AACH 2013 Conference Delegate Special

Specialist Past Life Practitioner Training with David Quigley

**This is David Quigley’s only UK visit in 10 years & the first time teaching this course in the UK – Don’t Miss Out**

Roy-hunterIt is just quite possible that hypnosis professionals will be reading about David Quigley’s pioneering work in the 22nd Century and beyond. I appreciate his ethics and his client centered approach. Roy Hunter, Ph.D., FAPHP, Internationally acclaimed Hypnotherapist, Author & Trainer 

Past Life Regression has enormous power to transform and is becoming increasingly interesting to people every year. This is an unprecedented opportunity to learn Past Life Regression from one of the foremost experts in the field, David Quigley, in a small experiential certificated training next large mail.

Many people attribute their present behaviours or problems to a “past life” and want to investigate it further or resolve issues related to a previous existence. Whilst hypnotherapy courses who include past life in their training receive very little specialist training in this field. David Quigley, one of the foremost experts in the field, David Quigley, is flying in specially from the USA to teach at this UK exclusive certified training.

Learn how to use advanced techniques of past life work, including accessing creative abilities from past lives, clearing trauma by changing past life memories, and eliminating the karma accumulated by our karmic deeds in past lives Wonderland.

You will learn new ways to use past life regression that vastly increase the value of PLR as a tool in therapy not simply to explore our past, but to transform our future.


  • Experience the latest induction techniques to help you access past lives easily.
  • Target historically provable past lives, so you can experience the truth of past lives for yourself.
  • How to clear past life trauma and replace traumatic memories with inner resources of strength and success 열여덟의 순간 12화 다운로드.
  • Bring forward past life creative abilities to enrich your present life.
  • Heal troubling or obsessive relationships whose roots are in past lives.
  • Examine pre-conception contract to discover one’s life purpose.
  • Clear the patterns of “bad luck” that afflict your life and that arise from past life karmic misdeeds.


  • Myths & Reality of Past Lives; historical evidence
  • Advanced Past Life Regression induction methods
  • Tap into creative abilities
  • Healing trauma techniques
  • Overt acts, Past Life Contracts with others, Pre-Conception Contract


  • Live demonstrations
  • In class supervised practice of techniques
  • Q & A

Course Dates

Duration: 2 full days intensive training
Dates: Monday 16th – Tuesday 17th September 2013
Times: 10am-5pm daily
Main Venue: TBC (London)

David-Quigley-filmAbout David Quigley – Literally a ‘walk the talk’ trainer who overcame incurable crippling rheumatoid arthritis

David Quigley is the founder of Alchemical Hypnotherapy and author of the popular textbook “Alchemical Hypnotherapy” and his new book, “Alchemy of Healing”.

Having used hypnosis therapy to recover from crippling rheumatoid arthritis, he has devoted his life to bringing this healing work to others.

David Quigley has trained thousands of professional hypnotherapists since 1983 through his school, the Alchemy Institute of Hypnosis in Santa Rosa, CA and has mentored the establishment of schools and classes based on his work, all over the world ps vita 게임 다운로드.

David is a graduate of Duke University in comparative religion and transpersonal psychology, and of the Hypnotherapy Training Institute in Corte Madeira, California. David teaches throughout the United States, Europe, Japan and India, including speaking at the United Nations Enlightenment Society and numerous hypnotherapy conferences.

David has been teaching Hypnotherapy for 30 years and has gained a wealth of knowledge and experience from client work at his successful private practice.  He incorporates a wide range of techniques including Gestalt, primal therapy, group process and Jungian psychology, as well as Ericksonian and clinical hypnosis and NLP into his work with God.

In 1978, he was on crutches, diagnosed with crippling rheumatoid arthritis, a disease that had already crippled other members of his family.  The doctors said that he may never walk normally again.  He discovered the underlying causes of his disease with hypnosis and healed himself.  At 62 years old, he has been symptom-free for 27 years, and is a runner, mountain climber and adventurer in his free time.  As someone who is literally “walking the talk” when it comes to using hypnosis for healing, he regularly teaches his “Somatic Healing” workshops around the world.  www.alchemyinstitute.com

Don’t Miss This Unique Opportunity to Learn From The Best! 

And Get Everything You Need to Create Incredible Opportunities to Attract New Clients with Specialist Past Life Expertise.

David, who rarely makes the trip from the USA to Europe (this is his first trip to the UK in 10 years), has agreed to offer his course at an incredible price for YOU 심장을 바쳐라 다운로드. Plus if you are planning to go to the main Austin Advanced Hypnotherapy Conference 2013, the price is a complete no-brainer! Incredible value!!!

Book NOW and Receive these  Special CD BONUSES!!

As this very special training is an Austin Advanced Hypnotherapy Post-Conference course, David Quigley and Valerie Austin are delighted to offer you the following two special bonuses as a reward to committing to this training.

(Bonuses will be given to you at the training).


Bonus 1#:

Alchemical Journey CD:  Discover a Past Life Ability & Journey into the Body

Perhaps you are wondering if you have any past lives you have lived before 포켓몬 게임 다운로드. Maybe you would like to discover and bring forward into your present life a creative ability you developed centuries ago. Music, dance, scientific knowledge, writing, public speaking, these are among the many gifts I have helped people recover from their past lives that have brought great benefit to their present challenges. Accompanied by ancient evocative music, be guided back to discover one of these talents, and bring it forward to the present.


Bonus 2#:

Alchemical Journey CD:  Meeting the Money Deva & Journey to the Golden City

This is no ordinary prosperity hypnosis. In this journey, you will meet the spirit of money and learn how this being can bring prosperity to you through the use of your own unique gifts.

You will discover immediate and practical tips from your money guide on how you can bring money into your life I'm going to meal. If you have ever struggled with money, you can’t afford to be without this journey.

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AAHC 2013 Conference Delegates Special


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Valerie Austin

“Having known David for many years as a well respected hypnotherapist, I am delighted to welcome him to the UK for this year’s conference 성모송 다운로드. We used to lecture at the same conferences in the 90’s in the USA, and he is one of the key presenters at the National Guild of Hypnotherapy – the world’s largest and most prestigious hypnotherapy conferences in America. His approach is totally different and based on serious healing, a must for the hypnotherapist. This is his first visit to the UK in 10 years he will be teaching a post conference course before he returns to California.” Valerie Austin

Bruce-burger“David, I have used Alchemical Techniques with virtually every client I have seen in my Energy Medicine practice since I studied your Alchemical work over 25 years ago! Alchemical Therapy is a profound gift to the healing arts and one of the most effective healing synthesis available on the planet today!” Bruce Burger, MA,RPP,RPE, founder of Heartwood Institute and the Heartwood Community

“David Quiqley was much more than I expected Minitab free download. His training gave me the knowledge and tools to become a successful hypnotherapist. I want to thank David Quiqley for his excellent spiritual hypnotherapy training which was valuable in the writing of my book: Journey’s to the 10th Dimension (Dynamics of the Spirit World).” Ronald Lockliear Vinal, CHT, Ascension Hypnosis

“During my training, I cried for 2 days as I processed the deepest core pain of my life, and was healed. Since then I have had a successful practice as an intuitive coach and Alchemical Hypnotherapist for the last 10 years. I’m now working directly with high-level corporate executives and managers in top government agencies. I also coach psychotherapists and psychiatrists, and others in a model of business consulting that is based on Alchemical work. I am currently writing two books about this new dimension in Alchemy.” Linda Rose, Intuitive Coaching

Carol SmallDavid’s Alchemy introduced me to my life’s purpose. Since my training, I have been facilitating the personal growth of hundreds of clients, both privately and in groups. I comfortably provide for my son and myself and I really enjoy my work. His training gave me a springboard of powerful and effective techniques that helped me begin trusting my own intuition and creativity on which I now rely. Carol Small, Santa Rosa, CA

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AAHC 2013 Conference Delegates Special


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If you would prefer to pay by bank transfer or experience any difficulty making payment, please email jay@austinhypnotherapyconference.com with your name and best contact number.