alchemical Therapy is a profound gift to the healing arts and one of the most effective healing synthesis available on the planet today!” Bruce Burger, MA,RPP,RPE, founder of Heartwood Institute and the Heartwood Community

“David Quiqley was much more than I expected. His training gave me the knowledge and tools to become a successful hypnotherapist. I want to thank David Quiqley for his excellent spiritual hypnotherapy training which was valuable in the writing of my book: Journey’s to the 10th Dimension (Dynamics of the Spirit World).” Ronald Lockliear Vinal, CHT, Ascension Hypnosis

“During my training, I cried for 2 days as I processed the deepest core pain of my life, and was healed. Since then I have had a successful practice as an intuitive coach and Alchemical Hypnotherapist for the last 10 years. I’m now working directly with high-level corporate executives and managers in top government agencies. I also coach psychotherapists and psychiatrists, and others in a model of business consulting that is based on Alchemical work. I am currently writing two books about this new dimension in Alchemy.” Linda Rose, Intuitive Coaching

Carol SmallDavid’s Alchemy introduced me to my life’s purpose. Since my training, I have been facilitating the personal growth of hundreds of clients, both privately and in groups. I comfortably provide for my son and myself and I really enjoy my work. His training gave me a springboard of powerful and effective techniques that helped me begin trusting my own intuition and creativity on which I now rely. Carol Small, Santa Rosa, CA

The Rebirth of Mesmerism
The Original Bio-Energy Therapy
with James Pool

James-PoolWhat is Mesmerism? Is it just an old-fashioned hypnotic induction technique or something more? Mesmerism was prematurely abandoned for political reasons and still has a lot to offer. In many respects it has definite advantages over hypnosis.

At the last two conferences James Pool has shared some fascinating and unusual insights into the world of hypnosis including Automatic Writing, Hypnosis in Russia, Sprituality & Hypnosis, Oriental Hypnosis and of course the Brainwave Synchronizer.

This year James is focusing on the fascinating and sometimes long-forgotten art of Mesmerism. A therapy James Pool has lectured and worked with since his days as a young student at university. As a successful historian and biographer he gives you unique unpublished information proving the power of mesmerism. Many modern hypnotherapists have only heard the word but know relatively little about this important aspect of hypnotic techniques.

Now here’s a unique opportunity to find out more about it and learn the differences between Mesmerism and Hypnosis and the advantages of Mesmerism.

Some interesting facts about Mesmerism:

  • mesmerismPopularity:  Mesmerism enjoyed a success that hypnotism never has. Mesmerism was embraced by Royalty. A number of creative geniuses, Dickens, Dumas, Poe and others practiced mesmerism.  There were even several hospitals devoted exclusively to mesmerism
  • A Deeper Trance: In a modern study between hypnosis and mesmerism, 84% of the subjects with varying degrees of suggestibility felt mesmerism was a deeper trance than hypnosis.
  • The Experience: Physical and mental experiences during mesmerism were also found to be different than during hypnosis.  68% of the subjects described a “patch” loss of sensation or analgesia in some part of their bodies, 26% experienced a numbness throughout their bodies, 15% were cataleptic, 9% lost total contact or sense of body and 9% reported spontaneous healing.
  • Parasensory phenomena: The study concluded that there was also a higher rate of parasensory phenomena experienced during mesmerism. 23% of the subjects felt at least partly out of their bodies, 7% experienced age regression and 7% felt they had contact with their past lives.
  • The super conscious: Some of Mesmer’s French disciples found a method of directly contacting the higher self, a kind of mysterious realm in the human mind, a central point linking the conscious individual with his inner most self and unknown forces in the universe.  The aim of mesmerism was to rediscover that central point to enable the individual to recover all of his psychic energy and the unknown riches within him or her.
Learning Hypnosis is learning a technique.  To become a mesmerist is to transform your personality – to develop your will power to project bio-energy to entrance your subject.  This is why old posters of mesmerists featured a wide-eyed man staring at is subjects because it relies more on personal power and ‘charisma’.  People believed the mesmerist had some strange ‘power’ over them.

Mesmerism is the original bio-energy therapy.  Now there are many other bio-energy, therapies – Reiki, healing touch, etc., but mesmerism remains the only bio-energy TRANCE therapy.  It is from this trance aspect that it has its power.

There are over 150 years of research into Mesmerism with a history of experiments and case studies of mesmerism done by professors and some of the best minds of the day. Many of the medical cases of mesmerism are written up in more detail than modern studies of hypnotism.  Even the author Charles Dickens studied mesmerism and it improved his writing and his works are full of indirect references to it.


  • A brief history of mesmerism in the UK
  • Mesmerism Process
  • Mesmerism Passes
  • Treating illnesses with Mesmerism
  • Developing of the Mesmerist’s will
  • Problems of Mesmerism
  • The physical phenomena of Mesmerism
  • Prudent management of somnambulists

James Pool: Learn the Secrets from the Mesmerism expert


James Pool with Dr Jack Gibson

After his university graduate studies, while living in Geneva James Pool became a friend of the prominent Swiss psychiatrist and hypnotist Dr. Oscar Forel whose father, De August Forel was the director of the Burgholzli institute before Jung and wrote the classic book ‘Hypnotism’ in 1889.

Dr Oscar Forel was over 90 years old when James knew him and his father Dr August Forel had lived to his nineties, so they formed a living link with the mesmerists of the past century. As a young man August Forel had studied and observed the work of many mesmerists including Dupotet, who brought mesmerism to England. Oscar Forel told James many of his father’s unpublished secrets about Mesmerism.

james-automatic-writingAs best-selling author of the ground-breaking books ‘Who Financed Hitler’ and ‘Hitler and his Secret partners’, James is an expert on Hitler’s psychology and personal magnetism. No one could mesmerize large audiences like Hitler. Having first-hand contact with those who knew Hitler gives him a unique insight into how Hitler used mesmerism to gain a psychological hold over people.

James Pool, BA MA (University Cincinnati) has researched medical hypnosis for over 30 years, particularly medical hypnosis during its golden age, 1880 to 1900. He has worked in medical hypnosis since his days as a university graduate student, and is now course director of the UK’s first Master Practitioner Diploma in Medical Hypnosis.

As one of our most popular speakers at the 2011 & 2012 conferences James Pool, is delighted to be coming back to share with you more knowledge and techniques in greater depth this September

“Loved the talk and audience participation!”

“Clear, effective demo and to the point — v. useful ideas and content”

“Excellent audience participation and interesting topic”

“Very knowledgeable”

“Interesting case studies. Successful demonstration — demonstration is always a challenge with audiences and short amounts of time”

“Calm, very practical and methodical”

The Virtual Gastric Band Success Story
with Sheila Granger – The Virtual Surgeon

shelia-grangerThe Virtual Gastric Band phenomenon now has a high-profile global audience and so this is a fantastic opportunity to discover how to integrate this weight-loss technique into your existing professional practice.

weight-loss-hypnosisEven in a recession you will find that people will always find the money for weight loss, they may think twice about paying out for anxiety, fears etc. But they will always find the money for weight loss. This really can be your bread and butter, and with obesity being a high priority for the governments Health agenda Youtube m4. It is an issue that is always in the news!

Sheila’s presentation was one of the highlights of the 2011 conference and in response to numerous requests for her return she has agreed to join us this year. Several therapists set up their own specialist Virtual Gastric Band practices after attending her training, having seen her conference presentation.


  • The #8 Golden Rules of Success with this method
  • How to get referrals from the medical profession
  • Why hypnotic gastric banding makes all the difference to a weight loss programme

Sheila Granger – The Virtual Surgeon

sheila-grangerSheila Granger is an internationally recognised expert in her field. She regularly features in the media and on BBC News with her ‘Virtual Gastric and Workbook’ and NHS clinical trial work.

She devised her own programme around this concept, runs a clinic based in a doctors surgery and sees between 35 and 50 clients per week.

She has trained practitioners in the USA, Canada, Australia and here in the UK. And here is the best bit…..she has had clinical trials agreed with her local medical school and universities, which if successful will make recommendations for the NHS to fund the programme with her clients!

Sheila will share all of her knowledge with you, so that you can achieve the success with your weight loss clients that both you and they deserve.

As one of our most popular speakers at the 2011 conferences, I am delighted to welcome Sheila back – a true marketeer of her very strong weight therapy.

“Very informative”

“Excellent talk”

“Loved her attitude in helping others and all the tips she shared”

“Very enthusiastic, professional, easy to understand, concise and well structure”

“She is to the point. No BS”

“Very interesting, no flannel, straight-talking information”

“Authentic, structured and answered all potential questions”

“Honest, practical, credible – no secrets!”

Healing Through Dreaming
with Hay House Author, Charlie Morley

Charlie-MorleyWake up in your dreams, and learn how to wake up to life with Charlie Morley –Europe’s most experienced and authentic Lucid Dreaming practitioner and teacher. Discover the science and practice of lucid dreaming to communicate with the unconscious – opening up potentials of both physical and psychological healing.

hayhouse-logoCharlie was extremely well received at the 2011 conference and we are excited to welcome him once again as a presenter at this year’s event.  As the first ‘TED’ speaker on Lucid Dreaming, Charlie is now a successful author, having signed a deal with Hay House Publishing so this is a great opportunity to experience firsthand some of what others will only have the opportunity to read about.

How Lucid Dreaming Can Change Your Life

Buddhist lucid dreaming teacher Charlie Morley offers a special workshop exploring the healing potential of dreams within the traditions of Western lucid dreaming and Tibetan Buddhism.

Charlie BookThrough this unique hybrid state of consciousness we become lucidly aware within our deepest dreaming mind allowing us to explore the depths of our unconscious with fully conscious awareness.

Once lucid we can directly communicate and interact with our unconscious mind opening up potentials of both physical and psychological healing, integration of Shadow aspects, imaginary rehearsal and deep spiritual progression.

By using the best of both Tibetan Buddhist and Western dream-work techniques, Charlie will share a uniquely holistic approach to lucid dreaming and conscious sleeping with the aims of psychological growth and self discovery.

In this workshop we will be exploring the practical applications of both physical and psychological healing through lucid dreaming and the Tibetan Buddhist view on healing dreams as a path to waking up!

In this fascinating workshop, Charlie will teach you…

  • Learn how to lucid dream – anyone can do it with practice
  • Discover techniques and practices sourced from both Tibetan
  • Buddhist dream yoga and Western scientific schools
  • Tap into the wellspring of wisdom that resides in your dreaming mind
  • Learn how to wake up to life and to live lucidly with joy and confidence!
As Charlie says “If you can treat it through hypnotherapy, then you can treat it through lucid dreaming”.

By sharing a combination of scientifically documented examples of physical healing initiated through lucid dreams as well as various personal examples Charlie hopes to wake us up to the huge healing potential which resides in our dreams. This is one not to miss!

About Charlie Morley

Charlie-MorleyAs a self-taught lucid dreamer for over 10 years, Charlie Morley has been called “the most authentic practitioner of lucid dreaming teaching in Europe” and was officially “authorised to teach” in 2008 by meditation master Lama Yeshe Rinpoche  – at just 25 years old – a valuable seal of approval from such a highly regarded Lama.

Since then he has taught lucid dreaming extensively in Tibetan Buddhist centers, retreats and Universities around the world as well as giving the first ever TED talk on lucid dreaming, and Charlie’s first book “Dreams of Awakening” published by Hay House is due for release in November 2013.

rob-nairn “I consider him to be the most authentic and experienced practitioner of lucid dreaming teaching in Europe.”  Rob Nairn, Best-selling author of “Living, Dreaming, Dying”

“Charlie is a natural born teacher. He created a safe space to explore and the workshop itself was truly mind bending. It stretched me to view my sleeping hours with a whole new set of possibilities. Charlie’s workshops are truly a remarkable experience.” Koelle Simpson (Master Life Coach trained by Martha Beck)

“I feel so grateful that these long hidden secrets that allow such an incredible ‘awakening’ have been made available to me from such a talented teacher.” Tara Wood (founder of Wild Fitness)

“I have problems with insomnia which is due to being on the number 30 bus that was blown up at Tavistock Square in London on 7/7/05. I have had PTSD and consequently have to take strong medication every night to sleep. So sleeping had become a ‘big problem’. However on the Retreat once Charlie had explained it all to me and gently guided us all into the practice I noticed very signification changes in my sleep and was able to participate fully in all the exercises and practice with no problem. It was as if what I viewed as a ‘problem’ was actually an aid to this. I was amazed. This has changed my whole perspective to sleep and now do not view my situation as a ‘problem’. I have been practising since the retreat with significant benefits to my mind, my life and indeed my whole being. Thank you Charlie.” Angela.

“In almost 10 years of spiritual practice, this was by far the most profound 3 days of awakening. It was fun and wondrous! Not only do I look forward more to my sleep and dreams, but also to my waking life too.” Cristoforo G (musician)

 “Brilliant stuff, funny AND informative” 2011 conference attendee, anonymous feedback survey

 “Great explaining”  2011 conference attendee, anonymous feedback survey

 “Very informative as well as engaging presentation” 2011 conference attendee, anonymous feedback survey

 “Truly delivered knowledge and experience”  2011 conference attendee, anonymous feedback survey

 “Brilliant – loved all of it  going to do a workshop”  2011 conference attendee, anonymous feedback survey


Working with Cancer Charities – Practical applications of Clinical Hypnotherapy
with Louise Baker

louise-bakerIf you want to develop your skills and experience working with Cancer patients and their carers, this presentation is a must.  Always challenging and rewarding work, but it is often difficult to get started. This leading brain cancer charity has given Louise an unique experience that she is delighted to share.

Louise is a qualified and experienced Certified Trainer of Hypnotherapy, NLP Master Practitioner, Coach and Time Line therapist. Louise runs hypnotherapy practices based in Marlow, Bucks and the Wren Clinic City of London. Louise has been awarded senior qualification in hypnotherapy practice by the GHR and her work has been featured on National TV.

Louise is working with Braintrust and has developed a programme to support people with Brain Cancers and their carers from the point of diagnosis and throughout their treatment.


  • The facts and fiction about working in hypnosis with epileptics including best practice with dealing with an epileptic fit.
  • Background facts about brain cancer.
  • Using Hypnotherapy for those with diagnosed cancer and their carers:
    • Reduce stress
    • Relieve anxiety
    • Reduce pain
    • Build resilience & confidence
    • Preparation for pre and post surgery
    • Reduce side effects of adjuvant therapies
  • The workshop will include all the elements of the basic certification which will mean that you will be a listed therapist with The Brain’s Trust
  • Open Discussion – Q&A, content, ethics, fees and pro-bono work

Learn the Psychology Behind Phobias with a Focus on the Terror of Night Phobia.
Treating Nyctophobia and Phobias
with Monika Joanna Drozd, MSc

monika-drozdMany scientific theories have been proposed as to why we develop this anxiety disorder. Research points towards specific traumatic experiences in our earlier lives that trigger strong emotions, which in turn create problems for us in our later lives. However, as the problems develop and as the years go by, the reason for our fears and anxieties gradually become unsupported.

Facts about phobias:

  • According to the Office for National Statistics, around 1.9 per cent of British adults experience a specific phobia.
  • Women are twice as more likely to be affected by this problem than men.
  • One million people in the UK experience sheer panic as a result of exposure to a specific feared object or situation.
  • Treatment is often expensive using traditional NHS methods and hypnosis is often considered a ‘last resort’.
Monika Joanna Drozd trained in traditional psychology and neuroscience and is now focusing on using hypnosis in the treatment of phobias. She suffered from nyctophobia, a fear of the dark, for 20 years, which was cured with hypnotherapy when she attended the Advanced Structured Hypnotherapy course with Valerie Austin.

Learn from Both an Expert and Phobia Sufferer

“I suffered from nyctophobia for most of my life. This intensified in my late twenties and was accompanied by panic attacks at least 2 to 3 times a week. During the night I was grounded in my bed and even the smallest movement was dangerous, as this disturbed the silence that I thought was essential for my safety. Stepping out of bed, even when I had real physiological need such as needing to go to the bathroom, was impossible. On a few occasions I even ended up in the Accident and Emergency services as I thought that I had had a heart attack Mr. Sunshine Episode 3. It was very embarrassing, especially when my desire to be truly independent was so strong.”

Monika’s personal experience – nyctophobia and panic attacks – in addition to a strong scientific and professional curiosity, have made her an accomplished clinician in this specialist area of expertise in treating phobias.

phobiaIn this specialist workshop you will learn about:

  • Nyctophobia – what it is and how to treat it
  • The etiology of phobias
  • Different types of phobias – The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM)
  • Panic attacks vs phobias
  • How specialising in phobias can increase your hypnotherapy practice
Most therapists receive general training in dealing with phobias but learning from a recognised specialist will give you a valuable insight into this area of expertise.

To learn an unusual phobia makes an excellent new way to interest your local/ major press and magazines. It is also an ideal topic of interest for radio, TV shows, lectures and networking. Getting a certificate for a certain problem also adds to your credibility.

About Monika Joanna Drozd, MSc Applied Cognitive Neuroscience, AdvHypDip
smoke-free-ladyMonika Joanna Drozd is a highly regarded advanced structured clinical hypnotherapist and the founder of ‘Smoke Free Lady’, the Harley Street clinic for women.  Her career began with a psychology degree at the University of West London where she obtained a commendation from the examiners for her dissertation on false memory. She then achieved her Masters degree in Applied Cognitive Neuroscience at Westminster University. She trained with Valerie Austin and has the Diploma in Advanced Structured Hypnotherapy.

Major Secrets to Marketing your Business Successfully

Successful Business to Business Selling for Complementary Therapists
with Roland Bullivant

Rolland-BullivantComplementary therapists can provide services delivering great value to companies and organisations. However, at the same time many therapists are uncomfortable with engaging in a sales process when trying to secure a contract for corporate work. The result can be lost opportunities or complete avoidance of that part of their market.

The reasons for discomfort around sales vary. It could be an aversion to being perceived as a pushy salesperson, having an anxiety about meeting senior business people in a sales context, uncertainty about the value of one’s services and most often a concern about not knowing the secrets of the successful salesperson.

handshakeWhatever the reason, the good news is that selling is not a black art. Selling is straightforward, but not easy! It is a skill that can be learned, that involves more listening than talking and needs a structured yet flexible process.

In fact in our personal lives we sell to each other every day without even knowing it. These skills we all possess can be turned into powerful techniques that allow selling to become just a conversation.

We are delighted to have Roland Bullivant at this year’s event. With over 30 years experience in business to business sales and marketing to large and small organisations in virtually every market sector, he is extremely well qualified to offer advice to therapists wanting to work in businesses.

Learn the Secrets of Selling to Corporate Customers

“On my course I stress the immense possibilities of using hypnotherapy in the corporate environment. In the 1990’s one of my main income streams was corporate work such as increasing productivity and speed reading. Unfortunately only a handful of those I train actually pursue this avenue of expertise. My original sales training enabled me to secure corporate contracts but therapists still lacked the ability to sell both themselves and their services. Learning from Roland could prove to be the most financially beneficial workshop you have attended.” Valerie Austin

‘Selling Is Just A Conversation’ (or SIJAC for short) is an easy-to-understand, successful sales methodology that enables sales professionals and more importantly non-sales people to sell successfully.

In this innovative workshop, Roland will teach you…

  • business groupThe process behind the SIJAC methodology
  • Some key ‘takeaway’ approaches to the sales process
  • How to conduct sales meetings in order to acquire corporate customers
  • Informal and effective sales approaches
If you like communicating, then SIJAC will give you the self assurance to sell when you need to. It will also give you the confidence to know where you are in a sales or buying process and just as importantly the motivation to conduct purposeful sales calls and meetings in a confident manner and radically increase the chances of securing the business.

Roland maintains current awareness about selling and is especially interested in the impact that the internet, social media and increased ‘busyness’ of the corporate buyer and executive has on the sales process and will be including commentary on how SIJAC is effective in today’s rapidly changing business environment during the workshop.

Don’t miss this valuable opportunity to learn from a sales professional who ‘walks the talk’ and which could open the doors to a successful career as a Corporate Therapist

About Roland Bullivant
Rolland-BullivantRoland Bullivant, is a qualified Hypnotherapist, Cognitive Behavioural Therapist and Reiki master.  He consistently over achieves in sales performance and has successfully sold stress management, CBT and hypnosis based sales performance improvement programmes to corporate buyers.

He also has over 30 years experience in business to business sales and marketing to large and small organisations in virtually every market sector.  He has been providing sales training and mentoring to his own as well as other sales staff and to non sales people for over 15 years.

As well as being an experienced therapist, Roland has been trained in many of the leading sales and associated methodologies including SPIN, Customer Centric Selling, Presentation skills, Negotiation skills and of course SIJAC. He is a SIJAC trainer and Customer Centric Selling coach and facilitator. He maintains a successful business providing performance improvement services to corporate customers.

Claim Your Position as an Expert and Thought Leader in Your Field
Write Your Book
with Mindy Gibbins-Klein, The Book Midwife®

mindy-gibbins-kleinHave you ever felt that you would like to write a book, ebook or article? Most of us have at least one book in us that, if we had the expertise, we would love to have published. From personal experiences to professional subjects, there is always a market for writers, particularly with the advent of the internet and self-publishing.

The successful ’50 Shades of Grey’ series of books started off as a forum posting and grew to be a worldwide publishing phenomenon. The author was able to turn a dream into a reality with expert advice.  With the right guidance every budding author can have their work published.

book-midwife-logoMindy Gibbins-Klein, founder of The Book Midwife®, has helped hundreds of experts get their message out into the market by writing and publishing the best possible books, ebooks and articles, and through delivering high impact, relevant presentations and keynote speeches.

If you want to claim your position as an expert in your field, you need to have a book and in this workshop Mindy will show you how to quickly and easily get your book written and ready to publish in just 90 days!

If you ever thought that you had a book in you then this workshop will be the first step towards your publishing dream!

About Mindy Gibbins-Klein

24-carat-boldMindy is a highly sought-after international keynote speaker and is a regular contributor to the business press on a variety of subjects, with an emphasis on the value of passing the expertise and experiences of current thought leaders on to the next generation of business leaders.

An MBA graduate in International Business, Mindy is a trained coach and marketing consultant with over 18 years of experience in the corporate world, largely running marketing departments.

Mindy established The Book Midwife® in 2001 so that she could fulfill her lifelong dream of providing personal and professional development services, and she has helped over 500 people to achieve their goals in writing their own books, articles and whitepapers more quickly.

Mindy is co-author of Amazon’s number two best seller ‘BusinessWise’, and recently published Amazon best seller ’24 Carat Bold – the Standard for REAL Thought Leaders’.

panoma-pressPublisher and founder of Panoma Press, Mindy is the UK’s leading authority on writing and co-operative publishing, and passionately believes that every book deserves to be written and published.

“The best business investment I have made in 6 years!”Tamsen Garrie, Author of The Act of Attraction in Business

“Are you a published author? Yes or No? There are no shortcuts – however there’s The Book Midwife®. Follow what Mindy coaches and you will reach people and places you have never reached before.” John Coupland, Author of ACCELerate™ Your Social Media

“My lightbulb moment was about becoming an authority in my field, instead of just trying to pitch myself as someone who just knows everything. The thing that is great about Mindy’s course is that the processes she’s got behind everything are really tried and tested. So it’s a great time to take some time out and think about HOW you want to move forward and what your message is.”Sam Russell, Facebook Strategist, The Social Sardine

“The book that I’ve been promising myself I would write for the last 10 years is NOW going to happen, specifically because of this time with Mindy, because she asks the right questions and she pushes the right buttons.”Tony Hertz, Author of 7 Secrets of Creative Radio

“I have 3 things to say about Mindy’s fabulous program. It’s: • Inspirational • Motivational • Informative.  Get yourself booked and come down and manifest that book now!” Vathani Navasothy

Practice Building – Effective Marketing Strategies to Build & Grow Your Practice

How to Get More Clients and Unlock Your Potential…
with Christian Baker

christian-bakerWant to attract a steady flow of more clients, more easily? Whether you want to be a celebrity hypnotherapist or raise your profile in your local community, learning how to market and position your hypnotherapy practice is essential. 

  • Are you struggling to get clients, or would you like to help more people?
  • Are your friends and family asking “When are you going to get a real job?
  • Are you ready to start generating more clients and take your business to the next level?
During this presentation Christian will share with you…

  • 5 ways to avoid the most “Deadly” marketing mistakes almost all practitioners and business owners make – You’re probably doing it too!
  • The ONE principle you absolutely must know – without this you WILL fail!
  • 7 key strategies that turns your hobby into a real sustainable business
This is your chance to discover proven strategies for generating more clients so you can supercharge your business growth, help more people, and get the rewards you rightfully deserve!”

PLUS, You will also receive;

  • The Three Golden Questions to Grow Your Business – it’s easy when you know how 절대강호 다운로드!
  • Christian’s personal checklist – “117 Ways to Grow Your Business And Get More Clients.”
About Christian Baker
Christian is a full time practising Hypnotherapist and qualified Hypnotherapy Trainer, who also coaches, trains and mentors other aspiring Hypnotherapists to effectively build and market their Hypnotherapy Practice.

christian-baker-mediaAfter training as a hypnotherapist Christian has spent the last decade learning and discovering everything he can about Marketing and Business Growth to build his own business and help others achieve the success they desire.

This has led him to successfully appear on radio, TV, as well as newspapers and magazines. Christian has a wide range of clients including high profile clients, including many elite athletes, celebrities and TV personalities.

“Thank you for a brilliant insight into what should be done & what can be done! Looking forward to putting it into practice!”

“Was great meeting Christian – fab facilitator, warm open and friendly… and knows his stuff!” 

Plus, More Presentations To Be Announced!!

***The All-Important Details for Your Diary***

The UK’s Only MUST-ATTEND Hypnosis Industry Event will be held in a World-Class Academic Venue  Imperial College, London

With the calibre of experts sharing their best strategies, research, techniques and indepth information throughout the entire weekend, these are the essential details for your diary! Even if you have already got something else booked in – CANCEL IT RIGHT NOW

Dates: Friday 13th, Saturday 14th – Sunday 15th September 2013imperial-college

imperial-outsideTimes: 5.30pm-til late Friday, 9am-til late Saturday, 9am-6pm Sunday (Registration from 5pm on Friday 13th if attending the VIP bonus evening, otherwise from 8am Saturday)

Main Venue: Imperial College London, South Kensington Campus, Exhibition Rd, London SW7 2AZ

Getting there: The venue is easily accessible by tube, train and buses.

(Full detailed travel information incl. local train, underground, bus and airport information, will be sent in your conference welcome pack when you book your ticket.)

Event timetable

Friday 13th September (VIP ticket holders only)
5.00pm: Registration
5.30pm: Skypenosis training with expert Keith Anthony Taylor & Valerie Austin
7.30pm: Champagne reception and welcome party

Saturday 14th September
8.00am: Registration
8.45-5pm: In-depth training with David Quigley, Sheila Granger, James Pool, Charlie Morley, Monika Drozd, Roland Bullivant and Louise Baker.
5.00-6.00pm: “YOUR OPPORTUNITY TO SPEAK ON MY STAGE COMPETITION” – 1 of 4 Special Speaking Slots to be Won (details of how to enter sent to all ticket holders nearer the time)
7.30pm-til late: Austin Awards Dinner Celebration and After-Party (VIP ticket holders only).

Sunday 15th September 8.00am: Registration
9-5.30pm: Intensive training with Valerie Austin, David Quigley, James Pool, Mindy Gibbins-Klein and Christian Baker.
5.30-6pm: Certification and Close.

As you can see, my team and I are putting in our all to make this my best conference yet!

So, Why Should YOU Attend at This Fantastic Event?

It is all about ‘outcomes!’ Over the weekend my expert speakers, team and me are committed to:

  • Helping you become more successful in whatever area of hypnotherapy you chose
  • Helping you set new goals that will take you and your business exactly where you want it to go
  • Helping you learn new skills from the very experts themselves who have envious reputations in their fields of expertise
  • Helping you discover new skills and techniques to boost your success rates, reputation and build your credibility
  • Helping you check out new trends that will take your business to the next level
  • Helping you understand the different facets of hypnosis you must know to truly understand hypnotherapy
  • Helping you know the all-important hypnosis research to back-up your therapy, giving you full confidence with the press and other professionals
  • Helping you market your business so you magnetically attract clients and they seek you out
  • Helping you create a business to achieve the income goals you desire
  • Helping you network and exchange ideas with like-minded colleagues
  • Helping you become part of a unique supportive and unified community of hypnotherapists committed to growing the industry and ALL our businesses

Okay, So Let’s Discuss Your Investment For All This?

I’ve worked very hard to keep tickets at last year’s prices, despite holding the event in Central London to help more people with their travel arrangements, which means tickets are priced at £397 each. My business partner thinks this is FAR too cheap (a conference on this scale costs a lot more time, money and effort than most people ever realise), but I want to make it accessible to everyone.

You are probably more than aware that as part of your CPD (continual professional development) obligation to remain on any of the main hypnotherapy registers, you must have 16 hours of additional regulated hypnotherapy training every 12 months.

Last time I checked an average price for a hypnotherapy CPD (continuing professional development) 1 day course with a relatively unknown hypnosis trainer could set you back £100-£500. Plus of course, you have another 2 or 3 courses to get your CPD points… AND that doesn’t factor in all that extra petrol/train travel, accommodation and time wasted on those extra trips.

Or you could pay anywhere between £500 – £1,000 for a weekend, to gain access to and work with a trainer considered to be a real expert in their field!! (Or even more if you needed to travel outside the UK to the USA or further. The other option is for you to shell out £hundreds or even £thousands buying up all kinds of expensive hypnosis books, DVD and audio courses that will most likely only sit on your shelf gathering dust.

Both options sounds like a lot of time, hassle and extra money to me, when you can get your minimum requirement done in just ONE weekend – SAVING BOTH TIME and MONEY. (And remember… your time is money too!!)

Plus you could upgrade to our VIP Access-All-Areas-Pass ticket for only an extra £100 and get all this…

If you decide upgrade to VIP (which I strongly recommend that you do – the two special bonus evenings and extra bonus Skypenosis MasterClass are great value and promise to be great fun), including:

Bonus 1#: A special invitation to my bonus Friday Evening Skypenosis MasterClass Workshop & Champagne Welcome, including

  • Bonus Skypnenosis MasterClass Workshop with Keith-Anthony Taylor and myself, Valerie Austin
  • Champagne Welcome

Bonus 2#: Fast-Track VIP Registration FAST-TRACK VIP REGISTRATION
Priority access to main room throughout the weekend

Bonus 3#:PRIORITY SEATING – Special Reserved Front of Stage VIP Seating

Bonus 4#: A special invitation to my Saturday Night Awards Evening & Dinner Celebration, including

  • Champagne Reception
  • Sumptuous Seated Dinner with friends, peers and the speakers
  • Charity Raffle in aid of The Brainstrust
  • My Second Austin Awards Celebration
  • A special gift for every guest

Reserve your seat today to Secure Your Place…

So… Is This Event For You?

Will you be will you be joining us for what promises to be the UK’s biggest, most-depth and most social hypnotherapy event this year?

Before you decide, let me be clear… this event is not for everyone… it is not for those that are ‘just in it for the money’…. it is not for those uninterested to learning more about the fascinating and expanding world of hypnosis…. and it is not for therapist unwilling to commit to fine-tuning their skills and/or helping more people.

I understand before you make a decision, you may still have questions. Just as when you speak to potential clients that could really benefit from your help, I regularly speak to hypnotherapists who’d like to do my courses and workshops, but something stops them. And it’s usually for one of 4 reasons…

1# They don’t think they can afford it

Price is something that often makes therapists feel uncomfortable, especially taking to clients. They can feel awkward talking about “costs”, and it the limiting beliefs around money that severely limits their income and opportunity to build their practice and help others. I don’t want you to see your fee to attend this conference as an expense, but as an opportunity to learn how you can make a bigger difference.

I recently did a survey of hypnotherapists to find out what you’re looking for help with, and the majority (over 60%) were looking for help practice building. I am 100% certain that if you implement ideas my marketing and business experts will be sharing, you’ll make back your investment (and more) and fast. Even just one good idea, could not only make your money back, but generate thousands of pounds and help you help many more people!

2# They know everything about hypnosis & have too many clients to handle

Even if you’re one of the successful therapists with more clients than you can handle, there’s always more to learn! I’m here to learn, along with most of the other speakers! If you’re truly happy with the number of clients and fees you’re charging, think of this weekend as a great opportunity to network and expand your practice. Meet therapists to joint venture with, build bigger practices and help more people.

You will discover how you can work less, help more people and enjoy a better work/life balance. Even the most experienced and successful therapist will get incredible value and content this weekend, which is why last year’s attendees and my top contacts have already put their names down for tickets already.

3# They don’t have the time

There is never a good time to work on your hypnotherapy skills and/or business, but if the timing isn’t great or you think you’re too busy, then consider how much time you spend on your CPD and/or learning essential practice building skills…

With the calibre of hypnosis trainers, marketing and business experts – you will be learning the short-cuts to success. Why waste years struggling through and learning all these secrets by trial and error (this is one big reason most businesses are always struggling … they just try and hope!), when you get the inside edge in one weekend?

Plus, you can get all your CPD done and dusted in one weekend, saving you time, money and hassle for the rest of the year.

4# They are not truly committed

Hypnotherapy can be a vocation, a profession or both. Whichever way you look at it though, you are either committed or you are not.

Sadly, I see far too many people in the hypnotherapy industry not taking their practice seriously, yet expecting to live off their earnings. And I appreciate that some hypnotherapists are very happy treating their practice as a vocation/hobby – and a hobby is fine if you are VERY clear it’s a hobby. But for frustrated hobbyists-that-think-they’re-in-business, it is this lack of distinction that creates stress, lack of clients and exhaustion. They tend to attract less committed clients, which means less money and MORE HASSLE… simply because they have not fully committed High Rapper Eye.

If you truly have no interest in enhancing your skills, knowledge and credibility, or getting more committed clients, then I agree this event is probably not for you.

However, if you’re a hypnotherapist committed to making a difference to even more people doing what you love, and helping others at a deeper-level and then THIS EVENT IS FOR YOU!

Reserve your Place TODAY

Before you register, let’s quickly sum up everything you’re getting:

  1. A whole year’s worth of valuable, high-quality CPD training in just 1 weekend – CERTIFIED!!
  2. A fascinating selection of INDIVIDUALLY CERTIFIED seminars and workshops covering all aspects of hypnosis, hypnotherapy, marketing and business skills.
  3. The chance to speak on my stage in front of your peers (imagine the credibility benefit and PR value to your practice – priceless!!)
  4. Learn the power of specialisation, gain extra practice-changing knowledge in specialist areas – whether you discover a new niche or develop an existing one – developing a specialisation can make your business.
  5. Latest strategies and techniques to market your business, get more clients and make more money.
  6. Fill in any gaps in your hypnosis knowledge, techniques or research – there are always new things to learn. I am incredibly excited to learn from some of these speakers… and I am hoping you will be too!!
  7. Experience unique social and professional networking opportunities with peers, colleagues and some of the most successful internationally renowned hypnotherapists in the industry, in a fun, friendly and supportive atmosphere.
  8. A panel of experts happy to answer all those nagging questions about their expertise, business practice and much more. And a wide variety of products to purchase that will help you long after you have left this amazing event AND all in one place and all under one roof!

PLUS, if you go VIP, you’ll also get….

  1. A game-changing opportunity to expand your practice globally with our special Skypenosis MasterClass training
  2. A very warm and friendly, Champagne Welcome
  3. Priority seating
  4. Fast-track VIP registration
  5. A VIP ticket to my special ‘Austin Awards Celebration Dinner’, which featured in The Daily Mail last year. (And you may even pick up an award yourself…. more about that nearer the time!!!)

Book Now!!

Priority Registration

Choose Your Ticket Now


  • 2 FULL Days of Training – CERTIFIED!!
  • Individual In-Depth Workshop Certifications
  • The Opportunity to Speak on my Stage and Demonstrate YOUR Expertise
  • Over 2 Full Days of FREE workshops & lectures included within the price
  • And much, much more….


Book NOW – Hurry to Secure Your Place!!

VIP Access-All-Areas

  • Everything in the Standard Ticket, PLUS
  • An Invitation to the Austin Awards Dinner*
  • (Don’t miss this very special evening)
  • Pre-Conference VIP Bonus SKYPNENOSIS Masterclass & Champagne Welcome Party
  • Over 16 hours of FREE workshops & lectures included within the price


/Book NOW – Hurry to Secure Your Place!!

If you would prefer to pay by bank transfer or experience any difficulty making payment, please email jay@austinhypnotherapyconference.com with your name and best contact number.

If you have any additional questions, please email us at: jay@austinhypnotherapyconference.com with your query and relevant phone number if applicable.

Look forward to seeing you there!

Warmest wishes



Valerie Austin
Consultant Hypnotherapist, Trainer, Keynotes Speaker and Best-Selling Author

P.S. Don’t forget… if cashflow is tight, right now I’ve arranged for you to be able to pay for your ticket in 3 x easy installments, which means you can secure your special priced ticket from £142.33 TODAY!

P.P.S. This is probably the UK’s most exciting hypnotherapy learning and socialising weekend to happen in 2013!… Will you be there alongside the experts and your most committed peers? We have only a limited number of seats, and they will go fast. Can you afford to miss out on learning how to make fast, proven and life-lasting changes in your own practice? If not, you’re going to have to act very, very fast. I’m really excited about my third conference and look forward to welcoming you in September!

P.P.P.S. I would really appreciate if you could help me spread the word among the hypnosis community about this event, so if you know any hypnotherapists, NLP practitioners or holistic therapist who want to help more people and grow their practice, please do share this webpage with them.


What they said about the 2012 & 2011 conferences…

Hypnotherapy in the UK needs large, wide-ranging conferences – I hope Valerie’s courageous enterprise will the be the first of many!

This was an enjoyable conference. It was well organised and there was a good balance of presentations. Being in a country location gave a welcome opportunity for relaxed, personal contact with other delegates, which for me is the main purpose of attending conferences. Pre and post conference workshops were a welcome addition.

Hypnotherapy in the UK needs large, wide-ranging conferences so that therapists may widen their experience and have the opportunity of meeting and learning from colleagues. I hope that Valerie Austin’s courageous enterprise will be the first of many.”

Dr Alan Sanderson, Psychiatrist

“A huge thank you Valerie for organization this fabulous event, your invitation and guidance to this new dimension on my on-going journey towards awakening in ‘Reality’ … I can still feel those sparkling vibrations of the whole Universe going throughout my humble existence inviting me to realise how much is still dormant within humankind real potential, how much still waits to be uncovered and utilised! Thank you all those who contributed to make it happen, generous organizers, knowledgeable lecturers, all those amazing performers and all my new incredible friends for that unforgettable, miraculous atmosphere I could revel in!!! I’m looking forward to the next one!!!”
Agnieszka Jablonska, Counsellor and Hypnotherapist

“Fabulous content and a very enjoyable experience”
Allison McQueen-Luzar, Conference 2012

“Lots of good content, backed up by research. Examples were fascinating and procedures well described. All good history, live demonstration and group trance induction (5 stars!)”
Philip Smith, Conference 2012

“Very helpful and interesting. Opens up new not previously worked.
A Lawson, Conference 2012

“Authoritative, lots of references, structured, great somnambulistic demo.”
Antonia Harrison, Conference 2012

“His knowledge and the way he passed this information on. Very professional presentation giving out names and data we can check”
Pauline Kelly, Conference 2012

“Brilliant – I loved all of it!!”
2011 conference attendee, anonymous feedback survey

“Very interesting – I learnt so much – thank you!”
2011 conference attendee, anonymous feedback survey

“Very informative. A real eye opener. Things I needed to know.”
2011 conference attendee, anonymous feedback survey

Stimulating and thought provoking − a wonderful experience

I must commend the excellence of your Hypnotherapy Conference. The presentations were informative and intriguing. The exposure to a wide array of topics given by articulate specialists where fascinating. The lecture on Attention Deficient Hyper Activity Disorder, Hypno- band Surgery,Childbirth Hypnosis,Phobias and Business where among my favourites, and are having an impact on how I will proceed with my practice.

The whole event had a warm yet professional quality. The site was comfortable and intimate allowing me to interact with my fellow attendees and lecturers gathering information and networking.

I thoroughly enjoyed the evening events. The Stage Hypnosis was quite funny as well as providing exposure to an alternative path in the use of hypnosis. The singer was fun and relaxing after the intense days of learning.

All and all I had a wonderful experience. I want to thank you for creating the conference and providing such a stimulating and thought provoking event. Please keep me informed of your future projects as I would like to attend.”

Hope E. Cline, MSW,Hypnotherapist

“Practical, explained very well.”
Melissa Tecklenberg, Conference 2012

“New knowledge. Everything is so interesting.”
Jacqueline Kirtley, Conference 2012

“Informative. Very good.”
Anne Adum Boisard, Conference 2012

“Exactly what I expected. Valerie is just amazing”
Nina Crawley, Conference 2012

“Very interesting and stimulating, well presented and thought out. What we have come for!!”
Rosie Hassman, Conference 2012

“In-depth description and background, demonstrations interesting and useful”
Caroline Lynch, Conference 2012

“Very interesting and good information”
Dave Kelly, Conference 2012

“Great demonstration, very informative. Really like James’s presenting style and very interesting, informative talk.”
Jacki Oliphant, Conference 2012

“Excellent strategies and techniques.”
2011 conference attendee, anonymous feedback survey

“Thought provoking and interesting.”
2011 conference attendee, anonymous feedback survey

“Superb Download 90s songs. Fantastic information, extremely useful, inspiring and motivating!”
2011 conference attendee, anonymous feedback survey


I just wanted to say how superb the Hypnotherapy Conference was. Although I am not a therapist I found the presentations most engaging and the adjuncts (lucid dreaming) equally intriguing. You really should make this an annual event with more promotion.…  All the best, Don.”

Don Eales, Film Producer

“Straight to the point. Loads of great tips and a wake up call.”
James Quinn , Conference 2012

“Inspirational, good content”
Marc Lallemand, Conference 2012

“Quality of content, well prepared interactive discussion. Really admire openness.”
Doreen Gowing, Conference 2012

Angela Phllips, Conference 2012

“Great, great presentation. Lots of information that makes me think.”
Maris Zatilis, Conference 2012

“Very good, very interesting.”
Aban Hormasji, Conference 2012

“Made Laid back, engaging approach and enjoyable.”
Maureen Colohan, Conference 2012

“Great and helpful nuggets of practical information.”
2011 conference attendee, anonymous feedback survey

“So much varied information.”
2011 conference attendee, anonymous feedback survey

“Honest, practical, credible, informative and no secrets – brilliant!! ”
2011 conference attendee, anonymous feedback survey

“Energy – great, content – great, tips – excellent!!”
2011 conference attendee, anonymous feedback survey

Tremendous event and such a variety of speakers!

Firstly thank you for even organising it in the first place, what a tremendous event and such a variety of speakers.

For me personally, what I wanted to get from attending was actually the ‘business side’ of running a practice – so hearing Kate Glen, Jo Dodds, Lucy Whittington and Sheila Granger specifically spurred me on to find out more.

In fact hearing Kate’s session at Shepperton did make me realise that one of my goals – ‘working with businesses’ – could become a reality with the right help. I know how incredible the ‘Stop Smoking In One Hour’ diploma for me was when I trained with you several years ago and have never looked back so I would love to find out more about your Business Course.

My background before setting up my hypnotherapy practice 5 years ago was very corporate, I am (still) a qualified accountant and had worked in blue chip companies for over 15 years in various financial roles reaching senior management level in the latter years and managing large teams – so it’s quite clear to me that I have a tremendous amount of resource and experience in that arena that I should be tapping into – with, as I’ve already mentioned – the right help.”

Malini Croxson, Hypnotherapist

“Very clear, interesting very knowledgeable speaker. Demo and story – very interesting. Thank you.”
Rose Evans, Conference 2012

“Brilliant subject, great experimenter, well-led and fascinating. A cultured and brilliant speaker.”
Julian Luckett, Conference 2012

“Very interesting on both subjects and informative.”
Kim Rossi, Conference 2012

“Absolutely amazing. Enjoyed all the workshop.”
Sandra Wilks, Conference 2012

“Excellent, plenty of content, structured. I learned a lot. Lots of very useful tips and well delivered.”
Deborah Bromley, Conference 2012

“Lots of very useful tips and well delivered.”
Janet Beckerleg, Conference 2012

“Well Structured, entertaining, good content, useful information.”
Ian Dobson, Conference 2012

“Great advice, tips and script info.”
2011 conference attendee, anonymous feedback survey

“Great energy. Shared strategies for us to use.”
2011 conference attendee, anonymous feedback survey

“Lots of things I can actually work with!”
2011 conference attendee, anonymous feedback survey

“Entertaining, interactive, fun, informative – left you wanting more.”
2011 conference attendee, anonymous feedback survey

Based on my experience with the 2011 event, The 2012 Conference is not to be missed!

Dear Valerie, Katie, et al.

First off let me say congratulations and a job well done to all those involved for getting this conference together and bringing it to life in just a few months. That alone is incredible dedication and hours of hours behind the scenes ensuring a conference is successful.

You all managed to arrange and put on a very informative conference with many intellectual and interesting international presenters, and they were presenters of such high calibre in our profession which, is a requisite in order:

A) to attract additional cream of the crop presenters (most presenters will only respond if there are other high profile presenters already booked),

B) to attract professional colleagues who in turn will commit to attending,

C) and most importantly to have a successful venture whereby one can plan for future exciting conferences.

As hypnosis is now a much respected profession and gaining more respect world- wide annually, any conference dealing with hypnosis must have many elements in place when measuring its success in the eyes and minds of other hypnotists/ hypnotherapists, such as:

1) high quality information being delivered by highly qualified professionals,

2) certification programmes for those who are certified professionals and attend to enhance their future and current skills, and business success,

3) there has to be a broad mix of like minded professionals who are willing to impart their knowledge or their experiences in day to day practices with others (networking) no matter what level of expertise a peer colleague has attained.

There was all this and more!!!

From the first time I saw the adverts for this event I was sold and made my bookings to fly from Canada to the U.K. in order to attend, and I am more than pleased I did! I took in a pre conference training seminar, the conference, and a post training seminar all in their own right well worth attending. Further, I met many new colleagues and had an amazing week sharing and learning from each and everyone of those whom I met. All told it was a truly wonderful week!

I dare say, Valerie and Katie, along with input and assistance from a few other key players, managed to achieve all that was necessary in order to facilitate and deliver what can only be described as a first class event and fantastic inaugural international hypnosis conference and I for one will look forward to future confer- ences and training programmes put on in the U.K.

Dr. Alan Sanderson a professional psychiatrist shared with many of the attendees his first hand experience with hypnosis in removing spirit entities and also how to deal with multiple personalities. This type of hypnosis is most likely more easily ac- cepted in Great Britain than other parts of the world, yet it can have enormous bene- fit to those seeking help in dealing with issues for which they have no answers. Dr. Sanderson actually gave an account of a patient the N.H.S. had requested him to work with given that no one else could find the cause of the patients problems. Well worth attending the conference just to listen and learn from Dr. Sanderson alone!

Jerry Valley, Tommy Vee, Larry & Cheryl Elman from the U.S.A. also shared some fantastic information pre and post conference as well as giving excellent one hour talks and participating in the panel discussions. Interesting to learn how there can sometimes be a contrast and then how other things are comparable in other Coun- tries and methodologies. Great having them on board and offering their full support to getting this conference on the road to success.

Caroline Carr, Sheila Granger, Katie Glen, Valerie Austin, and James Pool all added to the wonderful line up of speakers, each offering in depth knowledge on cutting edge techniques and areas of business development any hypnotist could undertake to make themselves more successful in today’s economy and climate. People are our business and all the aforementioned speakers were very much in tune with the respective and timely needs of our potential clients in the areas of depression, weight loss, relationships, business prowess, and more.

There were many more speakers who unfortunately due to scheduling conflicts I could not attend and listen to. This is one of those inevitable circumstances we all encounter when attending first rate conferences where there are many top notch presenters.

All in all to sum up, everything was fantastic! Albeit at any event of such high calibre there are promises to make the next year better, I feel this year’s event was excep tional and the organizers may be hard pressed to out do themselves next year. I will recommend to anyone who is serious about practicing hypnosis full or part time, get your reservations in early and plan to attend this well organised and wonderful event.”


“Very knowledgeable and very interesting. Demos are really good learning experiences. ”
Janine Valiris, Conference 2012

“Well presented and fascinating subject.”
Julie Marsden, Conference 2012

“Seeing Val in action again! Jas’s story – seeing is believing! (James Pool’s session was) fascinating and clearly presented. Good explanations and answers to questions.”
Ruth Fogg, Conference 2012

2011 conference attendee, anonymous feedback survey

“The stories about waking hypnosis and the material were great.”
2011 conference attendee, anonymous feedback survey

“Delivery of history of Dave Elman and how the technique works was excellent!”
2011 conference attendee, anonymous feedback survey

“Did what the title promised with step-by-step explanations.”
2011 conference attendee, anonymous feedback survey

Thanks Val for a fantastic weekend!

Met some great people and getting over my ‘first time speaker nerves’ with such supportive people in the audience was very exciting.”

Jenny O'Kelly, London Hypnotherapy Partnership

“Fascinating and informative.”
2011 conference attendee, anonymous feedback survey

“Interesting case histories and testimonials.”
2011 conference attendee, anonymous feedback survey

“Lots of hints and tips.”
2011 conference attendee, anonymous feedback survey

“Content was demonstrated to excellent effect. ”
2011 conference attendee, anonymous feedback survey

“Great tips about regression.”
2011 conference attendee, anonymous feedback survey

“Never has CPD been so varied, social and entertaining….well done!!

Thank you for having the foresight to organize such a wonderful, diverse Hypnosis Conference at Shepperton Studios, it was fantastic. I have been able to implement many of the things that I learned during the more serious lectures into my Clinical Hypnotherapy University studies. In fact, it has saved me many hours of reading!! The Life and Works of Dave Elman presented by his son Larry was wonderful……..a history lesson taught by a person who is part of that very story Instagram Story! Amazing!

It was such a bonus to be able to complete a year’s worth of CPD in one hit!! That alone saved time, money and the effort involved in researching a quality course in amongst so many lesser training courses that are available now….it’s often confusing. This Conference inadvertently allowed a small insight into courses that maybe of future interest, it was useful to know that some of the speakers offer further training courses in their particular field. Never has CPD been so varied, social and entertaining….well done!!

By bringing so many hypnotherapists from many different backgrounds, schools of thought and with a variety ethical view points together provided us all with a huge opportunity to meet others in the same field, share views and also in some cases disagree on various aspects of the industry!!! I feel that it is very important to experience such a wide variety of knowledge and aspects of hypnosis………it would be very narrow minded not to be aware.

This conference provided the unique opportunity to understand why the experts tend to specialize in a particular field, their experiences were invaluable for those who are about to embark a career in hypnotherapy, start a practice of their own or to provide inspiration to those who have practiced without direction, in some cases for years.

Dr Alan Sanderson lectures were of particular interest, a psychiatrist who endorses hypnotherapy is very important for the regulation of hypnotherapy and hopefully future acceptance by the Medical Profession.

Caroline Carr obviously is the guru of Depression, her lecture was extremely informative especially for a therapist to recognize the many guises/symptoms of this disease.

Sheila Granger is an expert in Virtual Gastric Band therapy, I think it was good for a ‘modern’ twist on hypnotherapy to be heard. It was beneficial to hear about the latest trendy, in vogue therapy….the clients are asking for it, the therapist should know about it!!

Automatic hand writing was very relevant, although not always accurate in it’s outcome and perhaps not widely used today, the mere fact that Milton Erikson put so much emphasis on it makes it an important part of the History of our profession.

The marketing experts provided an insight into ‘growing ones business’ and getting noticed by the media for your particular skill, these speakers were very interesting……there is little point in being a great hypnotherapist if you haven’t got any clients!

Please be sure to keep me on the mailing list I will certainly be attending the next Hypnosis Conference”

Rebecca Francis, Hypnotherapist

“Excellent content, well presented, very enjoyable :)”
2011 conference attendee, anonymous feedback survey

2011 conference attendee, anonymous feedback survey

“Truly delivered knowledge and experience. Good clear, strong content.”
2011 conference attendee, anonymous feedback survey

“Authentic, structured, planned and answered all potential questions.”
2011 conference attendee, anonymous feedback survey

“Very informative. Excellent demonstration.”
2011 conference attendee, anonymous feedback survey

A great insight into the possibilities available with hypnosis

I’m just writing to say a huge thank you for the opportunity to have a place at your hypnosis conference in October. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and found it exceptionally interesting. Your stage acts were fantastic – a great insight into the possibilities available with hypnosis, and extremely entertaining. The program was varied and the topics were very intriguing, so much so that I found it a challenge to choose which ones to attend! Your own personal session on Hypnosis for Beginners was a beneficial choice – very professional – and I now find myself referring to the ‘warm orange liquid’ tactic in order to relax 🙂

All in all, I had an excellent insight into hypnosis through this conference and decided that it is something I would like to pursue in the future. oon putting on such a well organised and well attended event. I look forward to crossing paths with you again on the hypnosis circuit some time in the future!”

Caroline Knight, Executive Director of Natural Health Foundation UK

“Passion and ground-breaking teachings.”
2011 conference attendee, anonymous feedback survey

“Useful content, well-structured, tailored to the audience.”
2011 conference attendee, anonymous feedback survey

“Learned some interesting processes.”
2011 conference attendee, anonymous feedback survey

“Lots of excellent information.”
2011 conference attendee, anonymous feedback survey

“Very interesting, no flannel, straight talking information.”
2011 conference attendee, anonymous feedback survey

A fascinating experience and learnt so much
Thank you so much for inviting me to this wonderful event which gave me an amazing insight into how hypnotism works under many different guises. I found it a fascinating experience and learnt so much from all the different seminars and all the very informative talented speakers. I also found that having been given the opportunity to talk to so many other hypnotists whilst I was there, I learnt so much from them all. I can only say how much I would be looking forward to the next conference, if this was anything to go by, for its true excellence. Well done for succeeding in staging such a tremendously professional show with Hypnotists of great intellect and achievement.<

James Pool – Automatic Writing
I was very impressed by this seminar. James first did the hand clasp test to find out who could be easily hypnotised. I went up on stage as a volunteer, as I was interested to see whether it worked. I became hypnotised very easily with James’s technique using his relaxing/sleep induced suggestions and had my pen and pad in my hand ready to write. I was seated in a chair on the stage and became very relaxed and started writing rapidly almost straight away, the writing got faster and faster and as I didn’t have my eyes open, I couldn’t see the page, but the dialogue that I was channelling were definitely not my words. It was very interesting to listen to what I was hearing inside my head and I was writing much quicker than I would ever normally write. Afterwards I noticed some of my sentences were written on top of one another, therefore mostly unreadable, but there was a full page of writing. It was an incredible session with James who is obviously an accomplished hypnotist and he achieved what he set out to do and it was a great success for me too. Although I was disappointed I couldn’t read all of what I had written.

James Pool – Brainwave Synchronizer machine
This was an incredible machine which was used by the CIA and Hilter during the war and James demonstrated to us brilliantly using its Hypnotising effect on all of us in the room. It was a very large wooden box and James asked us to stare at the very intense light, which it gave out, this light had a slight blue aura around it, consequently we became very relaxed and sleepy. It certainly had a relaxing effect on me, I felt myself become hypnotised easily.

James Pool – Spiritual Psychology?
The science of the nature and the functions of soul & mind. James talked about William James’s physic research and the survival of the soul after death and the work of mediums. He was extraordinarily informative in his research into the history of the Budha and his power and influence and also Jesus’s influence in the world, this hypnotising power they both had over people. He discussed Spiritual Induction and Tantra, in his seminar, which I found to be fascinating. It was a very interesing seminar which showed the link between hypnosis with the spiritual aspect.

Lucien Morgan -The history of Hypnosis
A very informative seminar whereby Lucien went into great detail to describe the beginning of hypnosis. Lucien discussed all the great hypnotists of our time and their lives and public opposition and sometimes humiliation. I found it incredibly interesting that Lucien knew all the facts and figures of the history of hypnotists like the back of his hand, quoting all the dates and places they visited or lived without having to refer to any notes. He also gave two demonstrations with volunteers of early hypnosis. I was very impressed with his knowledge and intellect and flow of words and command of the English language. He was very easy to listen to and it was a very informative seminar.

Jerry Valley & Tommy Vee – An evening of Hypnotism with an Audience
This was a fascinating stage show with an audience of well over 300 people. I volunteered to go up onto the stage and stayed there all evening seated on a chair with about 15 other people. The audience were in raptures as these two hypnotists who were incredibly talented and professional in the world of stage showmanship and hypnotism, did their best to keep the audience hooked and the volunteers including myself hypnotised, whilst they gave us rather bizarre feats to do which enthralled the audience and kept them laughing all evening. It was a magical evening and everyone loved it including myself. Very inspiring to see a stage show as polished and professional as that.

Alan Sanderson – Spirit release
What an amazing seminar this was. I was totally inspired by this gentlemen for his eloquence and style as a hypnotist. Total control and spiritually elevated to deal with clients whom have a spirit lurking in their midst. Quite an extraordinary occurrence which it seems happens more frequently than we realise. Such wonderful case histories he had on file which he shared with us and ways of dealing with spirits. He described the reasons for these spirits being thrust upon these poor victims and how he managed to dispel the spirits with his wonderful way with words, so that the client could have a normal life without someone taking them over or talking through them, draining them constantly.

Quite extraordinary stories especially the one he had cleverly tape recorded, where the patient was passed to him by the NHS and he managed to alleviate the spirit away from the woman in question by talking the spirit into leaving her body, not an easy thing to do and fortunate for him that he is a very persuasive person xis 엔진 다운로드. He also went on to describe multiple personalities/personality disorders, depression/anxiety disorders which often caused these occurrences to happen, especially to adolescences in particular. Alan talked about everything in great detail shedding light on how these spirits are let into the body of the victim in the first place.

Thank you again Valerie for giving me the chance to come to such an excellent conference. I look very much to coming to the next one.”

Susie Silvey, Adv. Dip Hyp

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