HypnoDrama with Lucien Morgan

Pre-Conference Day Course Exclusive: Friday 13th September 2013

Want to develop the proper hypnosis voice and rhythm to build rapport with your client? How to learn the all important tonal qualities that give your client more confidence in your hypnosis?  Want to work with people within the creative industries, such as film and TV Dream Live Prismstone Dubbing? Or perhaps you’d like to improve your group hypnosis skills? Or maybe you want to give your individual therapy that extra edge?

HypnoDrama is a little known, fascinating and fun therapy to improve your group hypnosis skills, empower individual and group clients and boost your confidence

In this 4 hour workshop you will learn the methods of Hypnodrama invented by Jacob Moreno in 1939, and developed by Ira Greenberg in the mid 1960s Download The Clark.

Though know it has now become little known therapy because of the lack of skilled practitioners in both Drama, and Hypnotherapy it facilitates brilliantly effective techniques in both  healing deep rooted traumas, and very often giving the client a powerful new confidence rain meter theme.

In this 4 hour intensive workshop you will….

  • Skills of group hypnosis
  • Use the ability of working with the client’s unconscious mind under trance to release long held traumas and their negative effects 유튜브 배속 다운로드.
  • Learn to dramatise and isolate damaged “Parts” of the psyche as they are acted out in a safe environment.
  • Give the client a refreshing new confidence in self awareness and being able to express them 버스 게임 다운로드.
  • Endow the client with a faith in their own power, i.e. enhancing sports performance and public speaking.
  • Learn the secrets of “The Method ” style of acting
  • Demonstrations of both individual Hypnodrama sessions and group work 하치이야기 일본판 다운로드.
  • Hypnodrama is fun!
About Lucien Morgan Lucien-Morgan

Lucien Morgan is one of the most well-read hypnotherapists in the business 구글 플레이 스토어 apk 다운로드. With a wealth of fascinating and interesting information, we are delighted that Lucien Morgan will be back to teach and this time he is combining his vast hypnosis knowledge with over 40 years acting experience Oracle client 12c.

Lucien Morgan trained by Dr Keith Hearne (European College of Hypnotherapy) and Valerie Austin, has been in practice for over 25 years. He has lectured internationally on hypnotherapy and dream work, and is the author of ‘Dreams and Symbols’ 모던패밀리 시즌10 다운로드. He has appeared on BBC Radio 4 and 5, BBC Radio Scotland Talk Sport UK and many other radio stations.

dreams-symbols-lucien-morganLucien is also an established actor, TV and radio host, and he has presented shows on hypnotic regression for BBC in addition to his own live TV show, ‘The Lucien Zone’ FarandTactics 2.

Lucien is now developing within his own practice; hypnodramatic therapy, sleep healing, fitness motivation and alleviating problems relating to high blood pressure. This expert knowledge has arisen from intensive study into the history of hypnotic healing, and all the many and varied hypnotic traditions and techniques.


Course Date

Duration: 1/2 days intensive training

Dates: Friday 13th September 2013

Times: 12am-4pm

Main Venue: Central London, venue TBC

AAHC 2013 Pre-Conference EXCLUSIVE

Lucien is one of our previous conference’s most popular and well respected speakers and he will only be teaching this unique course for the Austin Advanced Hypnotherapy Conference in 2013. If you would like this unique opportunity to train with Lucien we strongly recommend you secure your place today.

As a conference delegate, you can attend this very special training for

Only £97!!! For Conference Delegates Only

(Non-Conference Attendees, Price £197)

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With a wealth of fascinating and interesting information, Lucien will again be sharing with the lesser known facts, learnings and technique, but with more depth and content for you to take away and use with your own therapy.

“Brilliant subject, great experimenter, well-led and fascinating. A cultured and brilliant speaker” Julian Luckett, Conference 2012

“Very interesting on both subjects and informative” Kim RossiConference 2012

“Absolutely amazing. Enjoyed all the workshop” Sandra WilksConference 2012

“Very interesting and stimulating, well presented and thought out. What we have come for!!” Rosie Hassman, Conference 2012

“All good history, live demonstration and group trance induction – 5 stars!” Philip End, Conference 2012

“Loved the talk and audience participation” 2011 conference attendee, anonymous feedback survey

“Good continuous information” 2011 conference attendee, anonymous feedback survey

“Very clear piece of equipment and knowledgeable” 2011 conference attendee, anonymous feedback survey

“Clear, effective demo and to the point — useful ideas and content” 2011 conference attendee, anonymous feedback survey

“Excellent audience participation and interesting topic”2011 conference attendee, anonymous feedback survey