What they said about the 2012 & 2011 conferences…

Hypnotherapy in the UK needs large, wide-ranging conferences – I hope Valerie’s courageous enterprise will the be the first of many!

This was an enjoyable conference. It was well organised and there was a good balance of presentations. Being in a country location gave a welcome opportunity for relaxed, personal contact with other delegates, which for me is the main purpose of attending conferences. Pre and post conference workshops were a welcome addition.

Hypnotherapy in the UK needs large, wide-ranging conferences so that therapists may widen their experience and have the opportunity of meeting and learning from colleagues. I hope that Valerie Austin’s courageous enterprise will be the first of many.”

Dr Alan Sanderson, Psychiatrist

“A huge thank you Valerie for organization this fabulous event, your invitation and guidance to this new dimension on my on-going journey towards awakening in ‘Reality’ … I can still feel those sparkling vibrations of the whole Universe going throughout my humble existence inviting me to realise how much is still dormant within humankind real potential, how much still waits to be uncovered and utilised! Thank you all those who contributed to make it happen, generous organizers, knowledgeable lecturers, all those amazing performers and all my new incredible friends for that unforgettable, miraculous atmosphere I could revel in!!! I’m looking forward to the next one!!!”
Agnieszka Jablonska, Counsellor and Hypnotherapist

“Fabulous content and a very enjoyable experience”
Allison McQueen-Luzar, Conference 2012

“Lots of good content, backed up by research. Examples were fascinating and procedures well described. All good history, live demonstration and group trance induction (5 stars!)”
Philip Smith, Conference 2012

“Very helpful and interesting. Opens up new not previously worked.
A Lawson, Conference 2012

“Authoritative, lots of references, structured, great somnambulistic demo.”
Antonia Harrison, Conference 2012

“His knowledge and the way he passed this information on. Very professional presentation giving out names and data we can check”
Pauline Kelly, Conference 2012

“Brilliant – I loved all of it!!”
2011 conference attendee, anonymous feedback survey

“Very interesting – I learnt so much – thank you!”
2011 conference attendee, anonymous feedback survey

“Very informative. A real eye opener. Things I needed to know.”
2011 conference attendee, anonymous feedback survey

Stimulating and thought provoking − a wonderful experience

I must commend the excellence of your Hypnotherapy Conference. The presentations were informative and intriguing. The exposure to a wide array of topics given by articulate specialists where fascinating. The lecture on Attention Deficient Hyper Activity Disorder, Hypno- band Surgery,Childbirth Hypnosis,Phobias and Business where among my favourites, and are having an impact on how I will proceed with my practice.

The whole event had a warm yet professional quality. The site was comfortable and intimate allowing me to interact with my fellow attendees and lecturers gathering information and networking Red Alert 2.

I thoroughly enjoyed the evening events. The Stage Hypnosis was quite funny as well as providing exposure to an alternative path in the use of hypnosis. The singer was fun and relaxing after the intense days of learning.

All and all I had a wonderful experience. I want to thank you for creating the conference and providing such a stimulating and thought provoking event. Please keep me informed of your future projects as I would like to attend.”

Hope E. Cline, MSW,Hypnotherapist

“Practical, explained very well.”
Melissa Tecklenberg, Conference 2012

“New knowledge. Everything is so interesting.”
Jacqueline Kirtley, Conference 2012

“Informative. Very good.”
Anne Adum Boisard, Conference 2012

“Exactly what I expected. Valerie is just amazing”
Nina Crawley, Conference 2012

“Very interesting and stimulating, well presented and thought out. What we have come for!!”
Rosie Hassman, Conference 2012

“In-depth description and background, demonstrations interesting and useful”
Caroline Lynch, Conference 2012

“Very interesting and good information”
Dave Kelly, Conference 2012

“Great demonstration, very informative. Really like James’s presenting style and very interesting, informative talk.”
Jacki Oliphant, Conference 2012

“Excellent strategies and techniques.”
2011 conference attendee, anonymous feedback survey

“Thought provoking and interesting.”
2011 conference attendee, anonymous feedback survey

“Superb. Fantastic information, extremely useful, inspiring and motivating!”
2011 conference attendee, anonymous feedback survey


I just wanted to say how superb the Hypnotherapy Conference was. Although I am not a therapist I found the presentations most engaging and the adjuncts (lucid dreaming) equally intriguing. You really should make this an annual event with more promotion.…  All the best, Don.”

Don Eales, Film Producer

“Straight to the point. Loads of great tips and a wake up call.”
James Quinn , Conference 2012

“Inspirational, good content”
Marc Lallemand, Conference 2012

“Quality of content, well prepared interactive discussion 울티마 온라인 다운로드. Really admire openness.”
Doreen Gowing, Conference 2012

Angela Phllips, Conference 2012

“Great, great presentation. Lots of information that makes me think.”
Maris Zatilis, Conference 2012

“Very good, very interesting.”
Aban Hormasji, Conference 2012

“Made Laid back, engaging approach and enjoyable.”
Maureen Colohan, Conference 2012

“Great and helpful nuggets of practical information.”
2011 conference attendee, anonymous feedback survey

“So much varied information.”
2011 conference attendee, anonymous feedback survey

“Honest, practical, credible, informative and no secrets – brilliant!! ”
2011 conference attendee, anonymous feedback survey

“Energy – great, content – great, tips – excellent!!”
2011 conference attendee, anonymous feedback survey

Tremendous event and such a variety of speakers!

Firstly thank you for even organising it in the first place, what a tremendous event and such a variety of speakers.

For me personally, what I wanted to get from attending was actually the ‘business side’ of running a practice – so hearing Kate Glen, Jo Dodds, Lucy Whittington and Sheila Granger specifically spurred me on to find out more.

In fact hearing Kate’s session at Shepperton did make me realise that one of my goals – ‘working with businesses’ – could become a reality with the right help. I know how incredible the ‘Stop Smoking In One Hour’ diploma for me was when I trained with you several years ago and have never looked back so I would love to find out more about your Business Course.

My background before setting up my hypnotherapy practice 5 years ago was very corporate, I am (still) a qualified accountant and had worked in blue chip companies for over 15 years in various financial roles reaching senior management level in the latter years and managing large teams – so it’s quite clear to me that I have a tremendous amount of resource and experience in that arena that I should be tapping into – with, as I’ve already mentioned – the right help.”

Malini Croxson, Hypnotherapist

“Very clear, interesting very knowledgeable speaker. Demo and story – very interesting. Thank you.”
Rose Evans, Conference 2012

“Brilliant subject, great experimenter, well-led and fascinating. A cultured and brilliant speaker.”
Julian Luckett, Conference 2012

“Very interesting on both subjects and informative.”
Kim Rossi, Conference 2012

“Absolutely amazing. Enjoyed all the workshop.”
Sandra Wilks, Conference 2012

“Excellent, plenty of content, structured 벡터 이미지 무료 다운로드. I learned a lot. Lots of very useful tips and well delivered.”
Deborah Bromley, Conference 2012

“Lots of very useful tips and well delivered.”
Janet Beckerleg, Conference 2012

“Well Structured, entertaining, good content, useful information.”
Ian Dobson, Conference 2012

“Great advice, tips and script info.”
2011 conference attendee, anonymous feedback survey

“Great energy. Shared strategies for us to use.”
2011 conference attendee, anonymous feedback survey

“Lots of things I can actually work with!”
2011 conference attendee, anonymous feedback survey

“Entertaining, interactive, fun, informative – left you wanting more.”
2011 conference attendee, anonymous feedback survey

Based on my experience with the 2011 event, The 2012 Conference is not to be missed!

Dear Valerie, Katie, et al.

First off let me say congratulations and a job well done to all those involved for getting this conference together and bringing it to life in just a few months. That alone is incredible dedication and hours of hours behind the scenes ensuring a conference is successful.

You all managed to arrange and put on a very informative conference with many intellectual and interesting international presenters, and they were presenters of such high calibre in our profession which, is a requisite in order:

A) to attract additional cream of the crop presenters (most presenters will only respond if there are other high profile presenters already booked),

B) to attract professional colleagues who in turn will commit to attending,

C) and most importantly to have a successful venture whereby one can plan for future exciting conferences.

As hypnosis is now a much respected profession and gaining more respect world- wide annually, any conference dealing with hypnosis must have many elements in place when measuring its success in the eyes and minds of other hypnotists/ hypnotherapists, such as:

1) high quality information being delivered by highly qualified professionals,

2) certification programmes for those who are certified professionals and attend to enhance their future and current skills, and business success,

3) there has to be a broad mix of like minded professionals who are willing to impart their knowledge or their experiences in day to day practices with others (networking) no matter what level of expertise a peer colleague has attained.

There was all this and more!!!

From the first time I saw the adverts for this event I was sold and made my bookings to fly from Canada to the U.K. in order to attend, and I am more than pleased I did! I took in a pre conference training seminar, the conference, and a post training seminar all in their own right well worth attending. Further, I met many new colleagues and had an amazing week sharing and learning from each and everyone of those whom I met. All told it was a truly wonderful week!

I dare say, Valerie and Katie, along with input and assistance from a few other key players, managed to achieve all that was necessary in order to facilitate and deliver what can only be described as a first class event and fantastic inaugural international hypnosis conference and I for one will look forward to future confer- ences and training programmes put on in the U.K mpp viewer.

Dr. Alan Sanderson a professional psychiatrist shared with many of the attendees his first hand experience with hypnosis in removing spirit entities and also how to deal with multiple personalities. This type of hypnosis is most likely more easily ac- cepted in Great Britain than other parts of the world, yet it can have enormous bene- fit to those seeking help in dealing with issues for which they have no answers. Dr. Sanderson actually gave an account of a patient the N.H.S. had requested him to work with given that no one else could find the cause of the patients problems. Well worth attending the conference just to listen and learn from Dr. Sanderson alone!

Jerry Valley, Tommy Vee, Larry & Cheryl Elman from the U.S.A. also shared some fantastic information pre and post conference as well as giving excellent one hour talks and participating in the panel discussions. Interesting to learn how there can sometimes be a contrast and then how other things are comparable in other Coun- tries and methodologies. Great having them on board and offering their full support to getting this conference on the road to success.

Caroline Carr, Sheila Granger, Katie Glen, Valerie Austin, and James Pool all added to the wonderful line up of speakers, each offering in depth knowledge on cutting edge techniques and areas of business development any hypnotist could undertake to make themselves more successful in today’s economy and climate. People are our business and all the aforementioned speakers were very much in tune with the respective and timely needs of our potential clients in the areas of depression, weight loss, relationships, business prowess, and more.

There were many more speakers who unfortunately due to scheduling conflicts I could not attend and listen to. This is one of those inevitable circumstances we all encounter when attending first rate conferences where there are many top notch presenters.

All in all to sum up, everything was fantastic! Albeit at any event of such high calibre there are promises to make the next year better, I feel this year’s event was excep tional and the organizers may be hard pressed to out do themselves next year. I will recommend to anyone who is serious about practicing hypnosis full or part time, get your reservations in early and plan to attend this well organised and wonderful event.”


“Very knowledgeable and very interesting ubisoft store. Demos are really good learning experiences. ”
Janine Valiris, Conference 2012

“Well presented and fascinating subject.”
Julie Marsden, Conference 2012

“Seeing Val in action again! Jas’s story – seeing is believing! (James Pool’s session was) fascinating and clearly presented. Good explanations and answers to questions.”
Ruth Fogg, Conference 2012

2011 conference attendee, anonymous feedback survey

“The stories about waking hypnosis and the material were great.”
2011 conference attendee, anonymous feedback survey

“Delivery of history of Dave Elman and how the technique works was excellent!”
2011 conference attendee, anonymous feedback survey

“Did what the title promised with step-by-step explanations.”
2011 conference attendee, anonymous feedback survey

Thanks Val for a fantastic weekend!

Met some great people and getting over my ‘first time speaker nerves’ with such supportive people in the audience was very exciting.”

Jenny O'Kelly, London Hypnotherapy Partnership

“Fascinating and informative.”
2011 conference attendee, anonymous feedback survey

“Interesting case histories and testimonials.”
2011 conference attendee, anonymous feedback survey

“Lots of hints and tips.”
2011 conference attendee, anonymous feedback survey

“Content was demonstrated to excellent effect. ”
2011 conference attendee, anonymous feedback survey

“Great tips about regression.”
2011 conference attendee, anonymous feedback survey

“Never has CPD been so varied, social and entertaining….well done!!

Thank you for having the foresight to organize such a wonderful, diverse Hypnosis Conference at Shepperton Studios, it was fantastic. I have been able to implement many of the things that I learned during the more serious lectures into my Clinical Hypnotherapy University studies. In fact, it has saved me many hours of reading!! The Life and Works of Dave Elman presented by his son Larry was wonderful……..a history lesson taught by a person who is part of that very story! Amazing!

It was such a bonus to be able to complete a year’s worth of CPD in one hit!! That alone saved time, money and the effort involved in researching a quality course in amongst so many lesser training courses that are available now….it’s often confusing. This Conference inadvertently allowed a small insight into courses that maybe of future interest, it was useful to know that some of the speakers offer further training courses in their particular field. Never has CPD been so varied, social and entertaining….well done!!

By bringing so many hypnotherapists from many different backgrounds, schools of thought and with a variety ethical view points together provided us all with a huge opportunity to meet others in the same field, share views and also in some cases disagree on various aspects of the industry!!! I feel that it is very important to experience such a wide variety of knowledge and aspects of hypnosis………it would be very narrow minded not to be aware 최고의 선물 다운로드.

This conference provided the unique opportunity to understand why the experts tend to specialize in a particular field, their experiences were invaluable for those who are about to embark a career in hypnotherapy, start a practice of their own or to provide inspiration to those who have practiced without direction, in some cases for years.

Dr Alan Sanderson lectures were of particular interest, a psychiatrist who endorses hypnotherapy is very important for the regulation of hypnotherapy and hopefully future acceptance by the Medical Profession.

Caroline Carr obviously is the guru of Depression, her lecture was extremely informative especially for a therapist to recognize the many guises/symptoms of this disease.

Sheila Granger is an expert in Virtual Gastric Band therapy, I think it was good for a ‘modern’ twist on hypnotherapy to be heard. It was beneficial to hear about the latest trendy, in vogue therapy….the clients are asking for it, the therapist should know about it!!

Automatic hand writing was very relevant, although not always accurate in it’s outcome and perhaps not widely used today, the mere fact that Milton Erikson put so much emphasis on it makes it an important part of the History of our profession.

The marketing experts provided an insight into ‘growing ones business’ and getting noticed by the media for your particular skill, these speakers were very interesting……there is little point in being a great hypnotherapist if you haven’t got any clients!

Please be sure to keep me on the mailing list I will certainly be attending the next Hypnosis Conference”

Rebecca Francis, Hypnotherapist

“Excellent content, well presented, very enjoyable :)”
2011 conference attendee, anonymous feedback survey

2011 conference attendee, anonymous feedback survey

“Truly delivered knowledge and experience. Good clear, strong content.”
2011 conference attendee, anonymous feedback survey

“Authentic, structured, planned and answered all potential questions.”
2011 conference attendee, anonymous feedback survey

“Very informative. Excellent demonstration.”
2011 conference attendee, anonymous feedback survey

A great insight into the possibilities available with hypnosis

I’m just writing to say a huge thank you for the opportunity to have a place at your hypnosis conference in October. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and found it exceptionally interesting. Your stage acts were fantastic – a great insight into the possibilities available with hypnosis, and extremely entertaining wool sieve. The program was varied and the topics were very intriguing, so much so that I found it a challenge to choose which ones to attend! Your own personal session on Hypnosis for Beginners was a beneficial choice – very professional – and I now find myself referring to the ‘warm orange liquid’ tactic in order to relax 🙂

All in all, I had an excellent insight into hypnosis through this conference and decided that it is something I would like to pursue in the future. oon putting on such a well organised and well attended event. I look forward to crossing paths with you again on the hypnosis circuit some time in the future!”

Caroline Knight, Executive Director of Natural Health Foundation UK

“Passion and ground-breaking teachings.”
2011 conference attendee, anonymous feedback survey

“Useful content, well-structured, tailored to the audience.”
2011 conference attendee, anonymous feedback survey

“Learned some interesting processes.”
2011 conference attendee, anonymous feedback survey

“Lots of excellent information.”
2011 conference attendee, anonymous feedback survey

“Very interesting, no flannel, straight talking information.”
2011 conference attendee, anonymous feedback survey

A fascinating experience and learnt so much
Thank you so much for inviting me to this wonderful event which gave me an amazing insight into how hypnotism works under many different guises. I found it a fascinating experience and learnt so much from all the different seminars and all the very informative talented speakers. I also found that having been given the opportunity to talk to so many other hypnotists whilst I was there, I learnt so much from them all. I can only say how much I would be looking forward to the next conference, if this was anything to go by, for its true excellence. Well done for succeeding in staging such a tremendously professional show with Hypnotists of great intellect and achievement.<

James Pool – Automatic Writing
I was very impressed by this seminar. James first did the hand clasp test to find out who could be easily hypnotised. I went up on stage as a volunteer, as I was interested to see whether it worked. I became hypnotised very easily with James’s technique using his relaxing/sleep induced suggestions and had my pen and pad in my hand ready to write. I was seated in a chair on the stage and became very relaxed and started writing rapidly almost straight away, the writing got faster and faster and as I didn’t have my eyes open, I couldn’t see the page, but the dialogue that I was channelling were definitely not my words. It was very interesting to listen to what I was hearing inside my head and I was writing much quicker than I would ever normally write. Afterwards I noticed some of my sentences were written on top of one another, therefore mostly unreadable, but there was a full page of writing. It was an incredible session with James who is obviously an accomplished hypnotist and he achieved what he set out to do and it was a great success for me too Escape Plan 2 Download. Although I was disappointed I couldn’t read all of what I had written.

James Pool – Brainwave Synchronizer machine
This was an incredible machine which was used by the CIA and Hilter during the war and James demonstrated to us brilliantly using its Hypnotising effect on all of us in the room. It was a very large wooden box and James asked us to stare at the very intense light, which it gave out, this light had a slight blue aura around it, consequently we became very relaxed and sleepy. It certainly had a relaxing effect on me, I felt myself become hypnotised easily.

James Pool – Spiritual Psychology?
The science of the nature and the functions of soul & mind. James talked about William James’s physic research and the survival of the soul after death and the work of mediums. He was extraordinarily informative in his research into the history of the Budha and his power and influence and also Jesus’s influence in the world, this hypnotising power they both had over people. He discussed Spiritual Induction and Tantra, in his seminar, which I found to be fascinating. It was a very interesing seminar which showed the link between hypnosis with the spiritual aspect.

Lucien Morgan -The history of Hypnosis
A very informative seminar whereby Lucien went into great detail to describe the beginning of hypnosis. Lucien discussed all the great hypnotists of our time and their lives and public opposition and sometimes humiliation. I found it incredibly interesting that Lucien knew all the facts and figures of the history of hypnotists like the back of his hand, quoting all the dates and places they visited or lived without having to refer to any notes. He also gave two demonstrations with volunteers of early hypnosis. I was very impressed with his knowledge and intellect and flow of words and command of the English language. He was very easy to listen to and it was a very informative seminar.

Jerry Valley & Tommy Vee – An evening of Hypnotism with an Audience
This was a fascinating stage show with an audience of well over 300 people. I volunteered to go up onto the stage and stayed there all evening seated on a chair with about 15 other people. The audience were in raptures as these two hypnotists who were incredibly talented and professional in the world of stage showmanship and hypnotism, did their best to keep the audience hooked and the volunteers including myself hypnotised, whilst they gave us rather bizarre feats to do which enthralled the audience and kept them laughing all evening Rockman 2.5d. It was a magical evening and everyone loved it including myself. Very inspiring to see a stage show as polished and professional as that.

Alan Sanderson – Spirit release
What an amazing seminar this was. I was totally inspired by this gentlemen for his eloquence and style as a hypnotist. Total control and spiritually elevated to deal with clients whom have a spirit lurking in their midst. Quite an extraordinary occurrence which it seems happens more frequently than we realise. Such wonderful case histories he had on file which he shared with us and ways of dealing with spirits. He described the reasons for these spirits being thrust upon these poor victims and how he managed to dispel the spirits with his wonderful way with words, so that the client could have a normal life without someone taking them over or talking through them, draining them constantly.

Quite extraordinary stories especially the one he had cleverly tape recorded, where the patient was passed to him by the NHS and he managed to alleviate the spirit away from the woman in question by talking the spirit into leaving her body, not an easy thing to do and fortunate for him that he is a very persuasive person. He also went on to describe multiple personalities/personality disorders, depression/anxiety disorders which often caused these occurrences to happen, especially to adolescences in particular. Alan talked about everything in great detail shedding light on how these spirits are let into the body of the victim in the first place.

Thank you again Valerie for giving me the chance to come to such an excellent conference. I look very much to coming to the next one.”

Susie Silvey, Adv. Dip Hyp

“Professional, very enthusiastic, easy to understand, concise, well structured.”
2011 conference attendee, anonymous feedback survey

“To the point – no B.S.”
2011 conference attendee, anonymous feedback survey

“Very clever and involving”
2011 conference attendee, anonymous feedback survey

“Very authentic, congruent, lively and fun.”
2011 conference attendee, anonymous feedback survey

“Lots of facts. V. clear, engaging and many applications.”
2011 conference attendee, anonymous feedback survey

“Very interesting and engaging.”
2011 conference attendee, anonymous feedback survey

“Great, detailed content. Very practical.”
2011 conference attendee, anonymous feedback survey

“Interesting history and case studies.”
2011 conference attendee, anonymous feedback survey

“Excellent insights.”
2011 conference attendee, anonymous feedback survey

“Professional information given and very interesting subjects.”
2011 conference attendee, anonymous feedback survey

“To the point, good practical content.”
2011 conference attendee, anonymous feedback survey

“Fun, informative and helpful.”
2011 conference attendee, anonymous feedback survey

“Brilliant stuff, funny and informative.”
2011 conference attendee, anonymous feedback survey

“Very good, very interesting stardat mpq 다운로드. Great content”
Clare Turner-Marshall, Conference 2012

“Demo of depth testing and lots of good content. Clear & concise, no nonsense with lots of practical and useful info.”
Andrew Spence, Conference 2012

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