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Somatic Healing with David Quigley

**This is David Quigley’s only UK visit in 10 years & the first time teaching this course in the UK – Don’t Miss Out**

robert-otto“Somatic Healing is Beyond Hypnosis!”

“I have been a successful hypnotherapist since 1980 and have led over 5,000 weight loss and smoking cessation seminars to audiences and therapists coast to coast for 21+ years, and over two decades of teaching have presented to 150,000 people. I have also led hypnosis trainings. Recently, I had the pleasure of working with David Quigley’s Somatic Healing process at our IMDHA/IACT Conference in Daytona Beach, Florida.

Arriving at the conference, I was in constant pain from a recent accident, with 12 rib fractures on the left side. After one session of Somatic Healing, 98% of my chronic pain had disappeared. I was able to lay flat for the first time in one month. Both walking and sleeping were much easier, and I felt my body recharged as well as healed. I am now determined to study Somatic Healing and to help David Quigley to bring it to the world.”

Robert Otto, President and CEO: International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association (IMDHA) and International Association of Counselors and Therapists (IACT)

  • Have you ever wanted to make a more significant difference to the health and vitality of your clients…
  • Have you ever dreamed of healing yourself and your family of chronic pain, injury, and disease….
  • Have you always wanted to make more money by making miracles working with doctors and hospitals…

If so…. this special training will give you hundreds of techniques that can help you accomplish these goals.

Somatic Healing™ Hypnotherapy for Injury, Pain & Disease is a new dimension in hypnosis therapies for the treatment of injury, pain and disease.

In this entertaining and deeply experiential class, you will learn techniques for controlling and eliminating pain and recovering from illness and injury Monkey Battle Download.

If you have pain from an injury in the future you will wish you had taken this valuable course.

You will experience at least 4 opportunities for a healing process throughout this two day intensive class.  Even better, you will learn how to use these methods every day to heal your body. And if you have a practice in hypnosis therapies, in counseling or in the healing arts, you will learn how to multiply your effectiveness with clients.

Learn how to heal the underlying causes of illness that live in the subconscious mind.

Learn easy to use methods to control and eliminate pain without drugs, while at the same time these methods are actually healing the body.

David-Quigley-filmDavid’s Story
“In 1978, I was on crutches, diagnosed with crippling rheumatoid arthritis, a disease that had already crippled other members of my family.  The doctors said that I might never walk normally again.  I am now 62 years old, have been symptom-free for 27 years, and I am a runner, mountain climber and adventurer in my free time.  I discovered the underlying causes of my disease with hypnosis and healed myself.  Now I will teach you how to do the same for yourself, and for your clients.

 Hypnosis has been used successfully in medical clinics and hospitals for pain and symptom control for many years.  Yet, a far more effective use of hypnosis in disease management is its power to help us explore and heal the underlying causes of disease in the subconscious mind, as an adjunct to medical treatment.  In this 2-day class we will learn many methods of utilizing hypnosis to assist clients in healing the underlying cause of their condition.

 I have used these methods to speed recovery from cancer, to eliminate migraine headaches, to wipe out food and pollen allergies.  With Somatic Healing, we can now effectively assist doctors treating fibromyalgia, diabetes, and a host of other diseases, vastly accelerating the results of medical treatments.”  

David Quigley is the creator of Alchemical Hypnotherapy and Director of the Alchemy Institute of Hypnosis in Santa Rosa, CA and author of two popular books “Alchemical Hypnotherapy – A Manual of Practical Technique” and “The Alchemy of Healing.” He is a graduate of Duke University in comparative religion and transpersonal psychology, and of the Hypnotherapy Training Institute in Corte Madera, CA. David has extensive training in Gestalt, primal therapy, group process and Jungian psychology, as well as courses in Ericksonian and clinical hypnosis and NLP. In addition to a thriving private practice, David travels widely throughout the United States and is currently teaching programs around the world: Canada, Japan, England, Norway and France.  He has presented at the United Nations Enlightenment Society and at numerous hypnotherapy conferences Download a continuous read.

Since he began teaching Alchemical Hypnotherapy in 1983, David has certified well over 3,000 students in professional hypnotherapy and Somatic Healing. Learn more about David’s story and his work at: www.alchemyinstitute.com

At this 2 Day Intensive Training you will learn to uncover and clear the underlying causes of illness with all of these techniques….


Specialist hypnotheraputeic techniques

  • How to customize your trance induction to reach exactly the depth needed to access the cause of illness
  • Accessing traumatic memories stored in a tumor or organ in the body
  • Step-by-step methods for changing memories stored in the body, using hypnosis, movement and therapeutic touch techniques that any hypnotist can easily master
  • Altering memories of trauma, turn them into memories of love, peace, and fulfillment, and learn how to plant these new memories into the affected body part
  • How sub-personality work is a powerful and significant aspect of the healing process.

Communication with disease

  • How to communicate directly with the disease entity to determine its purpose in the client’s life.
  • Accessing the voices of inner “saboteurs” part of the client who hired a disease, and help those parts learn to let go of their anger at the client.
  • How to access the past life traumas which may have influenced the creation of this illness and learn how to clear these traumas.
  • Using emotional release techniques that can help the body release rage, fear, grief, and guilt from the very muscles & organs that are holding this trauma. (These methods are not limited to screaming & hitting at a pillow – – Somatic Healing is far more sophisticated and immediate.)

“Spiritual” treatment & surgery

  • Help your client access an “inner healer” who can give them advice on diet, exercise and lifestyle.
  • Offer your clients spiritual surgery from this inner healer under hypnosis, which can repair bones, muscles & ligaments, cleanse toxic organs and shrink or eliminate tumors.

Working with specific medical conditions

  • How to educate patients, doctors, and the public about the enormous benefits of these revolutionary methods.
  • How you can turn every recurrence of your client’s painful and frightening symptoms into a healing process whenever these symptoms recur, thus reinforcing your work many times per day Travel English download.
  • Hypnotic movement; its uses for joint and muscle pain, accident recovery, fibromyalgia, headaches and sinus pain, and sciatica.
  • Specific methods for cancer, allergies, and auto-immune diseases.
  • How to stop the inappropriate autoimmune response, and activate the immune system to combat bacterial, viral & fungal infections and cancer.
  • Why breast, colon, and prostate cancers are epidemic in our society and how the causes of each can be addressed with simple hypnotic techniques.Learn to offer your clients spiritual surgery from this inner healer under hypnosis, which can repair bones, muscles & ligaments, cleanse toxic organs and shrink or eliminate tumors.

Empowering your client with lasting therapy and self-care

  • How to meet and obtain advice from the client’s inner healer
  • Why most clients (and doctors!) resist exploring the causes of illness, and how their resistance can be easily overcome.
  • Easy pain control strategies for headaches and sinus congestion that clients can learn to use every day.
  • How to mobilize the client’s immune system to eliminate disease and restore the internal balance of the body.


  • Meet your inner healer (a guided journey)
  • Methods for spiritual surgery
  • Live demonstration of spiritual surgery
  • Class demonstrations
  • In-class supervised practice of techniques
  • Q & A


  • A thorough 30-page professional workbook with a complete outline of the techniques covered in class.

Who Is This Special Training For?

  • Any hypnotherapist who wants to work with the underlying causes of disease in conjunction with medical treatment.
  • Any hypnotherapist who wants to help empower their clients to work with their own inner resources every day to heal their bodies.
  • Nurses, doctors, body workers, and other health professionals who want to learn easy methods they can use in 5 minutes or less to relieve pain, increase movement and flexibility, and activate the immune system of their clients 톡플레이어 다운로드.
  • Anyone in pain from a chronic illness or injury who wants to learn to heal themselves and to live pain free.
  • Any hypnotherapist who is ready to expand the scope of their practice and their income.

Course Dates

Duration: 2 full days intensive training
Dates: Wednesday 18th – Thursday 19th September 2013
Times: 10am-5pm daily
Main Venue: TBC (London)

Don’t Miss This Unique Opportunity to Learn From The Best! 

And Get Everything You Need to Create Incredible Opportunities to Attract New Clients with Somatic Healing.

David, who rarely makes the trip from the USA to Europe (this is his first trip to the UK in 10 years), has agreed to offer his course at an incredible, show-stopping price for YOU. Plus if you are planning to go to the main Austin Advanced Hypnotherapy Conference 2013, the price is a complete no-brainer! Incredible value!!!

Book NOW and Receive this Special DVD BONUS!!

As this very special training is an Austin Advanced Hypnotherapy Post-Conference course, David Quigley and Valerie Austin are delighted to offer you a complimentary copy of David’s ‘Somatic Healing DVD’ (Bonus DVD will be given to you at the training).

(Bonuses will be given to you at the training).

Somatic Healing DVD

Bonus Somatic Healing Training DVD

Experience the most powerful techniques you have ever imagined to free yourself of limitations caused by Pain, Injury, Disease or Emotional Stress.

Are you ready to learn how to heal the underlying causes of illness that live in the subconscious mind? This Somatic Healing DVD will guide you through the first steps in understanding the principles of this world-renowned body of work created by David Quigley and taught for over 12 years now at the Alchemy Institute of Hypnosis.

LIMITED PLACES & Only 1 UK Training Date in 10 Years

David will only be here this September and once the course spaces are gone, they are gone naver tv video. It’s taken him 10 years to return to the UK and so if you are interested then sign up now. We would hate for you to miss out due to indecision.

Be sure to BOOK NOW to get your FREE Somatic Healing DVD !!

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AAHC 2013 Conference Delegates Special


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Valerie Austin

“Having known David for many years as a well respected hypnotherapist, I am delighted to welcome him to the UK for this year’s conference. We used to lecture at the same conferences in the 90’s in the USA, and he is one of the key presenters at the National Guild of Hypnotherapy – the world’s largest and most prestigious hypnotherapy conferences in America. His approach is totally different and based on serious healing, a must for the hypnotherapist. This is his first visit to the UK in 10 years he will be teaching a post conference course before he returns to California.” Valerie Austin


Pioneering the Subconscious, Healing the Body

“Years ago a world renowned scientist told me personally: “We are only touching the top of the tip of the iceberg regarding the power of the mind, and much research can be done regarding the use of hypnosis to help people develop their mind power.”

My response to that comment is that sometimes it is valuable to consider new frontiers of the subconscious, and boldly go where few have gone before. In the 22nd Century, people might very well be reading about the work of professionals today and considering people on the cutting edge to actually be pioneers of the mind. David Quigley may very well be one of those pioneers.

In November of 2008 he did some sessions with a woman who had severe shooting pains in her leg as a result of a back injury several months earlier Free Hangul Viewer. He did what he called “Somatic Healing” – a hypnotic technique that incorporated suggestion, imagery, regression, and parts therapy…coupled with imagery of a Sacred Healer (in this woman’s case, Jesus Christ). The result…? After over a year, the pain has NOT returned to her leg. The reason I know is because David Quigley’s client was my wife. It is just quite possible that hypnosis professionals will be reading about David Quigley’s pioneering work in the 22nd Century and beyond. I appreciate his ethics and his client centered approach. Note that I traveled over 700 miles to take my wife to him for sessions.” Roy Hunter, Ph.D., FAPHP, Milton, WA. Roy Hunter is an internationally acclaimed Hypnotherapist, Author, Teacher and Speaker. He is the author of ‘The Art of Hypnosis’, ‘The Art of Hypnotherapy’, and ‘Hypnosis for Inner Conflict Resolution: Parts Therapy’

Accident Injury Healed in 1 hour

“I suffered from a Roller Blading fall. I landed on my right hip hard. The pain was a 9 on a scale to 10. When I showed up at David’s Somatic Healing class a few days later, I was still limping and in excruciating pain. He had me lay in the position of my fall and re-live this painful accident in my body. As my body twitched and moved through this re-living process, I felt a large sharp pain enter in the same area of my injury and then, it instantly faded away. My body was completely healed. It has been 2 years now still pain free from the fall.” ”Dave Edwards, Leesburg, FL

Success with Somatic Healing,/h5>“My wife was struck by a taxi while crossing a street on foot. She was knocked about ten feet through the air, from the pedestrian crosswalk where she’d just gotten off the bus. The resulting bruising, pain and stiffness were severe, in fact the whole right side of her body was black and blue 제트 브이 디 다운로드. Initially she was barely able to walk, and four months later was still struggling with continued pain and swelling in her legs and leg muscles – and a persisting fear of crossing the street. Physical Therapy and Psychotherapy failed to improve her condition. I had just taken the Somatic Healing class with David Quigley in Santa Rosa. When she heard what I’d witnessed in that 2-day class, my wife was eager to give it a try. I focused much of our Somatic Healing session on the accident recovery technique. Within minutes, by the time we finished the session her pain was gone and has not returned. Furthermore, her fear of crossing the street has disappeared.” Richard Willis, CHT, Pleasant Hill, CA

Carol Small

Somatic Football Healing

“At age 13 in junior high school at only 5’ 3” tall and weighing 107 lbs, I became a tackling dummy for a 6’ 2” 175 lb. overachiever in a drill setup by my coach to teach me… something??! The result was a severe injury to my lumbar spine from contact with a stone at impact as my teammate drove his shoulder into my belly on our practice field.
Now, at age 61 I thought I’d checkout Hypnotic Movement while a student at the Alchemy Institute in a practice session with one of my fellow students. Results were immediate and impressive. I seemed taller to myself and to my fellow students. The lower back pain I’d been living with since age 13 was basically gone! Thank you so much David Quigley, for all you’ve done for me and my clients through your program.” Bill Dare, CHT

Carol Small

Free Yourself of Pain and Suffering

“I am a graduate of the Alchemy Institute of Hypnosis of Colorado, certified in Somatic Healing and Cellular Release Therapy 넷빈즈 다운로드. As a Alchemical practitioner since 1992, I integrate Reiki, Qigong, Matrix Transformational Therapy, Matrix Auricular Acu-Therapy and biofeedback with my Alchemical Hypnotherapy sessions.

I use David Quigley‘s Somatic Healing protocols with many of my clients. The results are fantastic! For example, June D., 75 years old, had semi-constant sciatic and lower back pain for months. Her chiropractic treatments hadn’t resolved it. After the hypnotic induction, June’s subconscious mind led her to do hypnotic movement, etheric surgery and emotional release using the color and sound of her pain. June said she felt the imprint of the pain lift, as her whole body relaxed and was pain- free. She called me several weeks later to report, “My pain is still gone and I feel great.” Mark, a client with severe tennis elbow pain experienced Somatic Healing and found his pain dissolved within minutes.

Somatic Healing is effective with many clients to release acute and chronic back, neck and sciatic pain. Other tools of Alchemical Hypnotherapy facilitate the release of stored emotions associated with such conditions.
It is still amazing to me how effortlessly pain and stress can dissolve with Somatic Healing. I recommend Somatic Healing and Alchemical Hypnotherapy training as a life transforming experience.
Robert Labensart, CHT, CMT, RYT

Carol Small

Chronic Lyme Disease Pain Gone in One Somatic Healing Session

“One somatic healing session has done wonders! After six years on prednisone to control the misdiagnosis and the painful inflammation of Polymyalgia Rheumatica I am now correctly diagnosed with Chronic Lyme Disease and totally off the prednisone!” Cindy Brooks, CHT, BSN, Reiki Master/Teacher

Bruce-burger“David, I have used Alchemical Techniques with virtually every client I have seen in my Energy Medicine practice since I studied your Alchemical work over 25 years ago Sdk manager! Alchemical Therapy is a profound gift to the healing arts and one of the most effective healing synthesis available on the planet today!” Bruce Burger, MA,RPP,RPE, founder of Heartwood Institute and the Heartwood Community

Carol SmallDavid’s Alchemy introduced me to my life’s purpose. Since my training, I have been facilitating the personal growth of hundreds of clients, both privately and in groups. I comfortably provide for my son and myself and I really enjoy my work. His training gave me a springboard of powerful and effective techniques that helped me begin trusting my own intuition and creativity on which I now rely. Carol Small, Santa Rosa, CA

“I smoked heavily for 30 years. I was diagnosed with emphysema in 2004. I was wedded to my oxygen generator. I couldn’t climb a flight of stairs without pausing for breath. I decided to work with David Quigley. We discovered that it began at birth. We transformed my birth process and I received a new birth mother. Then we unraveled a number of episodes of emotional trauma where I stuffed emotions into my lungs. The result: I have now been diagnosed by a pulmonary specialist to be emphysema free. My children and I drove to the mountains recently and I hiked from one end to the other, with no problems. I’m now working out at a gym, without any breathing problems. David, your work and my inner guides, have saved my life.” Elinor Shultz, CHT

“In 1993, I was diagnosed with breast cancer Sandbox 3.46. My fellow Alchemical therapist Nell Runyon and my “higher power” eliminated this threat to my health and life. Kudos to Nell, David Quigley, and the Alchemy process! The miracles never cease!” Patricia Sorensen, RN, Redwood City, Ca

“I’m a registered nurse and an Alchemical Hypnotherapist in private practice since 1988. I have worked with a wide variety of issues. Through Alchemy I’ve seen people make the change of a lifetime, sometimes in a matter of hours.
One client had episodes of doubling up in pain so intense that she would lie on the floor unable to move, crying out in agony. First we cleared major childhood trauma, then, we asked the client’s angels to remove “needles” placed there by her mother. They healed her body completely. One session two years ago cleared the pain, and she has had no reoccurrence.” Nell Runyon, RN, MS, Fairfax, CA

“My career as a hospital-based labor and delivery nurse led me directly and easily into practicing Alchemical Hypnotherapy with obstetrical clients. I have had phenomenal results with infertility using methods that are painless, inexpensive, and rapid. I can use Alchemical methods to relieve symptoms in early pregnancy, and it provides the best technology available for creating a trouble-free delivery.” RN, Omaha, NE

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AAHC 2013 Conference Delegates Special


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