AACH 2013 Conference Delegate Special

Healing, Help & Hope, for Cancer Sufferers With Hypnotherapy

with Valerie Austin

There are more than 200 types of cancer, each with different causes, symptoms and treatments.

Cancer is a grave illness that is on the31s rise so much so that it is being likened to an epidemic.  Around 325,000 people were diagnosed with cancer in 2010 in the UK alone, that’s around 890 people every day and one person every 2 minutes and the figures are rising considerably every year.


  • Hypnosis’s ability to stimulate the immune system to fight cancer
  • Hypnosis as a complementary therapy to help better tolerate traditional treatments, e.g. surgery, chemotherapy and radiation
  • How hypnosis as relief to deal with cancer pain
  • Why Health Eating Is Not Enough
  • Learn The Cancer Killing Food And Which Diet Will Suit Their Particular Cancer
  • How hypnosis combined with a strict cancer diet can reduce tumors
It was reported at a 3-day Cancer Conference I attended this year in Florida (where there are over one and a half million deaths in 2012) that the proportion of avoidable cancer deaths caused by diet and not eating ‘real’ food is very close to that of those related to tobacco. Despite extensive research, cancer sufferers know very little about the different kinds of treatment available. Even doctor’s opinions differ considerably on the amount and type of treatments, such as Chemo and Radiation, to be administered.  So much so that doctors themselves advise getting even three opinions. However, invariably patients are just offered aggressive debilitating chemotherapy or radiotherapy without any supplements or complimentary treatments that  have been proven to help the discomfort and  healing considerably.

The good news is hypnotherapists are in a position to help

The subject is close to my heart, having treated clients, including personal friends with the illness, and given the current epidemic it is likely to have touched your life either personally or through friends and/or family.

Why focus on Cancer therapy?…. My Story inger-chemotherapy“I had never considered working with Cancer until everyone around me friends, friends of friends and finally one of closest friends and colleague was diagnosed with cancer mysql workbench 32bit 다운로드. It was stage 4 with 15% survival rate.  Inger Garcia is an incredible skilled criminal attorney and my co-documentary film producer and a big part of my life in the US. I have been expert witness (in hypnosis techniques) for her on two major criminal cases and were just ready to start our next film about hypnosis. We were chosen to screen our first film in competition at the Cannes Film Festival and were the winners in the Fort Lauderdale film festival. Our film  ‘Condo Commandos –One Vote Away From Hell’ is an exposé on the corruption in Florida. When Inger received this life changing news she had to more or less close her businesses, but being a fighter she suggested we make a documentary on her life as a cancer sufferer to help others.  Not another exposé but a very balanced look at the treatments available and give an impartial look at both the medical and complimentary treatments. Then a miracle happened with the use of hypnosis.  Because she was not able to have chemo or radiation before her operation for two months she used specially adapted self-hypnosis every day.  I also worked with her throughout with techniques that we compiled to reduce the size of the tumor and changed her diet to predominantly    organic.  After her surgery the surgeon told her that her tumor had reduced instead of grown in size  and that she was now down to a much less serious  level, level two B which meant she now had an 85% survival rate as apposed to 15%.  We were ecstatic. Also the surgeon said she had never seen anything like it when she got to see the tumor. This will be discussed in detail at the workshop 마이크로소프트 에센셜 다운로드.  Because she is an attorney she was able to document the case with the approval of the doctors and medical team. We spent the next six months filming cancer specialists and travelling to Cancer conferences both alternative and medical fact based conferences so she could find out more. What we found was that everyone gave different advice on the amount of treatment so this made me more adamant to find the truth and most up-to-date facts which is included in my workshop manual which is included in the workshop.  A cancer pack with statistics, help and advice. I became her carer. I sat beside her for the five hours it took for the chemo treatments talking to the medical team who were giving their advice. To meet the correct specialist I did  have two important advantages, one was through having a variety of friends in high places who could arrange the introductions for the necessary interviews and two another close friend had been on the cancer committees for many years so she also could guide me. In fact everyone was so helpful. I have also been going to many high-end charity events and have made some very good contacts so I was able to have personal introductions to the top people in the Cancer research. Again I found  each specialist believed what they advised but it was totally different so it was then I decided that there should be some detailed information so there would be an informed choice for the cancer sufferer. But what ‘all’ the specialist agreed on was to have less stress and even more critical was a healthy diet and that is where hypnosis excels. Since doctors are not taught nutrition they referred to nutritionists for diet information and few nutritionist knew the cancer food fighters.” Valerie Austin
For the cancer patient healthy eating isn’t enough the therapist needs to learn the cancer killing food and which diet will suit their particular cancer Advanced hypnotherapy and nutrition training for cancer therapy is rare, which is why I am offering you the opportunity to be at the forefront of this specialist and much needed therapy. Hypnotherapy for cancer workshops are often taught as an add-on and do not contain the must-have specialist techniques or nutrition knowledge required for dealing with cancer patients effectively Download Ativ. My own hands-on experience with cancer therapy is ground breaking and documented.  It teaches you how to incorporate new technologies that are buried among tens of thousands of  of pages on the internet.  To give you the ‘true’ information and proven therapy so you can work as a Austin Certified Hypnotherapy Specialist with Cancer. At this 2 Day Intensive Training you will learn to uncover and clear the underlying causes of illness with all of these techniques….

Working with the Medical Professionals

  • The latest fact based information that gives the client some choices
  • How to have a rapport with the medical profession based on solid information
  • Learn how to market your cancer program to hospitals, doctor’s practices and charities.

Support orthodox medical treatment 

  • What you should know about Chemotherapy
  • What you should know about and Radiation
  • How to teach a successful self hypnosis’ techniques that are designed for the cancer sufferer
  • How to help through the very distressing effects of Chemo
  • How to help through the distressing effects of Radiation
  • What are some of the negative side effects of the treatments that will surprise you
  • Learn how to beware of the internet’ misinformation.
  • The websites that will saves your hours of unproductive research
  • Receive the correct  update information sent to you on post conference via a private cancer community membership set on our social networking site

Specific hypnotherapy techniques for cancer

  • Techniques how to reduce tumor size
  • The fascinating information about the clusters of cancers and how they work so you can design well-scripted suggestion.
  • How to use the correct level of hypnosis for the cancer patient
  • How to communicate directly with the disease to find its destination and purpose in the client’s lifestyle.
  • Learn how to communicate with the tumour and lymph nodes to determine its purpose and what needs to change
  • How to make contracts with the subconscious
  • Choose an area of specialisation in a specific cancer (there are 200+ to choose from).

Nutrition information that determine chance of survival

  • Why healthy eating isn’t enough (and in fact some “healthy” foods may be counterproductive)
  • Learn the vital cancer killing foods that are not being taught
  • Understand which particular diet / foods will suit your individual client’s particular cancer.

This Certified Course gives you a specialist technique for cancer sufferers and their friends, family and carers that has been tested and is backed up with fact based evidence in the form of statistics and video interview with prominent leaders that gives you the edge as a ‘cancer therapist’. The information and videos can be shown to your clients and medical staff alike to build their belief structure. So you, as a therapist, can help both the individual and even work successfully with groups. The ‘Cancer Pack’ that is included, will help you have the knowledge and confidence to lecture and network among doctors and professionals.

Course Details

Duration: 2 full days intensive training Dates: Saturday 28th – Sunday 29th September 2013 Times: 10.30pm-5.30pm daily Main Venue: To be advised on booking (Central London) Your Investment:  £497 (conference delegates) / £697 (non-delegates)

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As this very special training is an Austin Advanced Hypnotherapy Post-Conference course, Valerie is very pleased to offer you the following bonus as a reward to committing to this training.


Secret Facebook Group for Course Attendees

  • Where will be sharing the updates and information throughout the year, which will be useful for building your specialist cancer practice.
  • Network with fellow course attendees
  • Share success stories
  • Ask me questions
  • Worth:  £Invaluable

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AAHC 2013 Conference Delegates Special


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David-Samson“Whatever your reason for considering hypnotherapy, I recommend the Valerie Austin course most highly. Over many years, Valerie has developed techniques that I can only describe as ‘back to basics’. Her methods are without frills or ‘psychobabble’, but incredibly effective in treating a wide variety of client issues.” David Samson, Harley Street Hypnotherapist

“”I feel so blessed that Valerie decided to work with me and allowed me to learn and apply her technique. It is truly brilliant. I started seeing people and using the Austin Technique and I was astounded at the results that I was getting. Thank you Valerie for allowing me to be part of a growing team of hypnotherapists who are really making a difference in people’s lives!” Shayn Cutino, HHP, CCht, Anja Health Center

karen-jones“There are many hypnotherapists in the world but not many rival Valerie Austin who takes hypnotherapy beyond most peoples knowledge. Her regression techniques delve deep into her clients heads and wrestle with the subconcious to provide transformation, intervention and powerful changes with no effort on the part of the client Horizon Zero Dawn. Everyone is looking for a magic silver bullet to cure their issues whether giving up smoking, losing weight, being a better public speaker or more productive in business. Valerie is the only person I have found who has one. She runs course for trainers or those who want to become hypnotherapists to help bring her very rarefied knowledge into their worlds to ultimatley make us all live in a better world.”  Karen Jones, Publisher, CityWealth Magazine

“I smoked 20 a day for four years. Val hypnotised me into stopping with just one session. She’s incredible!” New York Post

“There is no question. Val’s technique really does work; try it” Sunday Magazine

Val is the guru of self-hypnosis” The Independent

Find the money to do this course.  Brilliant, great – I could go on and on. Feel that all my life experiences have lead to me taking this course. Without them I would not have been here. I am leaving tomorrow feeling good about myself (understatement) I have given up smoking after 35 years and no longer have a phobia of spiders (I don’t like them but I don’t have screaming hysterics on seeing one). I can’t wait to start work as an Advanced Hypnotherapist and help other people to feel good. Find the money to do this course. Somehow. You will never regret it and it will be the best step you will ever take. Believe me – it works!!!”  Trisha Graham, Midlands

robert-muir-hypnotist“I would highly recommend the ‘Valerie Austin Advanced Structured Hypnotherapy Course’ to anyone who is seriously considering a career in Hypnotherapy cctv. There are many Hypnosis and NLP Courses on the market but I honestly feel this is the best. The student will learn everything that is considered necessary to start and maintain a Hypnotherapy and Stress Management Practice. After completing the course, it will be possible to immediately start up a successful and lucrative business. An important part of the course is on how to actually market your services, which is critical in sustaining regular clientele.

The course has been specifically designed to contain only the essential information necessary to carry out Therapeutic Hypnosis both professionally and safely. The balance between theory and practicals is ideal with the emphasis on Hypnosis and its application.

Valerie is a natural tutor who accurately assesses the student and their characteristics. This is a rare ability that enables her to be able to communicate complicated information effortlessly to classes whatever their educational background. The methods and guidelines provided are tried and tested which takes out the guesswork. Follow them precisely and the practitioner will continue to sustain a profitable and productive business.

It was as a state registered Paramedic that my venture into Hypnosis began. I noticed with many patients that there was a direct mind/body link and the healing/recovery of a patient. I began to explore the ways in which to facilitate this change after first seeing a Hypnotist on stage. I began to research into the phenomenon and after a long period of self-study, I considered very carefully many prospectuses before enrolling on Valerie’s course Total Dream Mars Electric.

After graduating in 1998, I immediately set up my Hypnotherapy business and have never looked back. I have since then and now continue to study and educate myself on Hypnosis. I also perform and demonstrate Hypnosis on stage following in the footsteps of the pioneers of many decades ago. It’s an art that is often misunderstood but provides an ideal opportunity to educate the general public on the effectiveness oh therapeutic hypnosis and have been developed for private parties, corporate and social-club functions. There is nothing funnier and educational than a tastefully executed Hypnosis Demonstration.

If you are serious about entering the lucrative field of Corporate Stress Management, Professional Hypnotherapy and to have a highly profitable and productive business then this is the only course to take. Robert Muir, DreamGuardian

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe backup that I have received after the course has been amazing. The content and the pace of the course was excellent and very inspiring. The backup that I have received after the course has been amazing and I would have no hesitation in recommending this course to anyone who has an interest in hypnotherapy.” Jenny O’Kelly, The Fertility Concept

“My very first experience with hypnosis, about 20 years ago, was completely unsuccessful. I could not relax; neither close my eyes in front of that person that was supposedly the hypnotherapeutic.

Along the years I’ve hearing about hypnosis, regression, past lives and I keep my mind open to some opportunity that I could consider trust enough to go through it. My personal nature and technical background, make me a kind of person that believes in the scientific methodology: I need proof, not just anecdotal evidence.

When I met Mrs. Austin, I decided that I will accept the experience to be facing hypnosis once more and what it that means, and how (and if) it could help me and my environment 레디스 다운로드. I have been surprised with the suaveness and at same time strength of Mrs. Austin and the technique developed by her. I figure that our subconscious mind is so tremendously powerful that we can store all the sources of our personal difficulties in our adult lives, but that this can give us all the answers to those problems. When you learn how to have access to your subconscious, you have opened the door to the healing of your traumas.”  Dayse M Repsold, Orthopaedic Surgeont

“Before the course I was confused. Now I have lots of inspiration and an expanded vision.

I chose this course for many reasons. I was looking for an advanced training and to expand my awareness within the Hypnotherapy field. The training has been an extraordinary experience and delivered more than I expected. The Austin Technique is an unprecedented tool that allows making a lasting change to the individual’s lives. It is very concise and pertinent.

The experience of training with Valerie was an eye opening to what is possible to achieve as a practising Hypnotherapist. It merges the confidence and potential. It shows the practical ways to build a successful and recognised practise. While watching Valerie I understood how much she brought into the Hypnotherapy profession. She is an instance of great respect and significance within the field.”  Monika Sleszynska, London, May 2012DO THIS COURSE – you will learn everything you will ever need and more!  I have found this course to be the most ‘effective’ use of hypnosis I have ever seen! It is lightning fast and gets straight to the heart of the problem, without any useless information that gets in the way usually Download cx_freeze. Every topic of interest to the would-be hypnotherapist is covered and many myths are laid to rest, once and for all. Never before had hypnosis been presented in such a clear, precise way as well as being an enjoyable but life changing experience! If you want to be a professional Hypnotherapist, DO THIS COURSE – you will learn everything you will ever need and more! I loved every single minute!” Duncan Campbell, Scotland

deborah-marshall-warren“Valerie Austin’s empathic abilities inspire, encourage and touch. Change work is demonstrated with effortless ease. The course offers profound personal development and opportunities for growth both in the here and now and for the future.” Deborah Marshall-Warren, author of Mind Detox

“In-depth description and background, demonstrations interesting and useful” Caroline Lynch, Conference 2012

“Enjoyed the demonstrations. Fascinating subject” Judy Harrison, Conference 2012

“Good demos, examples and applications.” Jimi Sayo, Conference 2012

“Interesting content, something to take home – you have broadened my knowledge. Thank you ” Tessa Kirkby, Conference 2012

“Really interesting technique” Elizabeth Round, Conference 2012

“Demo and story – very interesting. Thank you” Rose Evans, Conference 2012

“(what I liked best) Seeing Val in action again! Jas’s story – seeing is believing!” Ruth Fogg, Conference 2012

“Excellent to see demonstration and what can be used and how.” Pauline Kelly, Conference 2012

“Exactly what I expected. Valerie is just amazing” Nina Crawley, Conference 2012

“Very interesting and good information” Dave Kelly, Conference 2012

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AAHC 2013 Conference Delegates Special


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