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Stop Smoking in One Hour

By Valerie Austin
A Special Gift to ALL Hypnotherapists until Midnight GMT Sunday 31st March 2013

The UK’s annual national ‘No Smoking Day’ is Wednesday 13th March and the campaign team behind the day are encouraging smokers to ‘Swap Fags for Swag’, however as hypnotherapists we’re in an even better position to help people stop permanently…. and as the person who pioneered the original ‘Stop Smoking in One Hour’ therapy, I want to help you ensure you have an excellent success rate with your smoker clients.

As a fellow therapist, I thought it’d be useful to give you a copy of the book Blake Publishing commission me to write on my Original ‘Stop Smoking in One Hour’ therapy. It was this unique therapy that put my practice on the map  and kick started my business over 20 years ago. This book, originally written as a self-hypnosis book, and translated into 5 language, is also a valuable resource for the hypnotherapist…

  • Packed with stop smoking scripts, tips and case studies
  • Why your technique can make the difference between SUCCESS and FAILURE
  • The PROOF that hypnosis works (and this research is relevant to all hypnotherapy, not just smoking)
  • The all-important, yet little-known research on smoking cessation,
  • PLUS… the proof that you can enjoy long-term success rates of 94%

And much, much more….

This book has helped thousands of people worldwide give up smoking, and I believe it is a must-have for any hypnotherapist who has ever done smoking cessation therapy.

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Valerie Austin

Consultant Hypnotherapist, Trainer, Keynotes Speaker and Best-Selling Author

P.S: Hurry and take me up on my free gift offer… This page will only be up for the month of March 2013 to celebrate the UK’s National ‘No Smoking Day’, so make sure you grab your free copy before Midnight GMT  Sunday 31st March 2013.