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If you are serious about your career as a hypnotherapist, this unique training is a must. Many hypnotherapists dismiss Mesmerism as simply an older style of hypnosis 진미령 미운사랑 다운로드 진미령 미운사랑 다운로드. However, in truth it is much, much more….

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Learn How to Mesmerise:

The Original Bio Energy & Trance Therapy

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Love Story
Love Story

A 2 Day Intensive Weekend:  Dates to be announced

Join James Pool for the UK's most intensive & practical Mesmerist Training 진미령 미운사랑 다운로드 진미령 미운사랑 다운로드.

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In this Unique and Fascinating Training You Will..

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  • Discover the Basics of How to MESMERISE

  • Get the Chance to Practise Under Supervision

  • Learn How to Develop Your Career with MESMERISM

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  • Two dimensions of Mesmerism

    Mesmerism is both a bio-energy therapy and trance therapy, giving you another dimension to your practice and reason to stand out above the competition 진미령 미운사랑 다운로드. Mesmerism influences the electromagnetic field around a person’s body.

  • Mesmerism for Hypnotherapists

    Hypnotherapists have an advantage learning about Mesmerism Love Story. Many of the terms used are similar and hypnotherapists know how to work with trance.

    Mesmerism will improve your success rate because deeper trance means better results with many conditions Mackintosh.

  • An understanding of Mesmerism is required to be an Expert Hypnotherapist

    A hypnotherapist’s knowledge of hypnosis is incomplete without an understanding of Mesmerism, which formed the foundation of hypnotism. For example – Rapport (the relationship between the therapist and client). Mesmerists did a great amount of research on rapport. Modern hypnosis acknowledges the importance of rapport but regards it as something of minimal interest. Generally hypnotherapists are only vaguely familiar with the term. Mesmerists on the other hand expected at a minimum a subject would respond only to them and would not see or hear other people who were in the room. A subject in good rapport would have an almost telepathic connection with their mesmerist and be able to respond to the subtlest cues.

    Modern hypnotherapists could greatly improve their success rate by learning more about rapport even if they don’t want to use the other techniques of mesmerism.

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A Deeper Trance than Hypnotism

mesmerismLee Pulos PhD wrote in the 1980’s 진미령 미운사랑 다운로드 진미령 미운사랑 다운로드 진미령 미운사랑 다운로드. There has been renewed interest in the application and investigation of mesmerism…particularly in healing practices.

Of his own experimental studies Dr Pulos said:

“Distinct differences were perceived between hypnosis and mesmerism with the later being experienced as a ‘deeper’ trance.”

The Incredible Hidden Power of Mesmerism

In the 1850’s James Esdaile performed over 3,000 operations using mesmerism as the only anesthesia Love Story Love Story Love Story. Not only did the patients feel no pain but also there was a most interesting side effect from the use of mesmerism. The post surgery mortality rate was reduced from 50% to 5% and this was in India, a tropical country, in the 1850’s Mackintosh Mackintosh Mackintosh!

What incredible hidden power and benefit mesmerism must have!


A mysterious superior intelligence often appears in the mesmerized subject.

Mesmerism stimulated experiences and capacities that could transform the human body and mind.

The Marquis de Puysegur one of the most important early mesmerists discovered that a mysterious intelligence often came into play during Mesmerism and trance. As Lewis Thomas suggested, this was not the sort of confused, disorderly intelligence of the Freudian unconscious.

“There almost has to be a person in charge, running matters of meticulous detail beyond anyone’s comprehension, a skilled engineer and manager, a chief executive officer… a cell biologist of world class.” Lewis Thomas

This, perhaps was the most fundamental insight first seen in mesmerism, this glimpse of a superior intelligence within us that can drastically alter out perceptions and thinking, restore healthy functioning, and enhance our most basic capacities.  From the wealth of mesmeric phenomena we learn that human functioning can be developed in more dramatic ways that we can imagine.

Mesmerism is a stand alone system of Psychotherapy

Professor Henri Ellenbergen of the University of Montreal wrote that the work of the Mesmerists resulted in the slow development of a well-rounded system of dynamic psychiatry.

“These pioneers undertook with great audacity the exploration and the therapeutic utilization of unconscious psychological energies. On the basis of their findings, they elaborated new theories about the human mind and the psychogenesis of illness. The first dynamic psychiatry was an impressive achievement, even more so since it was brought about mostly outside of –if not directly in opposition to – official medicine.”

진미령 미운사랑 다운로드 Love Story Mackintosh
Love Story Mackintosh
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James-PoolJames Pool, BA MA (University Cincinnati) has researched medical hypnosis for over 30 years, particularly medical hypnosis during its golden age, 1880 to 1900 진미령 미운사랑 다운로드 진미령 미운사랑 다운로드 진미령 미운사랑 다운로드. He has worked in medical hypnosis since his days as a university graduate student, and is now course director of the UK’s first Master Practitioner Diploma in Medical Hypnosis Love Story Love Story Love Story.

After his university graduate studies, while living in Geneva James became a friend of the prominent Swiss psychiatrist and hypnotist Dr. Oscar Forel whose father, Dr August Forel was the director of the Burgholzli Institute before Jung and wrote the classic book jack-gibson-james-pool‘Hypnotism’ in 1889 Mackintosh Mackintosh Mackintosh.

Dr Oscar Forel was over 90 years old when James knew him and his father Dr August Forel had lived to his nineties, so they formed a living link with the mesmerists of the past century. As a young man August Forel had studied and observed the work of many mesmerists including Dupotet, who brought mesmerism to England. Oscar Forel told James many of his father’s unpublished secrets about Mesmerism.

james-automatic-writingAs best selling author of the ground breaking books, ‘Who Financed Hitler’ and ‘Hitler and his Secret Partners’ which were translated into 8 languages. James is an expert on Hitler’s psychology and personal magnetism. No one could mesmerize large audiences like Hitler.

Train with James Pool

Become one of the very few to have the opportunity to train with James Pool. This will be the only Level 1 Mesmerism Training that James Pool will be teaching in 2016. This is your unique opportunity to train with the only living person we believe has the knowledge of Mesmer’s secrets that can be traced to source.

진미령 미운사랑 다운로드 Love Story Mackintosh
Love Story Mackintosh
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  • Demonstrations of Mesmerism
  • Long passes
  • Distance passes from the body
  • Speed of passes
  • Physical description of passes
  • Passes with will
  • How the mesmerist projects intention
  • Demonstrating passes to awaken on awakening process
  • Slow awakening is best
  • Experience the unique Mesmeric State
  • Supervised Practice
Love Story Mackintosh
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  • Mesmerism with and without words
  • Safe and unsafe Mesmerism today
  • Mesmerism in India
  • Charles Dickens as a Mesmerist
  • Waking Mesmerism
  • Case studies of Mesmerism and Cancer
  • Case studies of Mesmerism in cure of arthritis
  • Case study in cure of back pain
  • Mesmerism of inanimate object
  • Magnetized water
  • Where to find case studies of Mesmerism
Love Story Mackintosh
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Mackintosh Mackintosh


Duration: 2 full days intensive training

Dates: TBA

Times: 12pm-7pm daily

Main Venue: TBA (Central London)

This is the ONLY Level I Mesmerism Course that James Pool will be teaching in 2016

If you would like to become one of only a handful of people in the UK to undertake this unique mesmerist training course, then we highly recommend you secure your place today 진미령 미운사랑 다운로드 진미령 미운사랑 다운로드 진미령 미운사랑 다운로드.

Due to the nature of the training, and to allow personal coaching from James, the number of participants on the course will be strictly limited Love Story Love Story Love Story.

진미령 미운사랑 다운로드 Love Story Mackintosh
Love Story Mackintosh

A fascinating course, both for your knowledge about its history, but also for the very hands-on training we received 진미령 미운사랑 다운로드.

It was a great gift to be able to feel the magnetic lock that the mesmerism created and then to feel the enormous transference of energy. I have tried it on my husband and he reported being conscious of, first of all, a buzzing sensation in his left eye, which he barely sees through Love Story. Also, once his eyes were closed, he could see that there were two nuns, helping with the healing, one either side. He then saw a huge tunnel of white light in front of him and felt a very strong sensation in his chest area, even though I was working from behind at the time Mackintosh. Afterwards, he found that he was able to focus and confront various business tasks that he had been deferring.

I have felt its effects in various ways, for out of frustration with our iMac, which had stopped burning CDs, I used Mesmerism to connect with the computer and send energy to the part that wasn't working. In my mind's eye I could see the damaged part and using the energy was able to get it to shift to its rightful position. I then found myself able to burn my first CD for ages.

I can really see the value of this ability as it is aiding my focus. I think I will be able to create the magnetic connection with my tasks at hand and work single-mindedly on one thing at a time, which is something that I have always struggled with. Therefore, I can see its benefits for running my business as a hypnotherapist, as well as how I help my clients, but I also see it having benefit with my other practice as an artist, helping me to connect with each of my pieces as I work on them.

Thank you James!

Melissa Tecklenberg
Melissa Tecklenberg Advanced Hypnotherapist, Hypnosis Works

A fascinating course, both for your knowledge about its history, but also for the very hands-on training we received.

I just felt like I wanted to drop a note to say Thank You for last weekend’s course learning about Mesmerism, what an experience it was! I am still truly impressed with James’ knowledge and expertise in this field. I learned so much and can now answer some of my own questions about bio energy that I now know I possess. The whole idea of magnetism and use of that for therapy is just extraordinary.

By using this old technique, mesmerism is going to be reborn to stand strongly in today’s therapy World.

James, with his lovely calm personality and academic background, taught me how to mesmerise and how to use and transfer this valuable bio energy that produces an amazing deep trance and is known to be an excellent aid in the healing process.

I could feel the people that attended the course almost buzzing. My senses and energy levels heightened. I am certainly looking forward to the next step in becoming fully trained practitioner and thanks to James that will be possible.

Nina Crawley
Nina Crawley Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist, Kent Hypnotherapy

Thank you James for an incredible weekend.... I felt privileged to have been invited. Amazing, in-depth content, practical learning and I LOVED experiencing the mesmeric trance.... a very distinctly different feeling to hypnosis.  It was fascinating to be able to actually see energy passing from one another, and to experience very heightened senses after the weekend.

Just this one weekend has really developed my understanding and learning at a kinesthetic level of the mind-body-universal connections, and I am really excited about joining you for the full practitioner training and being able to use this unique and very powerful state with my clients.

Katie Glen
Katie Glen

I did my third session with my Mesmerism 'test subject' today so I thought I'd pass on her comments to James. She felt very good and much better in herself for several days after the first session 진미령 미운사랑 다운로드. Her husband reported that she was walking with more confidence.

On the third session, she bounced into the office in a very good mood with a message from her husband to say whatever I was doing to please keep doing it as he was very pleased with the change in his wife Love Story!

When I enquired further she said they were both compulsive hoarders and after the last session she'd felt inspired to clear out two bedrooms and the lounge of their house, and a few days later she'd gone out into the garden and pruned a massively ingrown 30ft hedge, including sawing the tops off numerous leylandii Mackintosh! Not quite the result we were going for but welcome nonetheless...  She went very deep again and reported feeling like waves and pulses of energy were washing over her as I worked. She felt very positive after the session and is looking forward to next week's.

Nigel Skinner
Nigel Skinner The Wellbeing Consultancy, Basingstoke

Thank you James Pool for a superb course. Also thank you for all your extensive research, giving us confidence to go to doctors and hospitals. I also enjoyed your clear and kind method of teaching 진미령 미운사랑 다운로드. Had I the knowledge gained prior to this course I could have helped so many more people. I cannot recommend this course too highly it is ideal for hypnotherapist, or indeed medical doctors.

- Lucian Morgan, Actor, Hypnotherapist & Author of 'Dreams & Symbol'

Excellent semester and year. The course content and subject matter was brilliant. James teaching is done in an easy to follow manner Love Story. Practise was excellent. A very good year with great success.

- Jon Gray

This has been excellent, highly informative and educational both about the illnesses studied but also about how hypnosis can be effectively used to treat these illnesses as a complimentary therapy. James Pool presents the course with authority that arises from the extensive research he has carried out. He presents academic papers by medical doctors published in prestigious academic journals. These papers are a gold mine of information. Both as evidence and to prove the effectiveness of medical hypnosis. Personally as a hypnotherapist this course has expanded both my vision of what possibilities there are , but it has also opened a huge market for clients that would not normally be treated by a hypnotherapist Mackintosh. I am already getting enquires from clients for illnesses since I have only just completed the course.

- Graeme Cuthbertson

Although I take things in slowly, over the period of the first year, I have found that a broad overall understanding is developing and I am pleased with this. I am enjoying studying in a small class with the relaxed atmosphere you create. I am also enjoying being able to take things at my own pace.

- Christine Green, The Wellbeing Consultancy, Basingstoke

A useful way to get a foot in the door with doctors who may be resistant to allowing us to work with other kinds of clients.

- Nigel Skinner, The Wellbeing Consultancy, Basingstoke

There seems to have been so much packed into this semester but all sound information and practice. James delivery is so calm and thorough that you don’t realise how much you have covered and learned. It has been an excellent course and I have really enjoyed it.

- Lynn Pugsley

The Techniques Really Make a Difference Austin Training principal medical hypnosis trainer James Pool has shown just what can be done, backed-up by extensive research. These techniques really make a positive difference to peoples lives and I am glad to have the opportunity to be considered a practitioner. James and Valerie’s collective knowledge and access to endless medical journals also provides an ongoing support framework, ensuring that no client is turned away, and they receive the combined best of treatments what ever the condition. Thankyou James and Valerie.

- Derek Ross, Medical Hypnosis Masters graduate

Fabulous content and a very enjoyable experience.

- Allison McQueen-Luzar, Allergy Medics

Lots of good content, backed up by research.

- Philip Smith, Austin Advanced Hypnotherapy Conference 2012

Authoritative, lots of references, structured, great somnambulistic demo.

- Antonia Harrison, Austin Advanced Hypnotherapy Conference 2012

His knowledge and the way he passed this information on. Very professional presentation giving out names and data we can check.

- Pauline Kelly, Austin Advanced Hypnotherapy Conference 2012

Good speaker – really enjoyed listening to him.

- Rosie Hassman, Austin Advanced Hypnotherapy Conference 2012

Demo of depth testing and lots of good content.

- Andrew Spence, Austin Advanced Hypnotherapy Conference 2012

Very detailed, demo of anaesthesia and emphasis on somnambulism.

- Jimi Sayo, Hypnotherapist & Radio Host

Fascinating and clearly presented. Good explanations and answers to questions.

- Ruth Fogg, Austin Advanced Hypnotherapy Conference 2012

Very clear, interesting very knowledgeable speaker.

- Rose Evans, Austin Advanced Hypnotherapy Conference 2012

Brilliant subject, great experimenter, well-led and fascinating. A cultured and brilliant speaker.

- Julian Luckett, Austin Advanced Hypnotherapy Conference 2012

Clear, effective demo and to the point — v. useful ideas and content.

- 2011 Austin Advanced Hypnotherapy Conference Attendee, Anonymous Feedback Survey

Interesting case studies. Successful demonstration — demonstration is always a challenge with audiences and short amounts of time.

- 2011 Austin Advanced Hypnotherapy Conference Attendee, Anonymous Feedback Survey
진미령 미운사랑 다운로드

This is a practical “hands on” Workshop with personal coaching


demo1You’ll see James demonstrating the techniques and be able to take part in the live demonstrations so you experience mesmerism with the only person to have been passed the secrets that have been handed down directly from Mesmer himself 진미령 미운사랑 다운로드 진미령 미운사랑 다운로드 진미령 미운사랑 다운로드.

You’ll learn the background and history behind mesmerism and comprehensive case histories that clearly demonstrate its healing powers using the same techniques that Mesmer himself used with his clients Love Story Love Story Love Story.


IMG_7755You’ll experience the amazing power of mesmerism for yourself during the weekend and learn the fundamentals of how to become a confident mesmerist Mackintosh Mackintosh Mackintosh.

Even if you’re a skilled hypnotherapist, you’ll find mesmerism a powerful addition to the toolbox of techniques you can use with clients as there are certain conditions that mesmerism is more effective at treating than hypnosis.

“Being able to put someone in a mesmeric state without the use of words was a highlight of the weekend. It was surprisingly effective. Truly amazing!”



James will provide personal coaching throughout the weekend in order to help you become the very best mesmerist you can be.

Some techniques require precise protocols that have remain unchanged since Mesmer developed them and it is important that students don’t deviate from the instructions and James will be carefully monitoring practice sessions.

James teaches pure mesmerism as it was taught to him by Dr Oscar Forel, whose father Dr August Forel had had studied and observed the work of many mesmerists including Dupotet and lived to his nineties, thereby a living link with the mesmerists of the past century.

진미령 미운사랑 다운로드 Love Story Mackintosh
Love Story Mackintosh